KYLIE JENNER Golden Globes | Chatty Makeup Tutorial | JASMINA PURI

KYLIE JENNER Golden Globes | Chatty Makeup Tutorial | JASMINA PURI

we’re guys and welcome to a new video
today a happy a makeup tutorial feel like I haven’t done one in a while so I
thought I would do one today and it is actually this look that Kylie Jenner
sported to tee the Golden Globes award this year so I really liked the
look she went for I think it was super like nice and clean and a different take
on an evening look because usually but evening it’s either kind of heavy lips
or heavy eyes but she actually went really light on the iron like this nude
pinky very glossy lip and a very very clean I just with a little bit of
definition as super fluttery lashes and a very kind of contoured look so I
thought it was really nice and fresh and good for kind of daytime or nighttime so
I thought I would give it a go I hope you enjoy this video and without further
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every time I apply so yeah let’s get started okay so I’ve just moisturize my face and
applied a little bit of under eye cream and I’m gonna go straight in with
foundation such a foundation I’m gonna use my Dior beauty queen and I’m going
to mix that in with a little bit of this Touche class foundation and I really
like this mix I’ve been using this mix for ever really but I really really love
it because it just gives me like a good enough coverage but it’s not too happy
the wiser foundation brings a lot of luminosity to my skin but the BB cream
makes sure that it’s not kind of too luminous and it actually makes my skin
look kind of greasy or oily because my skin is naturally a little bit oily
anyway so I’m just gonna drop this over my face and I’m first gonna blend it in
with fingers you know the drill clearly had quite a kind of humanist touch to
her skin I’m sure she had quite a lot of coverage but it looks really human s and
it didn’t look kind of cakey or heavy so I’m gonna try and replicate that look
and I love the combination of these two and the BB cream actually has like SPF
so this is brilliant for daytime but at the same time I don’t want to get any
flash back even though the bee queen has some SPF coverage so it’s quite a good
combo been using it for years I know it must be boring to watch me use always
the same foundation but it is honestly amazing and I am looking to try any
foundation because this one is over I’m literally just pumping it out like with
my hand because the pump doesn’t get any product out any more but I don’t know I
don’t ever want to buy the same one or I want to try any one I really love this
YSL Touche Claw foundation but if you guys have any recommendations I want
something that’s luminous and kind of medium coverage that’s not gonna make my
skin and greasy or oily but that it’s not gonna make it look kind of too matte
and just flat really so if you know of any good foundations please do let me
know in the comment below and now to cancel out the darkness underneath my
eyes and use this wire cell tisha claw but in the
color I think it’s called apricot bisque and this is great because
it’s basically just to cancel the darkness underneath your eyes I was
using the Tarte one for ages but I actually really liked this one from wire
cell because it’s really kind of nice to just apply it with the pen it’s super
easy to and just place it underneath your eyes or in Harris we’ve got
pigmentation I applied a little bit around my nose area as well
and a little bit on my lips because I’ve got quite a lot of complementation there
quite a skin look to see the super flawless so I’m trying to go for that
super flawless finish as well and it’s fine this is like a lot more liquid than
the top one so it’s very easy to blend out I’ve done a blog post about this
product so I will link that in the description box below and I’m just
cutting in with fingers and as you can see it’s already brightened my under eye
areas so much don’t know how well the cameras picking that up but it’s really
brightened it a lot my foundation routine I’m just pretty much doing what
I usually do as well because Kylie had a kind of similar finish to where I go
from lonely so now you can see what underneath my eyes I’m using this clay
Depot concealer and just taking a brush this one is by showing Mora I’m just
applying a little bit underneath my eyes this is a great concealer I mean I’ve
bored you to death probably talking about this one my channel but it’s such
a great concealer I love it it just really kind of hides any blemishes dark
circles it’s not drying but it’s at the same time not too oily I just I just
love it it’s worth every penny even though it is a big dent in your pocket
every time I get it but it’s so good that I just can’t help myself if you do
know of any jeeps of this one I would love to hear I can save the few pennies
so I’m just applying this on the sides of my nose as well as it’s because
that’s going help me like kind of slow it down a
little bit and then a little bit I’m using to kind of cover any blemishes
that I’ve got around my face my skin is actually pretty good right now so I’m
really happy touchwood okay so I’m gonna go in and
blend this out using my finger huh I love using my finger as I mentioned
before because just wounds on the product and it makes it blend in really
seamlessly I think the best way to achieve a flawless face is literally
layering so I’m not going to go in with highlighter and I’m going to be using
the NARS radiant creamy concealer which you’ve heard me talk to you today as you
can see I’m pretty loyal to the products I love and base products are ones that I
usually change the least like on my eyes and stuff I’m willing to try new stuff a
lot more but on my face I just kind of think that what works works and I don’t
want to kind of risk it and try new stuff this is almost over as well I hate
it when all your makeup just finishes at the same time I just find it like I
don’t know why everything finishes at the same time but yeah my blinders
underneath my eyes in a kind of up inverse triangle and I’m applying a
little bit so you do put your mind guys center of my chin or on my lips to light
in that area or sit to the center of my forehead but again I’m just going to
blend out using fingers this is like a super highlighted look but then how can
you do a Kardashian clan look without kind of contouring and highlighting
that’s what they’re known for right and then using my Beauty Blender I’m just
gonna finish blending this all out okay for contour as usual I’m going to go in
with the LA girl Pro conceal and this almost every spell wife only makeup
finished okay I’m just gonna squeeze a little bit out and I’m just gonna create
a line underneath my cheekbone jawline – on the other side and a little bit um
chin – define my chin a little bit and a little bit down the sides of my nose
well that Kylie has a nose which is kind of broad a bit like mine clay is Chen
seem to be quite contour around here so I’m just gonna play a little bit of
contour there as well and obviously her face is like super
well-defined so I’m just gonna blow a little bit of contour here as well just
to to kind of add more definition to my face what do you think of Kylie in
general I mean I think she looks good I know she’s had a lot of fillers and
stuff done but actually I think she looks really really nice with the way
her fillers or surgery or whatever she’s had done has turned out I know she does
look a lot older than what she’s probably should for her age but I mean
you can’t fault the set and he’s done an amazing amazing amazing job with her let
me know what you guys think about plastic surgery and whether you would
get fillers done so just now blending everything out with a Beauty Blender
just to give it a more kind of polished look and now we’re gonna go in with this
eraser I by Maybelline and I’m just gonna kind of define the contours more
so just gonna apply this underneath and above my cheek contour doughnut Center
I’m with chin and around the contour neither side do the same on this side
and I love this because it’s super lightweight so it’s super easy to blend
what’s it gonna put a little bit on my nose this is just kind of really gonna
blend out the contour but also just give it more definition
because you’re adding lightness underneath so the darkness is going to
contrast a lot more but it’s also going to kind of help it blend out and this
concealer is really illuminating but it’s quite lightweight so it blends out
really nicely and I’m just blending it up using the Beauty Blender obviously
now I’ve applied quite a bit of stuff to my face so I need to lock it all in I’m
gonna do a little bit of baking which again a Kardashian trend so how could I
not do it and I’m using the laura mercier secret brightening powder this
one is absolutely amazing to really highlight underneath your eyes and so on
so I’m gonna bake for very little because I might leave that one in for
too long it just makes my skin look way too cakey but I just find that nothing
sets my under eye makeup like this powder with a Beauty Blender it just
really sets that concealer because I’ve applied quite a few layers I do really
need to lock that in place and make it last so I’m gonna use it a little bit
with my Beauty Blender and the center of my nose center of my chin and center of
my forehead which are the areas where I get most weally and then I’m gonna take
a little bit and just put it underneath my cheekbones just to further define the
contour then I’m gonna take a brush like a soft brush and just brush this all out
taking a little bit more powder I’m just gonna brush it all out because if I
leave on this like I said for too long it just makes me look way too cakey you
can see that left is super flawless finish set my contour on my cheeks
because I don’t know why any other powder just doesn’t says
using the Chanelle loose powder and I’m just gonna pop this on and I just find
if I’d use any other powder other than this one um during the day it just kind
of fades and it breaks and I don’t know why I don’t know my concealers doesn’t
set on my cheek so I’m just gonna use a little bit of this powder with a brush
to just really lock it in place I’m gonna go in with the by Terri Wilder
power which I love and I’ve spoken so much about because I really want to give
my skin like inhumans I don’t want to look too cakey with this much powder so
I’m just gonna take this over the areas where I contoured okay so now that my
base is done we’re gonna go in straight into eyes and I’m gonna use this
Christian Dior base it’s a primer actually not a base for my eyes and I’m
just gonna put a little bit of this and Kylie had a super natural eye look which
I really loved it looks super super fresh and flawless so I really liked and
I really opened up her eyes so it’s a look very different to what I usually go
for so I thought I’d give it a go and then I’m going to use this Charlotte
Tilbury instant face palette or instant look in a palette that’s what it’s
called I’m gonna take a large flat brush and I’m going to take the pinkish shade
on that palette and I’m just gonna use that as a base to really clean up my eye
and give it a super super kind of flawless look it’s a great base shadow
this I’m also gonna take a little bit of this and just apply underneath my eyes
just your really brighten that as well and make it look super super luminous
then in this Charlotte Tilbury palette these sophistica I’m gonna take this
vanilla kind of hazy shade but you can get any this cut and I’m gonna apply
this just underneath my brows just to highlight that
a little father I’m also gonna apply this to the inner corner of my eyes and
clay me had a really gentle shimmer going on just underneath her bottom
lashline it was very very subtle but I’m gonna take this fun sparkly sort of
glitter shade from the dolce vita palette the Charlotte Tilbury and I’m
just gonna apply it a little bit and underneath my lower lash line just a
very thin subtle line just add that touch of glitter I take this elf and
eyeshadow palette actually and I’m going to take the soft brown shade in this
like a medium cool toned Brown very subtle but you can get any kind of
similar shade to this and I’m just gonna take a fluffy brush and just apply this
very lightly just above my crease just to give my eye a little bit of
definition Kylie’s eyes are super defined I
unfortunately don’t have such great definition so I’m just gonna apply a
little bit of this really subtly and then I’m gonna take a tiny bit of the
same shouts ah bleep as I used earlier and I’m going to take this Brown smoke
shade which is a really nice cool toned Brown and I’m just going to use this
exactly on my crease just to add some definition this is a great shade to
mimic the natural shadow that you would have a new crease we don’t have much of
a crease like me it was all about the lashes and this look so kind of kept it
super simple and I’m gonna use this brown pencil by Charlotte Tilbury
I think it’s called the Audrey pencil and I’m just gonna create a thin line
above my lash line with a bit of a flick at the end but hers are also quite
subtle so I’m gonna keep it really close to the lashes and then I’m just going to
create a flick at the end okay now I’m going to go ahead and curl my lashes
Kylie’s lashes really the focal point of this look I’m
gonna go ahead and call them and then I’m gonna use the maybe a little push up
drama gives your lashes loads of volume and they’re going with some falsies as
well but I’ll apply this first okay when this mascara dries off I’ll apply it
some falsies I’m going to move on to lips now and I’m gonna be using my sword
lip liner clean you had a really nice kind of pinky nude lip that’s gonna like
this and I’m gonna try to make my lips as full as possible because we obviously
all know that Kylie has super super full lips that’s what she’s famous for her
bottom lip is much fuller than the top lip so and it’s quite round so I’m not
gonna do much of an arch now I’m gonna fill in the sides of my lips just to
make them look a lot fuller and then I’m gonna go in my Tom Ford lipstick in
blush nude I’m gonna top that off with the Anita lipstick from NARS singlet
products is one of my favorite things to do actually and then to top it all off
and get the super glossy finish that she had on her lips I’m using this kiss kiss
glass by Guerlain okay now I’m gonna go in with the powder contours and I’m
using my Anastasia contour kit and I’m first gonna go in with the Havana shade
to just bronze up my cheeks a little bit and I’m going to use this to warm up
around my forehead as well like you and then I’m gonna go in with
the form shade and I’m gonna use that as a contour I’m gonna use it everywhere
where I use the cream contour before I really wanted to find underneath my
jawline because hers are super defined so I really want to create a shadow
there and I’m using this brush by Charlotte Tilbury which is amazing I use
this for like absolutely everything and then using my fluffy eyeshadow brush I’m
just gonna contour my nose a little bit using the same form shade for blush she
had quite a mutual color blush I’m going to use the one in the instant look in a
palette that I’m going to use this kind of mutually pink and I’m going to use
this pop shade for the center I’m gonna go straighten with highlighter
and she has a superb pillowy highlighted look so I’m gonna use my Becca
shimmering skin perfecter by Jacqueline Hill in Champagne pop I’m just gonna
apply that on top of my cheekbones and love this highlight I don’t know the
camera is picking it up but just the golden glow it gives you it’s amazing take that into the top of my brow and
apply a little bit down the center of my nose Cupid’s bow center of my chin and
I’m gonna take a little bit of a contour powder I used earlier just apply that
underneath my lip just to make it look fuller I’m gonna do my brows now and
Kylie had super defined brows that would lie to her at the front and then like
super dark in the center so I’m going to use this Charlotte Tilbury brush and I’m
just gonna do it Browns she had quite an arched shape so I’m gonna try and arch
mine as much as possible okay so I’m now gonna go and put on some fake lashes and
I’m gonna do my hair and I’ll be back to show you the final look okay guys so
this is the final look I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I’ve done my hair
up like that I’m not great at doing the top rock I must admit but I’ve tried my
level best and yeah I added some lashes to add a
little bit of drama to the look like she did and and what I didn’t have a
beautiful sparkly top like hers but I’ve tried my best to copy the look so I hope
you enjoyed this video and I hope you like this lip please don’t forget to
subscribe and I will see you in my next video thank you so much
for watching bye

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