Kylie Jenner Life Of Kylie Episode 3 Recap

Kylie Jenner Life Of Kylie Episode 3 Recap

(pop music) – [Narrator] Kylie Jenner
opens up about her famous lips and takes on criminals
selling fake lips kits. (pop music) Hey guys, it’s Emily with
your Life of Kylie recap. And quickly, I want to say this show is very much turning into
one big advertisement for Kylie Cosmetics. We reported to you that this
was going to be the case, but if it continues, we may
not want to recap it each week. It’s up to you Kylie. Anyway, as initial reports
that Kylie’s new reality show did worse than Rob and Chyna’s show, Kris Jenner is combating the bad press with stats about how well it
did with Kylie’s young fans. Whatever the truth,
it’s interesting to get this much Kylie in one place. And she opens up about
how the insecurity around her now famous lips first started. – [Kylie] Ever since I was probably 15 I’ve been obsessed with lipstick. And I was insecure about my lips. I know my lips look really cute. You guys, I look hideous. Why didn’t you tell me? So I went to a store and I bought every single lip liner that looked like the color of my lips. So people didn’t think
I was wearing lip liner. And I would just like overline
my lips as much as I could. – Of course, Kylie didn’t
stop with lip liners and eventually admitted to getting fillers after initially denying it. Kylie’s also learning how
to be quite the boss lady. – I do have limits as the boss. I hate conflict, but I also learned you can’t really let
people working around you get too comfortable because that’s when you get taken advantage of. It’s happened way too
many times with my family. – The big stage stunt
of this episode comes as Kylie decides to go downtown
LA to confront people selling fake lip kits,
but makes Jordyn Woods do the dirty work because
they’re so surrounded by paps it’s unsafe for her even to leave the car. By the way, have you ever
heard Kylie with hiccoughs? It’s pretty weird sounding. (hiccoughs) (laughing)
– Oh my God. (laughing)
(hiccough) – [Woman] (laughs) This
has been happening all day. – [Kylie] Those are my hiccoughs. (laughing) – Next week Kylie supposedly
mentions her love life so hopefully that will be more interesting so come back next Monday and don’t forget to watch the show every Sunday night on E.

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  1. One day…. i promise you one day….. something will bad happen to her an im looking forward to it 😂👌its just a matter of time people lol

  2. I don't know 🤷🏼‍♀️ what ppl hate about Kyle: I liked her show. Why do ppl need drama, to like a show. Her show is mellow and I opening about her life. I'm gonna watch it

  3. "Oh it must be really sucky when other ppl take your ideas, creativity , steal them and "rebrand" them and resell them"…:(

  4. It's hard to do normal things? Girl you signed up to a reality show about yourself & those explicit posts you post on instagram like come on.. you want to be known. It's like every mistake she makes she's turns into someone who isn't herself. She looks old with all that shit on her face and she's soo boring😴 doesn't bring any excitement on her show. Poor girl can't be a normal teenager anymore😂 shame. That's what your ass gets when you are brought into the spotlight at a very young age.

  5. I was surprised that the first few shows Iv seen …. I enjoyed watching . I don't see it lasting a lot of seasons though .

  6. Her famous Lips… SMH that's not her lips black women lips should be famous this shit just pissed me off but we got shamed because of our big lips, nose, ass and braids… So when these rich non black celebrities are in love with our culture we don't get any credit…

  7. oh my fuck. remember when she was worried of the show flopping? what if she got pregnant for the fucking show… that would be depressing

  8. Love love Kylie she is precious and does amazingly generous projects I just adore her. I hope she gets her farm and peace and quiet one day. For now work hard Kylie you are the most successful of the lot.

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