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Hey guys whats up welcome back to my channel if this is your first time to my channel hello my name is Jkissa and I love strawberries it’s finally almost strawberry season when I was growing up I would do the you pick strawberries all around because I lived in Oregon and strawberries were everywhere and they are my favorite fruit ever today i’m going to be doing swatches and review of the new kylie pressed illuminating powders, Kylighters I bought all six shades look at my receipt for those who are interested here are all six shades that I bought myself and before we get started make sure to hit that subscribe button and give me a thumbs up if you like reviews and lets just jump right into it the first shade i’m going to swatch is cotton candy cream it looks like this I would describe this as a warn tone champagne just off first kinda looking at it it does have the beautiful drips which is so signature to Kylie and so i’m really excited to try this I don’t have any highlighter on and were just going to use the same brush so I don’t have to switch brushes and clean more so there was no kickback at all it wasn’t dusty there is no like anything flying around and I’m still going to tap off the excess just in case and I like to use this circular motion that my friend Mariah Leonard taught me thanks Mariah! that’s what it looks like, I hope you guys can see this it almost has like a gold undertone but it’s not too dark on my skintone the way I like to figure out if a highlighter is too dark for me if I look straight ahead and you can kind of see a line of not a line, but a section of demarcation where it looks a little bit dark that’s when I kind of assume that a highlighter is too dark for myself so this one doesn’t have that, so I think it’s good for my skintone and I was shocked because I actually thought by looking in the pan that it would be too dark but it does have that beautiful gold undertone and it’s not glittery, it’s just applying very nicely okay so up next we’re gonna be swatching “French Vanilla” and I just went ahead and wiped off my brush really well so looking at “French Vanilla” it looks very like a white gold but when you kind of turn it, it appears more gold in some lights so picking it up again there is no kind of kickback, no powderyness… it that a word powder powderyness I don’t know there is no powder that is kind of kicking back up in the brush and the brush is kind of holding on to the product so here we go just dip back in really quickly okay so this one is definitely more of a “white” gold I would say compared to this one but they’re not too different like when you look at it, this one’s not different than this one ya, I feel like if you were debating between those two if you wanted both of ’em just get one of ’em because these are not that different so I just wanted to show you on both cheekbones in case they were similar which they are I think you could really just only choose one and you’d be totally fine with either one so I’m gonna quickly remove this and then I will be right back okay moving on I’m gonna be swatching “Banana Split” I wiped off my brush really well again just so we’re clear opening up “Banana Split” it is a true true yellow gold I personally think this is gonna be a little bit too dark for my skintone but I went ahead and bought all six of ’em just so you can kind of see, I think it’s important to see all of ’em there is no kickback, no powder again and they do come with mirrors, I don’t know why I haven’t been using them yet okay ya so this is like a true true yellow gold on deeper skin tones this is gonna be so magical but on me it’s it’s a little too yellow for my skintone okay so up next I’m gonna be swatching “Salted Caramel” it looks like this and at first when I opened this I thought it was super similar to the first one we swatched “Cotton Candy Creme” but they look a little bit different I feel like “Salted Caramel” is a little bit more yellow more like a yellow, light bronze so this one did have a little bit more powder fly around don’t know if that matters to you guys I’m just gonna go on to the other side of my cheek this is another kind of yellow toned highlight very similar to the first two we swatched if you are debating between “Cotton Candy Creme”, “French Vanilla” and “Salted Caramel” I think if you are a little bit deeper in skintone “Salted Caramel” is gonna be better for you versus these two but uh gosh everything’s flying everywhere but really in the end you only need one of these “Banana Split” is the only one that’s been super different as of yet so we only have two more to go and I went ahead and wiped off my face and I’m gonna be swatching “Chocolate Cherry” which looks like this let’s open it okay so this one looks, I think “Chocolate Cherry” is a really great way to describe it it’s almost like a pink bronze shade and I wiped off my brush; there is not a lot of powder flying about but it does pick up on the brush a little bit more on me this is pulling like a rose gold and as you can see it’s a little bit too dark for my skintone but I could wear it almost like as a blush topper so if you are interested in this shade and you have similar skintone to me I’d recommend to just pop on top of your blush but on deeper skintones it’s gonna really have that rose-goldness to it okay guys we’re on the last one called “Strawberry Shortcake”, makes me so hungry and ugh I feel like I’m gonna like this one ’cause it’s very much a light to me ehm pink and let’s see how we do wow this one’s so pretty oh ya, this one’s ahh by far my favorite even though it’s a little too dark for my skin when I look straight ahead it’s a little dark I feel like my placement has to be a little bit more precise to wear this but I think I could kind of blend it in with my blush a little bit but this shade is so gorgeous it’s definitely more unique than the other there’s like three shades these three shades are really similar and this one’s more unique than those let me do my face and then I will come back for my final thoughts okay guys so I went ahead and reapplied “Cotton Candy Creme” to the top of my cheeks and then right over the blush I applied “Strawberry Shortcake” just to add like a little extra glow so when I smile you can see it my final thoughts I think these are superb, so I’m gonna keep it 100% honest I think they are superb, they apply nicely, they’re pretty but they’re not anything innovative or unique I think you could definitely pass on all of these yeah they’re nice but that’s about it I’m not wowed by the color selection, I’m not wowed by the performance it’s not life changing to me so ya I’m just meh I don’t think you need them I would definitely not pay 22$ again for these highlighters unless she comes out with some amazing shades I have better highlighters from drugstore brands that perform better and are more unique so ya that is just my thoughts on it let me know what you think down in the comment section below before you leave make sure to subscribe and I will see you guys next time, bye!

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