Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Photo Reveal In Negotiation

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Photo Reveal In Negotiation

(pop music) – [Narrator] Khloe Kardashian
responds to baby bump comments from fans. Plus, new details on how Kylie is going to reveal her bump for a mountain of cash. Hey guys, it’s Emily
with your Most Necessary story of the day. Let’s start with Khloe who
clapped back at fans claiming they see a baby bump in her recent photo. This is a peplum shirt. It flags out at the bottom. It’s just the way the shirt is designed. Whatever you say Koko. And he wasn’t showing
during this appearance at Nordstrom in Century City. But okay, to Kylie, People
Magazine is reporting she loves being pregnant
and is talking about the baby non-stop. The site reports Kylie
prefers to stay home and feels good. However, her body changing is making her a little insecure and she wants
to avoid being photographed. No duh. However, we hear exclusively that although she’s worried how fans will
react to pregnant selfies, she really does want to show pics, but it’s Kris Jenner stopping her. We hear Kris is still
trying to put together a deal with an outlet for the exclusive pregnancy reveal and is
going through negotiations to secure the best pay day. We hear it’s driving Kylie insane to stay out of the spotlight for so long. Even Kylie’s baby daddy Travis Scott has been ordered by Kris to keep quiet. Apparently it was Travis’s squad who leaked that Kylie was
pregnant in the first place. Okay, it’s time for you to impregnate us with a subscribe to our
channel right over here. We’re trying to multiply out here. Bye guys.

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  1. Kylie, you beautiful mama. 😜
    I'll still keep my fingers crossed that she goes through a lesbian phase. 😻

  2. Honestly I think Kylie will b a gd mom. She is gd to alot of animals n her neices n nephews. Khlo will b amazing not worried
    Kylie will go threw a hard time tho wit self image n veiw herself not in a gd way as her body changes. She needs to remember she is pregnant n not fat. Alot of women have a hard time wit that. Her being so young but I do like that she is not a party chick n has only a handful of ppl in her inner circle.


  4. I think that it is so wrong that she’s stopping Kylie from telling everyone just so they can get a big payment it’s just ridiculous what kind of mother does that 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I can't believe she's pregnant. Whatever hope the best for her and her child. And Kris should butt out. If Kylie wants to show off her baby bump she should. Kylie is 20 years old, she's not a kid anymore

  6. what is so beautiful about a fake ass, fake tits, fake lips, fake waist, fake cheeks, fake chin, fake nose, fake hair and fake personality? fake "beauty". why are people so stupid nowadays???

  7. I think just like every Kardashian drama their just gonna wait to say it on the KUWTK…. like they do are the time with drama surrounding their family…

    If she is prgnant

  8. Hollywood life is so fucked up? When the fuck did she say she was pregnant??? She was wearing an over- sized t-shirt. That doesn't automatically mean that you're bloody pregnant. Like I know kylie and her family was weird, but I never expected society and social media to be retarded too. Why ? What the hell has this world actually come to. People are dying and they care about famous peoples fake ass pregnancy. This is all bullshit

  9. I don’t understand why everyone is being so mean to her! Don’t get me wrong I’m not her biggest fan but why does it matter if she has gotten plastic surgery ! If she feels confident with herself why does it matter if it’s plastic surgery!? Also , if she doesn’t want to tell everybody she’s pregnant she doesn’t have to , yes everyone wants to know but it’s her choice! Plus she’s probably going to wait for a few months to make sure everything is ok with the baby. People are saying if she cares about her body she shouldn’t be spreading her legs , she is allowed to do whatever she wants with who ever she wants we shouldn’t judge her , people need to let her live her life , if she regrets anything in the future then it’s her fault , it’s HER life not any of ours . We need to focus on our own lives instead of other people’s

  10. Kylie J nor Khloe K are not pregnant kylie K and Travis Scott is not allowed to talk about the baby until she can find a cash out let. She wont shut Travis Scott up they are young but they are grown they can talk about anything they want.

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