Korean Beauty Store Tour: MiiN Korean Cosmetics in Barcelona

Korean Beauty Store Tour: MiiN Korean Cosmetics in Barcelona

HI Guys! I am here at Miin Cosmetics in Barcelona. And I am going to do a store tour here. I am going to show their best sellers here and a lot of brands that you can get here from South Korea. We are going to start with Dear Klairs which is great for sensitive skin. Julietta is going to show me a bit
more about the products and how to use them. So this is their cleansing oil. This is the first step of the night time routine. And with dry hands, you leave it on the skin with no water and just use circular movements, You can go even on the eyes, because it’s super gentle and great for sensitive skin. And it’s going to clean everything off from your skin. Apply water then and rinse it off. It doesn’t really have a scent to it, which is good. And this is their foaming cleanser? The Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser. This is one of my favourites. It really foams, really well, and it
feels very soft on the skin and that’s why I like it. It is really good because it doesn’t dry of the skin. so it’s perfect if you cannot use oil or anything and really good for super sensitive skin. since the soap goes away with foam it is perfect because you don’t touch it directly on the skin, so only the foam does. This is the Dear Klairs Supple Preperation Facial Toner. I think I have been starting to use this a few months ago. I’m half of it already, it’s pretty
good! I layer it myself as well, I think
around five layers during night time. Do you recommend this as well?
A lot, actually, this is one of the best sellers in South Korea as well because, it’s been the winner two years ago. and perfect for sensitive and dry skin. This is the Supple Preparation All Over Lotion. And you can use it on the skin and on the body as well just to moisturize your skin. The next product that I’m going to share is the midnight blue calming cream and
this is one of my favorites as well. I’ve tried it like a few months
ago and it’s very cooling if you apply it on your pimples and it removes any
redness that you have as well and it’s blue. Like once you apply it it just stinks
straight in and it feels very moist as well. And it doesn’t really have a scent
to it which is good. But it’s just very cooling. What else do you recommend? I
recommend this one this is the scrub. It is vegan already because they have changed the formulation and right now all the brand is vegan so it’s perfect.
And this one you can go with your right hand apply it on the skin. As you can see the scrub is super gentle it doesn’t hurt
when you put it on or anything and if your skin is super super sensitive with
a layer of water you make the sugar more little, so it’s
even better for sensitive skin. You can leave it after for five to seven minutes and your skin is going tol absorb everything and it’s going leave like the baby face feeling. Another one that I recommend is this BB cream It goes well with a lot of skintones. because it adapts to the skintone. And its perfect for combination to oil skin and acne prone skin. It does not leave the greasy oil feeling after. I really have sometimes with BB creams that if feels very greasy. But this one doesn’t. The next brand that I am going to show you is E Nature. And it’s one of the new brands that they have here. and it’s a pretty new brand for me as
well, I have only tried a few products from this brand and it’s just very new to me so can you please explain more about this brand. You have two different lines, you have the
squeezed green watery gel cream. which is more for combination skin. It is really refreshing. it’s going to give dull skin, the revitality And as you can see it is super creamy and it absorbs really fast. The main ingredients are parsley, chlorophyll and kale. The squeeze green watery toner. So this is the lighter version of the gel cream? Actually the toner, the main point is to restore the pH Level. This one has a cooling effect and it will revitalize the skin. Can you do the seven skin method with this? Yes, it doesn’t have like acids inside, so it’s perfect for it. This is the emulsion. You have the essence and the sleeping pack. I really like the packaging, it’s very clean but nice. The good part of the line is the ingredients, it calms the skin it moisturizes the skin and they protect and they make like a barrier to the skin. And they also got new products from Shangpree. I think a lot of you guys
already know these eye patches that they have, they eye mask and I’ve never seen this one before, this is their sparkling mask that foams up and the ampoule modeling mask. This is their popular eye patches and another modeling mask that they have from Shangpree. Very curious about these. The next brand that we’re going to show you guys is from Blithe. And I think some of you know their splash masks. This is a very popular one, you just put it in a bowl of water and just splash it on the skin and it works
instantly so I really want to try this out. There are different types. This is more for brightening, this one is for oily skin it got green tea inside. And the purple one is for firmness and anti-aging. They also got the pressed serum. This one is for oily skin to calm on irritated spots. It has a cooling super nice for in the Summer. This one is more for dehydrated or dry skin. There are mushroom ingredients inside and that’s why it’s brown. so it’s a lightweight cream and great for anti-aging. It doesn’t really smell like anything. Very gentle and a little bit cooling as well. Loads of sheet masks here from different brands. From Leegeehaam, from Mediheal. Just see a lot of sheet masks I haven’t tried yet. so another brand that they recommend is Aromatica and
they’re selling lots of products from Aromatica here as well. So which
product do you recommend for sensitive skin? All of them are for sensitive skin. But we have for different types of skin like combination skin, like
dry skin and acne prone skin or oily We have lotions for everyone. We got two toners and actually this one, this is one of the
bestsellers it’s a multitasking one that is a serum, essence and toner in one. So you can use it for all skin types. As you can see this brand is vegan, natural eco-friendly, not tested on animals. Neither is all of the products that we sell here. And it’s 100% vegan. And they even have the Eco certificate logo as you can see here. So this is one of our best brand we have and one of our beloved ones. I have never seen these ones and this one
I’ve never seen as well which is the orange cleansing sherbet. Is this a cleansing balm? You can use it on sensitive skin. You can use it on the whole face even the eyes, because it is really really gentle. Then you have the Calendula juicy cream, this one is even
for babies because it’s hypo allergenic and unscented. It is perfect for everyone. And it is really really moisturizing. Their Argan eye cream. As you can see the formulation is really.. let me show it to you. I am going to use my hand. It is really light. So it is perfect even for people who has dry eyes and problems with milia because it doesn’t have like really oils in it. And now we go to the combination skin, this has sea daffodil. It is really refreshing so it’s perfect for
Summer it’s gonna help to prevent a spot due the sun. Because
this one helps to illuminate the melanin. It blocks the cells turning into dark spots and this one has rosehip. So this is perfect like one of the best for combination skin. And then we go to this one that is for dry skin. This is the rose line. It is with Demask rose oil. It’s really nice on the skin, the scent is super natural and it’s perfect for super dry skin you have the
fluid one and you have the cream for people who has really dry skin. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you guys liked this store tour that I did for Miin Cosmetics. And if you liked it, make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up, leave a comment down below if you liked it or not. See you guys next time, bye!

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