Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Fear Revealed

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy
is making her very insecure. Plus, Kylie plays Never Have I Ever and it gets super awkward. Hey guys, it’s Ali for Hollywood Life and Kim Kardashian attempted
to break the internet again with this behind the scenes photo of her ultralight beam nude shoot after her first attempt
barely made a dent. Kim still looks super badass, though. Kim is also trying to steal
Kourtney Kardashian’s dog in a new preview for Keeping Up, and I just now realized how
huge her kitchen actually is as they run around the island. Also, Kourtney apparently
knows Hollywood Life’s number one rule. – Never reveal the source. – Never ever. However, Kylie is revealing a ton while playing Never Have I Ever. Kylie says she’s never snuck
a boy into her parents’ house, probably because she’s
got her own mansion. Kylie also never made out with a stranger, but she has spent money in a strip club. Kylie’s also asked if she’s
ever kissed in the rain and it gets super awkward super quick. – You haven’t? Oh, oh. Oh, shit. I’m gonna drink for you. – Next question? – To Kylie feeling anxious
about her pregnancy, we’re hearing Kylie is very concerned with the possibility of
postpartum depression. Postpartum depression
can include mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, and
more after giving birth. New moms can experience
these feeling for a few days, but others can have a more severe long lasting depression,
which Kylie is afraid of. Kylie is talking to
her family and doctors, giving them permission to
get her the treatment needed if anyone sees signs. We’re also hearing Kylie is insecure about her body changing, morning sickness, and
all of the typical stuff experienced during a pregnancy. Kylie is very aware the pregnancy has changed her life forever and she is doing everything
she can to be prepared for what she can and cannot control. Kylie is convinced
people will fatshame her and she worried Travis Scott won’t be attracted to her anymore even though he keeps reminding
her how beautiful she is. We hear Kylie’s hormones
are all over the place and messing with her mind, and Travis has been
getting advice from Kanye on the best way to help her
get through these insecurities. Apparently, Ye’s big advice to Travis is to be reliable and give
Kylie the attention she needs no matter where in the world he may be. Travis has been doing the best he can, Facetiming even at the studio and sending her morning texts. Le flame even sends her flowers daily as an added measure. We’re also hearing Travis
is begging Kylie to see him at his L.A. show December 16th even if she has to be in a crazy disguise. Travis misses having
her around at his shows and is hoping she can make it, but she hasn’t committed yet. While I don’t need flowers, morning texts, or comments about me being
a Britney Spears lookalike, I do need you to click right up here to subscribe to our channel for all the latest on Kylie’s pregnancy.

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