Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name And First Photo | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name And First Photo | Hollywoodlife

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  1. I think it should be storm not stomi stormi sounds like a baby nickname youd give to the kid when your fooling around but least it better than Chicago like ffs kim what u thinkin

  2. Bruh that legit sounds like a dog name! Is it that hard to get a baby book and give it a normal name ffs! God these Kardashian’s and Jenner’s are so damn extra 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. If people wondering why her baby looks more "white" then biracial..she was just born on the first and wont get her color for a few weeks. Usually mix babies color comes around the finger tips and or the ears ..many blessing on mommy hood she entered a new chapter in her life. I cant believe some adults have the nerve to be so negative .. I lost a child but God blessed me with two more silly fun boys ❤❤❤ and i know how hard it is to carry one . Shes truly blessed and i believe shell be an amazing mom

  4. It really doesn't matter what I think of the baby's name it only matters what the parents like after all that's what they name their baby but I would definitely call the baby Jenner but that is also up to them they could do mother and father's last name I think stormi Jenner is good

  5. Wtf. Is with all these dumb Kardashian names like to be honest like I’m not trying to be a hater like I love the Kardashian’s/Jenners But like what the fuck

  6. Someone just said to me: THERE IS A STROMI WEATHER HEADING towards the NORTH WEST of CHICAGO, which means there will be a lot of REIGN . Then i said what ? Then they said A SAINT SAID THAT TO ME IN MY DREAM

  7. How rude are you all ?!! Omg chill she just had a baby literally 4days agi and you are all commenting on the baby’s name already !
    Y’all are rude as hell

  8. Omg I hate this channel so fucking much especially when Kylie was pregnant and you guys kept saying how Travis and her aren’t getting along that well and like she’s desperately in need of him and he’s out there partying well I didn’t believe you guys cause I know for shits that your reporting are 100% false so like yah clever totally beat you to it cause you guys said a lot of shit about Travis and Kylie’s relationship and from that video she posted about how their soo in love or what not shows us the viewers how so unreliable your sources are and this is prolly the last time I’m watching this channel and move on to clever as they know more so like skrt skrt

  9. Whats up with these kardasian name? Saint , North , Chicago now Stormi ? guess khloe gonna name her child Windi not with a y

  10. I'm late buh shit.. I bet chu $20 that child is gonna hate her mom for naming her that shitt I would

    And stop saying this dog name is cute 😂😂😂 MY dogs name is this

  11. Her asss is bigger than her belly crayyyzy!!! why they all go for the black man… ??? Because they have big dick LOL!!!! Kim,Kylie,Khloe!!!!!!! This is hilarious… and they all have fake ass… its ugly when you look at someone belly and their ass is disturbing the baby in the belly!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I don't think having a baby at 20 is smart but the name is really cute. Better than North, or Chicago or whatever the hell Kim's other kids name is.

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