Kylie Jenner inspired Yellow Inner Corner Eyeshadow plus Face Details

Kylie Jenner inspired Yellow Inner Corner Eyeshadow plus Face Details

hi guys and welcome to my channel I am
Yesenia Marie with two E’s for those who don’t know me and in today’s video I
wanted to go ahead and recap this Kylie Jenner bright yellow inner corner eyeshadow going on in with concealer I’m using the
Too Faced Born This Way and just going ahead and priming the lids also using
anything that I had left over with the translucent powder on my brush from
before and then going ahead and diving into the jaclyn hill morphe palette i
like to use the silk cream to get a good start of a shadow in the transition area
and then just lightly building it up really pulling out that outter corner so
I can get that like cat eye look going in with punch me from the James Charles
palette I like to deepen that outer corner to almost make it look like it’s
naturally my eye making the shape then I went ahead and picked up canvas with a
little bit of flashback on the brush and just put this all on my lid and lightly
blending everything together with the first brush I went in with with soap
cream then I’m super impatient and I always like to see how the tones are
looking so I went ahead and mapped out the yellow just because I’m one of those
girls that need to know what it’s gonna look like before it’s there I don’t know
why but yes here going out with a winged liner but making sure that the wing is
very dramatic and long and skinny to make it look like it’s that almond shape
also just coding Lee lashes with some mascara
and then we’re going to leave the eyes as if for right now and we’ll come back
to them going at it with my Born This Way Foundation from to face and to face
concealer as normal I’ve been dying and loving these concealer and I love this
morphe sponge because I’m able to get a precise and with the back end of that
sponge nothing new setting the under eyes with the laura mercier secret
brightening powder and then my smile lines with my Kat Von D I really like
the Kat Von D for the smile lines because I feel like it does the least
creasing then going in with my makeup forever Pro finish powder and just going
over any other areas don’t really like to go in deep with the translucent
powder just in the areas that I don’t want creasing here really lightly and
precise thing you see the little triangle that I’m doing I’m not I’m not
bronzing my whole face just a little bit so I’m able to get that precise chiseled
contoured cheek then I’m going ahead and contoured my
nose I normally don’t do this step but because it’s a highly inspired Tori oh I
wanted to go ahead and put this in there then going in and blending out anything
that I didn’t think was blended and highlighting my brow bone with flashback
and then caring punch me and whimsical on my blower line and sprayed my brush
after picking up B from the James Charles palette and really pops that
inner corner highlight I think that when you’re working with mattes and you want
it to look a little brighter go ahead and pick up the pigment first and then
spray the brush just so you’re not ruining the eyeshadow in the palette
then I picked up my sex on fire from Charlotte Terrell berry and I really
think that to get this Kylie Jenner look you really need to focus on the cheeks
and the blush that she wears she’s very simple and a lot of blush and
a pop of color then popping on my favorite falsies of course are Dell was
fees and kind of tailing it to the end more instead of centering it like I
normally do then if I’m really being precise and going to be some pictures
she barely has any highlights up for a little highlight on the nose and the
bridge of the nose and you know me I love highlight but I just went ahead
with the anasazi and kind of just blended it out and carrying anything
that I had already on the brush and just making the cheeks a little highlight
just cuz I like a little highlight then I went in with my 24-hour
brow stray from benefit and just define my brows then I went in with the kylie
dos a lip liner it’s the only lip liner out from her I love her brand but I’m
not really reached out and got more because I’m not a matte lipstick type of
gal but I realized that this she’d ended up being a little
darker than I wanted it to be so I went ahead with nude lust from Maybelline and
then grabbed my honest hacia milkshake and just lightly put some on there and
blended it out with a brush all right and that sums up the final look I hope
you guys enjoyed this video let me know and comment down below if this kind of
sweet simple to the point video is your type or if it was too rushed and you
didn’t like it y’all’s retention is under for a minute
so I’m trying to keep on my short sweet and simple so that you guys enjoy the
whole video I love you guys and please if you guys haven’t subscribed please
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