Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is Killing Tyga

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is Killing Tyga

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Oh Kylie, you beautiful hot mess.
    I was still hoping she would have a lesbian phase. Now I'm kinda outta luck. 😿

  2. Why would Tyga even care? Kylie has to provide evidence on her platforms, or Tyga is going to keep coming with this picture.

  3. Probably this whole pregnancy thing is just to get more attention for her new makeup thing idk just sayin I love Kylie but it’s just my thoughts

  4. She just did what a lot of guys do they have long term woman who they have dated for over. X amount of years split up due to his stupidness with woman then get another woman who they have only been dating for short while pregnant or they marry new woman
    Karlie had enough of Tyga stupidness

  5. How do you not practice safe sex? One of them planned this in my humble opinion. He's one weird guy. Kylie is plastic and nothing's real about her.
    Tyga wasn't that into Kylie or he wouldn't have dumped her.

  6. It would of been better to have a kid from Tyga, than this ugly dude, vulnerable immature chick, f yourself up

  7. om 42 and after a few weeks fucking raw.. thats fucking disgusting, not married, and abortion is not birth control. having sex leads to babies but millennials havent figured that out yet or how you get STD's or AIDS. gave it up that quick.. typical.

  8. Please stay tyga alone do you think he cares,every brainless story about Kylie tyga's story we be placed on guys go get a real job ,without tyga you guys don't have any story to run

  9. This news is such a cliché. Seriously, you are making this news a cycle. It's like they are nothing new you can give. 😑

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  11. That's not what's killing him whats killing him is that he's broke and he needs a rich girlfriend he's just mad he couldn't be the one to get her prego to get that paycheck

  12. So there is a thing, if you scared to get pregnant with 20, with a boy you just have dated a few weeks. Don't hook up with him, after a few weeks :))) I see the hate incoming

  13. 🤔The real question is how do these people even know all of this like damn are y'all in the relationship with them along with this "pregnancy". Leave this girl alone💯 and let her live. Y'all all up in her business😂

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