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  1. I doubt his is true & either way Kim has been selling "beauty" products since forever with her old stores she had with her sisters she sold make up & fragrances aside from clothes as well

  2. crystals do have healing properties and aren't "just rocks", don't broadcast stuff you clearly don't know anything about lol

  3. this is literally such a trashy "news source". you guys invaded their privacy by flying a fucking DRONE over their yard and took pictures of them. none of your "news" is verified, it's just trashy gossip. you don't look good.

  4. I can't believe I clicked on this, I just lost a million brain cells. They are all whores with horrible plastic surgery. And asses that look like they belong in a circus. And thank you for making interracial dating the "new" thing. Dumb ass millennial libtards…..NASTY.

  5. if you are reporting news you should site your sources you can just talk about the way another person feels and expect others to believe you. …unless they're stupid… smh


  7. your ignorance about crystals….you should do some research. crystals have been used for there healing properties for centuries not just an "LA thing"

  8. Kylie Jenner needs to grow fucking up THE WORLD OF BEAUTY AND MAKE UP DOES NOT BELONG TO KYLIE JENNER or The Kardashian family. I swear the more I hear about that pathetic spoiled brat the more I dislike her. You know say what you want about Kim but she DOSENT act like every product she works on belongs to her and her only. Kris needs to teach Kylie how to be a decent person instead of pimping her out to line her closet Kris Jenner is 1 of the worst women alive

  9. what a rude bitch, like ok you have to explain to two toddles who the surrogate is? they have no idea and they just wanna play with their toyys… north is probably like but mom you dont have a big belly? north isnt stupid. kids arent dumb you can explain to northie. How would you not invite your surrogate? shes the pregnant one. weird having a baby shower with no pregnant person there.

  10. with dark hair she looks like she's from India but with blond hair she looks better & has she had her lips done ? they look BIG ….

  11. Sorry too say- you guys really really need too educate yourselves on what crystals, gemstones, and rocks REALLY ARE. You guys sound so ignorant. They are NOT JUST ROCKS.

  12. The point of celebrity news, is to give people like us to watch and make them richer… Why do people hate on Kim and all Kardashian but yet watch them. Lmao people STOP watching if you don't like them… Get over it!!

  13. Are you stupid? Crystals aren't "just rocks", please do your research before you make a fool out of yourself, yet again. 😂

  14. In the last video he said if Ali doesn't come back to work by tomorrow he would start a new pregnancy rumour about her and now Ali is here😂😂😂

  15. If I was as famous as Kim, I wouldn’t want my surrogate in the spotlight. People probably wouldn’t leave her nor my baby alone. Also, I can understand it given the fact that she almost died last year and she is just trying to protect her family. The surrogate has one job and that’s to deliver my baby safe and healthy. People are so judgmental. 🙄

  16. I think it’s fake news, can’t imagine Kylie being annoyed at this especially as Kim isn’t even selling the same products

  17. Well Kylie’s right🤷🏼‍♀️ As far as I know Kylie was the first one to release a beauty line and made a lot of money off it so then Kim hitches a ride on the cosmetic train (I doubt she would have if Kylie wasn’t so successful) and then releases horrible quality makeup and a couple perfumes. The beauty industry should be Kylie’s turf and Kim can’t even compare like Kylie’s products are actually good.

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