Kylie Jenner PREGNANT With Travis Scott’s Baby – Life of Kylie

Kylie Jenner PREGNANT With Travis Scott’s Baby –  Life of Kylie

Kylie Jenner has been spotted out partying
amid pregnancy rumours. Hello and welcome back to IO, I am Rebecca
Felgate and today we have the latest on Kylie’s alleged pregnancy. Before we get into this story, I just wanna
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big red subscribe button. Okay, so KY J was spotted out partying in
Vegas this weekend, which was also the time news of her rumoured pregnancy broke. The 20 year old Keeping up with the Kardashian’s
star and make up queen is rumoured to be carrying rapper Travis Scott’s baby. Pregnant or not pregnant, the young social
media star was in Vegas celebrating BFF Jordan Wood’s birthday. Curiously, during the day, the pair went to
the Malibu Wines Safari, where visitors can taste wines and pet animals. Kylie posted a snap of her, Jordan and a Giraffe
which has had 3 million likes. A lot the comments on the picture are about
her supposed preganacy, Some speculated that Kylie alluded to the
rumours by pulling up her sweater to reveal a flat stomach. If she is pregnant, if her recent pictures
are anything to go by, she is in the very very early stages. Later that evening, Kylie watched her boyfriend
and potential baby daddy’s show at the IHeart Radio Festival in Vegas. Kylie’s mum, Kris Jenner, fuelled the rumour
fire by responding to the allegations with a cryptic statement. She said “Something happens every single
day. You never know what is going to break at any
moment.”……so not no then? The rumours come from unnamed sources, which
is always cause for a little concern…and perhaps the rumours should be taken with a
pinch of salt. To be honest, so what if she is having a baby? Good on her…but also…if she isn’t…cool! 20 year olds will be 20 year olds…it must
be hard to have people comment every time you want to wear a baggy sweater! Okay so that is all I have on this story,
but before I go I am going to read a few comments from one of my last videos… this one was
about Nibiru Planet X destroying the world…and….well..guys we are still here! Didn’t we all know this was BS….. Well Daniel.S did! elkkari m said Can you
stop making theese videos?they kinda scare me …..well..babe….no worries…any time
these stories come out it is always from conspiracists or religious fanatics…in my opinion, the
only time you should worry about something destroying earth from outer space…is when
Nasa tells you to. Even then…worrying wont save you! So…hurrah…we’re all still alive…and
Kylie may or may not be commissioning the next generation of Jenners…. So..I mean what a time to be alive. That’s all I have…OUT

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