Kylie Jenner Wears No Makeup, Only Moisturizer, for Fresh-Faced Vogue Australia Cover – News Today

Kylie Jenner Wears No Makeup, Only Moisturizer, for Fresh-Faced Vogue Australia Cover – News Today

 Kylie Jenner is opening up and daring to bare (so to speak) on the new cover of Vogue Australia  The 21-year-old beauty mogul graced the September issue wearing a black long-sleeve jacket and a super fresh-faced makeup look  Makeup artist Ariel shared a photo of the cover, noting that he would love to claim the credit for her makeup, “but it’s really ‘moisturizer by Ariel’,” referring to the pared-down beauty look she’s sporting  It’s a surprising look, considering Kylie’s makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, just earned her a Forbes cover in recognition of the fact that the brand’s on track to be worth a billion dollars in the near future  In the accompanying interview, conducted by her sister Kendall, Kylie shared some insight into how the brand became such a phenomenon  “My Lip Kits started with, number one, my obsession with make-up and lips specifically and just how I took my insecurity with my lips and turned it into my business model,” she said “Something I just became obsessed with was lips and lipstick, and how wearing lipstick made me feel I just loved bigger lips, and I just got obsessed. To this day, I can’t leave the house without lipstick So, I just think I’m obsessed with doing my make-up and watching tutorials and that’s kind of how Kylie Cosmetics started ”  When Kendall questioned whether her fixation with her lips stemmed from being in the spotlight, Kylie said no “I think I would’ve done the same thing, because my insecurity with my lips didn’t stem from people saying anything,” she said “I don’t even think anyone commented on my lips. We all have insecurities, right? Nobody’s perfect, and that’s my thing ”  She’s since started reducing the filler in her lips and has stepped out of the spotlight somewhat, currently focusing on being a new mom to new baby Stormi Webster and expanding her business ventures by taking the brand worldwide

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  1. She still has make up on….maybe tinted moisturizer. This family loves to lie to other to make money and make themselves feel better.

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