LCO Method To Moisturize My Daughter’s Natural 3B Hair ft. Oddly Cheyenne

LCO Method To Moisturize My Daughter’s Natural 3B Hair ft. Oddly Cheyenne

It just needs moisture right now so
she’s gonna wrap it in the scarf tonight and haha there I am and sleep in it and
then we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow and we’ll figure out if it
needs to be shampooed I think it may just need to be conditioned bro it’s
cold it’s winter in New York and I don’t know
I don’t even want to ask what the last time I should put any oil in your hair
so we’ll just say there’s there’s a lot in it now and we’ll see what it looks
like oh yeah it looks and this is untwisted like look at this curl hold on
look at that that’s crazy you and as we trim the tree hey fam how are
you alright as you can tell by the title I am going to be doing Cheyenne’s hair
today it needed a little bit of conditioning so she’s agreed to sit down
with me and let me do a little LC on her hair to get it nice and moisturized so
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much okay so I continue spraying down Cheyenne’s hair with water and her hair
is pretty dry I want to be able to get my fingers through it and the comb
through it and she’s a little tender headed as am i no shaming but I wanted
to make sure it was nice and moisturized I’m sectioning it into four pieces
Cheyenne has the back of her head shaved so the back two sections are gonna be a
little bit smaller because the hair is shaved but I continue sectioning it into
four pieces wetting it and making sure I can get the comb through so that I can
do the lco which is liquid cream and oil first liquid is going to be water so
she’s actually gonna get two liquids but we’ll start with the water get
everything nice and wet and ready for the lco and then the twist so the first
thing that I’m putting in for a liquid in addition to that water we just talked
about is the John Frieda Frizz Ease is a daily nourishment leave-in conditioner
makes frizz Pro hair soft and manageable is what the bottle says so I spray that
liberally over that section and brush it through the next thing I’m going to put
is the cream which is creme Brule curling delight and I again apply that
liberally over that section of hair making sure that it’s on every strand
last thing is the oil in this case I’m using almond oil for her and that’s the
O in our lco so we’ve got liquid cream and oil and then I start to twist her
hair Cheyenne naturally has a larger wave to her hair it’s not really curly I
guess it’s curly it’s a wavy curly so I’m
doing a larger twist on their hair so that one section got three twists and
then I’m off to the back to do the same thing all over again I’m crying so I’ve made my way around
I’m on the last section and the last twist and I am just twisting it up all
the way to the end making sure I carry that moisture all the way from root to
tip and then I just rub the ends again to make sure the ends are all nice and
coated that way the ends are not frizzy and again our recap the liquid was
frizzies the cream was from boule RC and RL co creme brulee and then the oil was
the almond oil but this is going to hopefully help because it was very very
dry to have it moisturize I didn’t even want to wash it tonight
it just needs moisture right now so she’s gonna wrap it in a scarf tonight
and uh-huh there I am and sleep in it and then
we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow and we’ll figure out if it needs to be
shampooed I think it may just need to be conditioned bro it’s cold it’s winter in
New York and I don’t know I don’t even want to ask when the last time should
put any oil in her hair so we’ll just say this there’s a lot in
it now and we’ll see what it looks like but I don’t know if you guys have ever
seen her hair out outside the bun so there it is she has expenditure there I
don’t think as I think you have the purple hair and I think ever since then
you’ve had it in a bun I’ve had it covered some yeah let’s say here I’m
gonna take this off just so they can see it without the town so yeah
there we go yeah so here we go um but yeah we were gonna put these on but
she’s not gonna do it she’s gonna scarf it up tonight right
that’s it if you have any questions about the LCL method or what we did to
Cheyenne’s hair leave a comment down below if you would like to see me do
Cheyenne’s hair like watch it condition it and then style it let us know down
below please comment down below alright hi BAM okay so I basically did nothing
prior to this video I just woke up and I really wanted to like just see the final
you know like the final so I mean obviously I’m gonna take it down and
then you guys are gonna see how I style it but the point of this again was to
lock in that moisture because my hair was so dry I was neglecting it and I
think I should stop so after this point I’m like let’s move forward and prosper
so here we go and this is the scrunchie that I used all my mommy got me it
matches my neon but I used it because I didn’t want it to lay like that much of
a mark and my hair look at my pearls I don’t know if you guys are curious
about this I wrapped my hair up when it was wet and I know you’re not supposed
to go to sleep with wet hair but that’s really only if it’s uncovered and not
like wrapped and like soaked and I’m only gonna say that because I know
people’s hair like they it does break off if they go to sleep other hairs what
but the thing is my scarf my scarf is so breathable but I know that it’s not like
damaging I mean not damaging I know it’s like along my hair to dry while I’m
sleeping but the only thing is like me laying down wet hair like it keeps it
from drying it should a little a little damp but it’s not like drenched you know
I mean but yeah I’m here to breathe and it covers that it doesn’t it’s not
rubbing against cotton so that’s worth it good oh I look so cute I haven’t even
taken out there twisting oh let’s see and I’m gonna start from the back so as
you guys can see hold on so the back of my head is shaved yes I
know you guys saw earlier in the video but I’m with you guys are probably like
where’s the rest of her hair one I cut it off a long time ago but I’m gonna
back out like it’s so funny like I should know myself enough to know that
like I really do genuinely get bored with herself so easily but I wanted
something different like I’ve had like hair all my life and I’m like what if I
didn’t have hair but like let’s not go too crazy you know so I’m screwing it
back up how am I gonna do it on camera I’m gonna
do it for my channel off the Sheyenne my morning routine where I coconut oil pool
I do my mask it’s like it literally I do it like once a week really at this point
because I haven’t been keeping track of anything but if you follow my channel
you’ll know well actually you wouldn’t know cuz I’ve announced it yet but I’m
going to do a 30-day coconut oil pulling on my channel and so you can see like so
I can like point out like the differences and like what I noticed and
what my teeth look like things like that hmm it smells like almonds like legit
like I know she’s almond oil it smells like like what’s that like a cherry
almond oh my god what is that they actually have it’s not a flavor for like
a liqueur is what it kind of smells like like like like I guess like garcia-trias
and almonds please comment down below as far as like what you did to repair your
hair what’d you do to treat your hair like pretty much the same things repair
but like sometimes you have to just treat it and you don’t have to focus on
repairing the damage like right now I’m repairing the damage I had a long time
or it would like like I just kept putting it in bonds coupling in bonds
kept putting in buns and wasn’t doing anything to my hair so and that really
did like I’m not gonna say stop my hair groove but I know my hair can grow so
much faster and Lori’s I could to keep track of that as the back of my hair and
the back of my head is exposed to so many elements because I can’t tie it up
so that’s how I know that my hair growth hasn’t been because if you see like I
know you guys but this was a this was actually shaped like all the way and now
I have it like this and it’s been like three one’s has it been three months
this is my baby here this doesn’t really grow that that far middle section and
then always the top section but it’s a little it’s gonna happen in it I don’t
know if it’s in three months but it definitely has been a minute but
probably face on my length and based on the fact that my hair like slowed down
the growing process like three weeks ago probably has been three months I’m mr. Facebook all area so my hair is like super shiny it looks
and this is untwisted like look at this curl hold on look at that that’s crazy
and like the rest of them same deal so I guess it’ll do like after this is let me
back up because I haven’t washed my face um what I’ll do after this is um how am
i doing at this oh I’m gonna separate it I’m gonna put it back up on a scarf
right now though because I do have to still brush my teeth wash my face um
it’ll pull all that fun stuff but or you know I’ll just make a little headband
like I’ll just do it soon okay thank you for watching this part of the video I
really appreciate you okay so um I will show you part of styled it and I’ll
flash to make the rainbow in map

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  1. I deep condition under a dryer with shower cap once a week 30 mins to an hour, oil treatment under a dryer with shower cap 30 mins twice a month, and an apple cider vinegar rinse once a month. A bun is a protective hair style as long as you don't cause to much tension put it back and be sure to tuck your ends. Also a head massage 3x a week.
    No two heads are alike so if you find something that makes your hair healthy and happy, stick with it.

  2. Cheyenne has beautiful curls (like her mama) . I am sure this will also work for curly hair right.. I know when I was growing on weekends would condition my hair with egg, mayo and that helped alot.

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