hot welcome to my channel so let’s get to it I have Kylie Jenner’s
lip glosses and the map in black one I don’t know what to talk about the
giveaway or my review about the lip gloss and the map metal matte lipsticks
so don’t know let’s give you about the lipsticks then
i’ll talk about the giveaway so i’m thinking i’m gonna start way I have
three you can come up there Matt Matt Matt the
metal one so listen bulk then beat I don’t need to start with the light
went to the dark is or the dark one single work yourself down this is right here is rain cute
packaging very cute cute you seem very good kid I would do a swatch very nice this one I like it I’m a little bit pan so it doesn’t work out love it so let’s go for me on the one
the other one is kim k yeah the same packaging little bit lighter
yeah thing let’s get to the other one this one is her a little bit lighter see ok let’s go with the lip glosses is a
little bit with the web classes because I know other people don’t talk about it
but i will talk about it about it and his stuff my theory and a little bit better what what a little bit better i’m
talking about that way you get more info is I think a lot of people don’t talk
about it on you too so i’m going to talk about it what I think well these are the lip
glosses yeah these are fifteen dollars each
shipping and handling to come out to about think i paid twenty dollars for
shipping and handling these are you know how she had the lip kit match matte lipsticks I’m thinking because I
know what people are complaining and this is for your Savior this mr. with the dark one and two talk
about a little bit about it yes she had the lip I’m trying to work
those I’m trying to get some I’m trying I’m trying to get them don’t
worry on that too i’m going to talk about one that she
came out she came out about it these kids are
Matt and I know they were known that they would just dry really bad on your
lips and you wanted more moisture you gotta hurt I heard people saying
crackling and not started crap between and then this came along i guess she
decided she decided to do lip glosses and top of it and they work it only works with her stuff I tried it
but other stuff and it didn’t really work out I did try it with her lip gloss and is
fine very fine it stays stays moist your lives on crack
and you stay longer so this is like a little bit off about
the swatches this is like it’s like right here like what is literary what so let me get this watch little letter e while running here’s the other one right there and the weapon is so cute what a name yeah so you can really have an ingenious did
she have the slip classes within the other one and you really don’t have
to follow you can get makes it get yourself a mirage they sell in stores the synthetic one
and then putting a branch and Gloria right there last one yeah let’s talk about a little
bit about it and then IG came out I soccer Instagram so I’m all upper body
because long time ago I wanted to get included and a bumbo so now i have her Instagram
and I check out when she and going to release and I’m on it she came back a couple weeks ago now i
think a week ago what you came out with the lip blue before the job I got it I got the blue so it works it works but you don’t have to follow
the rules in the bottom where you can see you have to follow the rules of all that
going to be the color you have to you can just mix a half fun do it there so the and what I god is it and we’re
know my wanna suture it right there right there ok this is mine and this is a good way so this is if you got the black of her
light on this one it is nice color knowledge to mix it up I know a lot of people were complaining
but you know what you need to do for that bolt for a it can come up some nine
is you need to get NYX lip pencil black or red something dark you can be having fun
with it I now i have i have this color
underneath my lip on top of the lip gloss I have red and blue and black not really cuz i know but i do what whoever wins this I’m personally going
to send you a lip pencil I can get the kind of unit it’s just it’s very hard to get into you
know I just want to get this review for my people reviews you guys all reviews so i want
to give it out for for that John i have a giveaway and I’m friendly gonna buy
you guys the dark is not the dark the dark is red nicks and so you not to have fun of
planning up so this is a giveaway downbelow down
below I will put on the down below and put all the instructions what the giveaway will going to start
right now and will end don’t be low so you got to sign up my
channel and tell me how much you want and what would you do this side up maybe
really easy talk about the lip color you can’t even talk about my lips or
color the way think give me a thumbs up and I’ll put all the
description down be little of the giveaway when a close it and everything remember i’m giving you got it with this
my own money so don’t worry and I’m giving you guys 33 NYX lip
pencils that way you can guys put it underneath
and you’re going to have fun so please subscribe and come and get
this I got it so please oh I will see you
guys next time so my

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  1. I found your channel by searching for reviews. I would make some cool makeup looks with those colors, maybe something sexy and fun for a night out!

  2. i found your channel while i was watching some full face highlighter challeges:) i really want them because my parents don't want to buy me one cause they think the shipping price is too expensive :/

  3. I also found you by looking kyle cosmetic review.I'm a big fan of lips kit and especially black color..

  4. I'd line to win because I'm going into the eighth grade and I wanna make my makeup routine better and I'd die to winn!!!!! I love Kylie so much and the lip kit is so expensive! I'd love to win thanks did this!! and your video came up online recommended! and also I don't have a Twitter be ill follow your ig! I'll spam you with likes too! also if I win can u DM me on ig at Katie.thibodeau? xx

  5. I would loveee to receive one of these as there just such nice products!! I really badly want one and would be overwhelmed to get one

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