Kylie Jenner’s Fans OUTRAGED Over Eyeshadow Palette For Bizarre Reason

Kylie Jenner’s Fans OUTRAGED Over Eyeshadow Palette For Bizarre Reason

Kylie Jenner’s successful cosmetics line may be all the rage in the pop culture world but its seems as though her fans are also in quite a bit of a rage with her for a reason we did not see coming. Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-Carrier, introducing T-Mobile 1. All unlimited. All in. I can hear it now; the sound of Kylie Jenner tuning out the haters, because no matter what y’all say, Kylie Cosmetics is the poo so take a whiff. Apparently Kylie Jenner’s fans did take a big whiff and what they didn’t smell, was peaches. Hopes are crushed, money is wasted, and worst of all, sniffers are being destroyed left and right all because fans are apparently taking strong hits off Kylie’s new Royal Peach eye shadow palette and the scent of fresh peaches is nothing but a mere illusion. Kylie released her Royal Peach palette earlier this month which featured 12 shades, a brush, and a mirror and as fans began receiving the palette, many quickly took out their frustrations via Twitter, expressing intense disappointment that the palette did not smell like peaches, but rather strong chemicals like spray paint and chlorine. Although, this may seem like a completely unreasonable feature to a cosmetics line, this idea of scented shadows stems from a popular cosmetics line Too Faced and their entire Sweet Peach collection apparently smells and tastes like peaches, in which fans have compared to Kylie’s Peach Palette. Many outraged tweets have been posted about Kylie’s unscented palette like this one saying quote, Another user tweeted Because of the unexplained scent, many customers are also tweeting out warnings claiming that the palette may not even be safe to use, like one user who wrote, I don’t know about you guys, but last I checked 99.9% of cosmetics are made up of an assortment of chemicals and really not even harmless chemical based products are safe to aggressively sniff. And considering that Kylie lets her customers in on every little detail about her products, we probably would have gotten the memo about a peach scented palette long before they were even on the market. So, while customers continue to express their disappointment, Kylie’s palettes will continue to sell out. But right now, I want to know what you think about the outrage surrounding the Royal Peach palette. And if you think these customers complaints are justified or a little too extreme? So hit us up in the comments and as always don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching Clevver News. I’m your host Drew Dorsey, and I’ll see you next time. And before you go, click to the left to check out Kylie’s newest Valentine collection. We’d like to thank our sponsor T-Mobile. T-Mobile 1 is all unlimited, all in. Switch today!

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  1. Well of course it’s not going to smell like peaches going to smell like her personality

    OK but in all seriousness she never said it would smell like peaches it’s just the name seriously

  2. They shouldnt be mad that is doesnt smell like peaches, they should be mad that it smells like strong chemicals. I would put anything that smells like bleach on my eyes

  3. I dont think people were as much expecting it to smell like peaches as much they may have been concerned about the chemical smell. when stuff smellslike that you can't help but be a little concerned as to the safety of it.


  5. I literally OWN this pallette and im smelling it and it smells nice? There are NO chemical smells. Its amazing btw. First world problems much?

  6. Chlorine isn’t that smell you smell you smell when you walk into indoor pool it’s actually called trichloramine it’s made from the chlorine and oils,sweat,and urine are mixed together so you know your swimming in a pool with pee when you smell that “pool smell”

  7. False advertising, totally justified to be upset. Also, the bias is strong in this one. (I don't even use make-up, why am I watching this?) XD

  8. Okay for one, it wasn’t the palette it was the packaging.
    Two, If Kylie didn’t say “it smells like peaches” then why did y’all assume right away that it would?
    Three, who cares if it isn’t the same as too faced? They’re different brands, so what’s it matter?? If you think too faced is better, then buy too faced!! Why would you blow your money on a palette just to complain about it not being like another palette?

  9. Makeup is made out of chemicals. It's going to smell like chemicals. They need to sit down. It doesn't have to smell like the name. Geez. People are trying to find ways to get mad over everything.

  10. They aren't mad that it doesn't smell like peaches, they are mad at how much it smells of chemicals, and fear that mag mean its toxic

  11. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGE! Eyeshadow is eyeshadow and like the lady said, it's is always chemicles and those chemicals are in every makeup palette. Just because Kylie made the pallete not smell like peaches like she said it would, she should not get so much hate😒

  12. Guys, why the heck are you guys even comparing to another line of makeup when they didn't say anything about it smelling like peaches…?

  13. Guys it is safe actually, the shitty smell isn't from the eyeshadow itself, it is from the poorly made palette holder, believe it or not it is made out of fucking cardboard! I don't support Kylie for making such shitty products, but the eyeshadow is fine, I own one myself, as soon as it came in the mail, I took a depanning objet which removes single shadows from the pallete, I say the eyeshadow is safe but I don't think you should keep it in that stinky palette for too long, then the product even might become harmful. I just want y'all beauties to stay safe

  14. This is just….. ridiculous on so many levels. what person is gonna be up in your face and say "Hey your eyeshadow smells weird."

  15. The real question is if in the description of the palette, does it say it smells like peaches. I feel like people hear a food in a makeup product and expect it to smell just like that product. Of course makeup is going to smell like chemicals….news flash, that’s what makeup is made of.

  16. That's dumb, if anything ppl would attack Kylie for it smelling like peaches cause she would be alledgedly copying Two Faced's palette. Sure the current smell might not be pleasant but either way, she'd get attacked

  17. People are gonna complain about something smelling weird but not the fact that it’s a peach palette and has the color BLUE

  18. This comment section is actually stupid, if it smells like something you clean your oven with, there is no way you should put it on your face let alone your eyes. That is seriously dangerous. And the people like "you smell the eyeshadow lmao" are just as dumb, I can smell nail polish remover but it doesn't mean I stick my nose in the fucking bottle, you can smell that shit from a solid 10 metres away. The problem wasn't that it didn't smell like peaches, but that it smelled like something you should not put on your eyes.

  19. I'm sorry but if it smells like chlorine then I and many others aren't going to put that on our eyes. Alot of people can get headaches and migraines if the product smells like a chemical vat and no amount of fame and "realness" is going to change that

  20. I get why'd they question the palette if it smells like STRAIGHT UP HARD CHEMICALS but idc if it doesnt smell like peach?..

  21. People are mad because the packaging smells like dangerous chemicals, not because they thought it would have a peach scent. It's possible to remove the shadows and the smell seems to dissipate but the packaging still smells horrid.

  22. As someone who's never owned Kylie cosmetics and has no bias for her brand either way, it seems to me more like these tweets are about a strong chemical smell, not the fact that it isn't scented. I wouldn't want to be putting anything near my eyes if it smelled like chlorine, but maybe that's just me. 🤔

  23. kylie and her company are very smart. well, not smart, but manipulative. they know teen girls and women adore her wealth, success, and looks and wouldn't hesitate to buy her makeup. so they can churn out cheap quality stuff and make sure there are no refunds or exchanges either. they pocket the cash and leave the rest of the consequences to the customer. kylie cosmetics got an F rating from the bbb.

  24. Its such a boring palette though! like if you block out the bright blue with your finger its soooooooooo plain!

  25. Personally I know all things have chemicals. But..If the smell is that strong, I wouldn't use it. I'd be kinda scared to put that on my eyes from the strong smell

  26. All I want to know is if that went to the discount section, because i am packing my bags and going to Marshall's

  27. Ya if makeup smells like bleach as one of them said it is totally logical to put it on your eyes

  28. It doesn't make sense , it's not like your going to our it on your nose, that's why it's called eyeshadow as in for the eyes 😂

  29. It's dumb, Seriously, Unless She says that it smells like peaches why the fuck are people smelling eyeshadow? Or tasting it for that matter?

    Now that's just me but I honestly couldn't care what my makeup smelled like as long as it looked okay.

  30. If she made it smell like peaches, wouldn’t someone call her out for copying that other brand for doing the same thing?

  31. Too be far you shouldn’t be tasting eye shadow… like ever it’s all chemicals in the end I just wish Kylie would at least make it have no scent or something

  32. this is so wrong!! they arent mad because it doesnt smell like peach, they're mad because it smells like fucking chemicals!! I have some extra cheap palettes that are only around £5 and they dont smell like they could kill me! Damn

  33. Omg this video is ridiculous. It's not because the shadows don't smell like peach. It's because they smell like death. Get a clue. These shadows reek.

  34. I'd rather buy the ones in the 'tiangge' here in the philippines that smells like cake. And yes the eyeshadows are ripoff-ed but they look exactly the same. You can only buy them like 2-8 dollars.

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