Kylie Jenner Pictures Released for Puma | Splash News

It looks like Kanye West tweeted without the
full story yet again! The rapper, who has a partnership with Adidas, said that Kylie
Jenner would never pose for Puma and the reality star just proved him wrong. A little over a month after Kanye West tweeted
“1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That’s on my family! 1000% Kylie
is on Yeezy Team!!” Kylie Jenner released photos for Puma’s #ForeverFierce campaign
and her body certainly looks FIERCE! The social media starlet is seen in two new
shots for Puma’s campaign showing off her toned body. The first look shows Jenner in a matching
multicolored workout ensemble with a black sports bra. The look showcases her toned tummy. The second shot features Jenner in dark blue
and black leggings with a matching bra, shoes, and gloves accentuating her lean arms. Kanye realized he was wrong and apologized
through TMZ saying he had been mad at Jenner, but he’s happy for her. Fierce, fit, and still part of the family,
Kylie Jenner looks great in her shots with Puma!

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