Khám Phá Jeju (Part 1) / All About JEJU Natural Cosmetics | SEEN #27

Khám Phá Jeju (Part 1) / All About JEJU Natural Cosmetics | SEEN #27

Hello, have you seen SEEN? I’m now in Jeju I went to a business center earlier It is said that there are many local food I thought that there are only seafood or fruits But then I was so surprised because there are cosmetics,too And the cosmetics made from natural ingredients from the place Many of my subcribers want to know more about Jeju cosmetics So I’m gonna take you on a tour to see Jeju cosmtics originals Let’s gooo I’m at the Hamdeok beach in Jeju Follow me! The air feels nice Eventhough It’s almost winter it’s a little chilly and It’s gloomy I think when It’s sunny The beach will look more blue Jeju sea is enriched with many types of fish But I think seahorse is the coolest Jejuan used seahorse to create this face cream I bought this in a supermarket It is used for anti aging and over all Now I’m gonna try on my palm for whoever didn’t watch my livestream Beside the great view, I have much more knowlegde about cosmetics Peole in Jeju put their natural ingredients in their cosmetics I think that’s so cool So soft and fragrant It absorbs to my skin I’m at a tangerine garden in Jeju This place is full of orangr and tangerine And I love to eat both of those Because It has Vitamin C we all know Vitami C helps brightening our skin Let’s check it out ! There are oranges and tangerines here There’s orange ice cream as well Too much Vitamin C Wow What is this? Don’t tell me this is an orange It’s an actual orange,guys! Yep, It is – A giant 2kilos orange It looks like grapefruit It’s a real orange This is the bigger garden I borrowed this scissors Because you can cut your fruit and eat up Let’s go shopping Let’s try this one So sweet Jeju has many similar orange tangerine gardens And markets too Orange and tangerines everywhere Like all over the island This tastes so good Don’t forget to taste the tangerine when you’re in Jeju After taking over the garden, I sit here and take a rest And I was gifted these from Qyo Qyo It is said that It means laugh as “qyo qyo” This one is all in one toner , essence and lotion It is made from tangerine peel exract from this garden This one is gel cream It has slight tangerine smell I must try these tonight Let’s move to the next location I’m at the biggest and oldest green tea garden This is also a popular check in place in Jeju And I’ve bought this green tea facial mist Actually It is made from green tea flower It feels really fresh spraying on And It has green tea scent as well So I’ve decided to go to green tea garden And see If this mist and green tea leaf has the same smell or not This is also a complex and there’s a place for food and drink that made out of green tea If you love green tea, please don’t miss this This is my first time in such a big green tea garden And I admit the scent of this mist is 100% match this garden This smells so good There are many check-in spots You can pose here as well When I was cosmetics shopping the other day I spotted a few that was made from lotus I was so impressed Because in Vietnam, we only put them in vase , us them to make tea or have lotus seeds I’ve never seen cosmetics made from lotus before But they use lotus to make cosmetics here in Jeju I was going to a lotus factory to see how they’ve done it But we wasn’t allow to go in and film Then our next plan is to go to a lotus pond But It’s not the season And here is our final destination which is this lotus paintings showroom And they have products from lotus as well Come here and take a look I’ve tried the serum And I ‘ll try sleeping pack today I love sleeping mask And It seems to be many cool masks here It has slight fragrant like lotus tea exactly like this tea I think I’m gonna purchase these two for my mom oops, this one is actually for me Thank you for watching SEEN See you in my next SEEN video ! Byeee

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