Korean plastic surgeon talks about Lucas of NCT, WayV, SuperM (Facial analysis)

Korean plastic surgeon talks about Lucas of NCT, WayV, SuperM (Facial analysis)

Hello everyone! I’m PSPS, plastic surgeon in Seoul Korea. In my last video there were many comments and requests about SuperM and NCT members So first I decided to make video about Lucas because I always thought that he is really handsome Then let’s get started Ah! As you know this is my first English video, so please understand about many mistakes I will make. ^^ Lucas was born in 1999 and he is 185 centimeter tall He is member of NCT, WayV and super M Let’s talk about overall proportion of his face first he has ideal vertical proportion almost 1:1:1 I mean distance between (forehead) hairline to glabella, from glabella to the Subnasale, from subnasale to the menton, the most inferior point of the chin. And generally ideal horizontal ratio – the length of the eyes and the length between the eyes is 1:1. But as you can see, Lucas has really long big eyes that even longer than the distance between the eyes Talking about his appearance the first
thing that comes to my mind is his eyes I already told you that he has very long
eyes. Also he has very high double eyelid lines. Both of them are “in-outline” double eyelid In my last video about Cha eun-woo, I told you that Cha eun-woo also has high double eyelid lines. And Lucas, he has even thicker, higher double eyelid lines Generally male patients who came to my clinic don’t really want this high double eyelid lines But these high foIds really looks good on Lucas and Cha eun-woo Actually his eyes look a little bit ptotic, I mean look sleepy. Maybe he’s levator (eye-opening muscle) function of the eye is little weak But I think this little ptotic eyes make him look more gentle and kind We can see a little epicanthal fold here. And if there were no epicanthal fold, his eyes would be even longer Well developed pretarsal fullness make him looks young and cute Next, let’s take a look at his nose Compared to his eyes, his nose gives a strong, masculine impression First I can see that he has a very high nasal dorsum, and also has a hump nose like this The starting point of the nose is about the
level of the eyelashes which is an ideal position Lateral line of nose is straight line except this little hump. In many cases, person who has hump nose also has a long nose But as you can see his nasolabial angle is slightly wider than 90 degrees which is not a long nose I think his nose is really gorgeous part of his face We can see his wonderful dorsal aesthetic line here This high nose can give a three-dimensional effect that makes his face look smaller Let’s see his ears He has prominent ear actually, not that severe, but yes he has a prominent ear. Korean singer Crush also has prominent ear and I think they both have similar face shape How about lips? We can see that the lips have the appropriate volume and size Lastly, Lucas has wonderful sharp jaw line. And here is his another characteristic appearance. I mean this protruded chin, it looks really attractive Like his high nose this protruding chin gives his face a three-dimensional feeling Okay so this is all we have for today If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe my channel! Thanks for watching and see you next
time Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. It doesnt matter theyR gd looking or no 2me theyR very ATTRACTIVE!!!😃 i love their creative works — Super Males N
    SS :- Super Sexy !!!!love u boys 🤩

  2. Fantastic video! Thank you so much for this scientific and precise analysis on the beauty of Lucas, masternim :)! Watched all your videos and subscribed for more!

  3. Можно похожее видео с Ким Еханом из X1 ? Спасибо за русские титры
    Can same video with Kim Yohan?
    Thanks for russian translation ☺️

  4. Lucas es perfecto, es el chico de rostro perfecto, no hablaste de su sonrisa que para mí es lo que me mata, es hermosa y igual a la que tenia de niño.

  5. He handsome because he half Thai-Hong kong come on
    Thai ppl alway look good just like LISA 👍👍👸👸🥰❤️

  6. Lucas is so obsessed with his own looks, I really can't stan him because of it. Can't blame him either, Koreans really encourage that behaviour.

  7. Hi ! I really love your channel and I would like to know where do you practice in Korea ? Do you have an office ? I would like to get a consultation with you… Is it possible to write to you anyhow ? Thanks !!

  8. “I want the most perfect person”

    *victoria secret model*

    “I said the real perfect person”



  9. Lol so this is basically a Lucas fanboy video. Don't worry, that's natural reaction. Good video. Forwarding to a Lucas fangirl 😁👍

  10. he’s really cute and i’m glad that there’s scientific theories to back it up 🤣 but your english was really good! keep up the good work!!

  11. I agree that Lucas has an extraordinary face and amazing eyes.
    But I couldn't help noticing that he has fairly large stick out unmatched ears.
    In fact his right ear sticks out more than his left ear.
    And when you add on jewelery to that larger ear then your eyes are drawn even more to the ear that sticks out most.
    Now look at Chaeun woo's perfectly matching ears.

    Maybe it's just me. I guess I've always dislike large unmatching stick out ears.
    I dont think you'll find them on guys like V (BTS) or Jonghyun (formerly Shinee).
    Oddly enough Felix from Stray Kids has strangely attractive ears, as has Japanese Skater Yuzuru Hanyu.
    But to be a 100% beauty I think you need to have good (not sticking out) ears.
    It's often the reason why both sexes will grow their hair long, so as to hide the one thing that lets them down.
    They said that old Hollywood actor Bing Crosby had such stick out ears that on his early studio pictures you could see that they used sticky tape to glue them to the sides of his head.

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