hey guys this Victoria will come back to
my channel in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the new Kylie cosmetics
Beaumont collection so this collection recently came out for Fashion Week and
so pretty this is a small three-piece collection so you have the palette and
which this is the packaging of and then a lift kit and a high gloss which looks
like this so I’m going to be reviewing all three of these things for you guys
today so let’s get started so I did my face makeup today so I can just focus on
reviewing this collection so the box for the palette looks like this you have
these really pretty pastel colors and the names of the colors on the back and
then the palette itself is a white matte packaging with silver lettering these
are the shades in the palette so there are nine shades in the palette and a lot
of pastel colors really pretty feel like spring this would be a really great
palette to kind of go for there are three matte shades and then the other
six are shimmers only a lot of fun colors in here to kind of play around
with the lip kit packaging is the exact same this is initiates Paris there’s all
this detailing on the inside of the box here it says Kylie balm on and then this
is the efficiency lip kit has like a metallic pink lid and then the lip liner
is just white and the pence is not this is a darker lip liner to go with the lip
kit and then for the high gloss the shade is called model behavior and this
is such a pretty high gloss let me turn that was focused I don’t know if you
guys can see there’s like you can actually see like the glitter pieces in
this lip gloss so I’m really excited to try this out I love Kylie’s high glosses
because they’re not sticky so cannot wait to try this one I’m just
gonna kind of swatch just a couple of these shades I have to see how they’re
going to apply starting out in the shade close the show which is right here at
the top left like a really pretty peachy color it looks so pretty I’m just going
to swatch this shade city of love which is like this really pretty aqua color
that is so pigmented and then this is the shade PFW Paris Fashion Week and I’m
just going to swatch that and you can see how highly pigmented that shadow
color is Wow okay so there are so many fun colors in
this palette like I mean know where I want to start today but I’m just going
to begin by priming my lids with some nyx concealer or just to start as a
light transition in my crease I’m using the shade main event which is a matte
color and I’m just applying this right on the crease on the outer corner very
lightly I’m not really trying to get too much of a color to build up here I’m
going to add this really really pretty light pink eye shadow color in the shade
attitude and this is such a pretty high shadow color that’s like my favorite
shade of pink so I have to use this one today and I’m just going to apply this
in the crease and being that this is a pastel eyeshadow color it’s actually a
really pigmented so you guys can see how pigmented this eye shadow color is so
even though it’s such a really light and soft shade it’s actually really
pigmented so really impressed with that and then I’m just going to add a little
bit of the shade top model which is another matte color in the palette the
only one that we haven’t used yet and I’m just going to add this right on very
outer edge of the lid very lightly I don’t want this to kind of overpower the
other pink that’s already there doing it for a little bit of definition and then
I’m just reading some of the shade attitude to make sure that none of it
got too covered up by the other shade we just added though these
sheets are blending really nicely too so really impressed so far so now we’re
going to kind of use some of these shimmers and see how they apply so I’m
starting by adding the shade Night Out which is just pink shimmer and I’m just
going to apply this the inner corner of my lid and for the center of my lid I’m
going to use the shade city of love which is like the boldest brightest
shade in the palette I think just going to apply that right to the center of the
lid from this color with the pink it just like I don’t know reminds me like
on candy or something so I think it’s such a pretty color you can see I did
like a little bit of that really pretty aqua blue color and then using the shade
catwalk which is a little bit of a deeper pink shimmer in two places right
at the very top of the lid right before the crease doesn’t lower lash and I’m
going to use the shade Paris Fashion Week and place that right below the eye
of the shade close the show for the inner corner yeah that’s really pretty
I think I’m going to use a highlighter for my brow bone shoot actually really
complements the pink on the eye really nicely for my brow bone I’m going to use
a little bit of this Kylie cosmetics highlighting powder in the shade cheers
darling and I’m also going to actually use this on my face today so it’ll match
perfectly but I’m going to just apply some of this with a really small pencil
brush right to my brow bone just to finish off the eye shadow I’m going to
put on any winged liner today I’m just gonna keep this as a really soft and
light eyeshadow look but I am just going to apply these kiss lashes which I’ve
been kind of my go-to lashes lately so before I add in my mascara to my own
bottom lashes I’m going to use this NYX white eye pencil and just line my
waterline I think it just helps to make the eyes pop especially with these of
light pastel colors I think the white liner really just kind of goes with it
then I am just going to use some mascara on my lower lashes
the eyes are done I’m going to use that same highlighter in the shade cheers
darling again and I’m going to just buy this for
my highlight today I also didn’t use the Kylie cosmetics to kill tan bronzer and
the kind of cosmetics blush in the shade winter kissed as well before I started
the video going in with my Beauty Blender
and just tapping some of this out for lips I’m obviously using the lip kit
from this collection right you just align my lips
easing the lip liner and then I’m going to use the matte liquid lipstick right
over top so you can see the difference in the shade the lip liner is very dark
compared to the actual liquid lipstick so this is such a really pretty color
for a lip kit and then over top have to use the high gloss can’t leave it out
this is again in the shade model behavior this stuff smells amazing and
the glitters are so already in it I’m just going to apply this on the top or
you can obviously wear it by itself the worst part is getting the applicator all
messed up from the lipstick so we are all done and this is the finished look that’s it for today’s video I love this
collection oh if you think that you would wear these colors and we love to
kind of try them out then I highly recommend this palette I think that this
is such a really pretty collection and it’s very simple but still really fun to
play around with and use so I really like to try this out for you guys today
um and I’m very happy with the eyeshadows I think they blend really
nicely it’s the usual Kylie cosmetics quality nothing really different just
different just a different palette and different shades but the quality is the
same and lip kit lip high gloss everything is the same so if you’re a
fan go check it out and yeah so that’s it for today’s video I hope you guys
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