Load Disorder #19: [SKYRIM Mod Review] Expressive Facial Animations

Load Disorder #19: [SKYRIM Mod Review] Expressive Facial Animations

I was my load order? Well you’ve got a load disorder. And now our game is gonna crash! Meow. Hi guys! Welcome to a new episode of Load Disorder. I’m your host Ariane and we don’t have an intro this week. See, Kris liked the impromptu cat intro so much, he was like: “oh yeah do another one of those.” I think he forgot I don’t live with the fluffs. I’m all out of that juice! He wrote to me then, he wrote to me: “Just talk about your life.” Life? But I’m a nerd… Um. I slept like this tonight and now my neck hurts, So that’s what’s going on with me. How about you guys? What’s going on with you? Let us know down in the comments And while you’re thinking about it, let’s take a look at this week’s featured mod. When we talk to someone everything begins with the face. One look can tell us when someone is sad, angry, or happy without even saying a word. Faces can be used to express emotions, or hide them. To pour one’s heart… Or keep a deep, dark secret. Yet while motion captured faces can convey complex, layered emotions. In games like Skyrim, that isn’t quite possible. In fact, the breadth of human emotion is whittled down to just seven basic types. Happy, sad, angry, fearful disgusted, surprised, and puzzled. This is more than enough for most games, but if you’re trying to convey something a little more nuanced, sometimes the facial expressions can be a little confusing to read. Hey Lydia, I made you some coffee. Here you go. Oh no, is something wrong? No. Why would you say that? Oh, well you just look a little disgusted. This is just the face I make to show mild disappointment. I still appreciate the gesture. Well, it’s just that the face that you’re making makes you look like you want to barf… You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to, really. Don’t even worry about it it’s fine. Are you sure? I mean it would just take me a minute to make you another one. It’s really no problem at all, just say a word. It’s not even that bad. See? I’m taking another sip. Alas, there aren’t any mods that expand the list of emotions. That’s hard-coded in the game. But there are mods that can take the base game emotions And make them a little more expressive. That’s why today’s featured mod is Expressive Facial Animations by Nuroku. This mod takes the vanilla faces and makes them more lively. So you can better tell what feelings your NPCs are trying to relate to you. It also makes changes to the base phonemes for all dialogue and even alters your combat shouts to make them Well, more shouty. As for more varied types of emotion that will have to wait for the Elder Scrolls VI. But seeing as Fallout 4 already has dozens of new emotion types it seems that Bethesda is already hard at work making more. Of course that’s of little comfort to poor, poor Lydia. Hi Lydia, have a seat. This is my friend Piper, from Fallout 4. She’s joining us for book club this month. Nice to see you Piper. Hello to you too, Lydia. Um, anyways, I’ll start. What did you guys think about the “Winds of Winter”? Oh I loved it. And twist at the end who could have seen that coming? I know, right? It’s been a month and Lydia still seems shocked by it. No. I totally saw it coming. Okay guys. Here’s the deal. I’m going to show you a leopard and you have to tell me what what animal that is. Okay, because I’ve been at odds with my mom about it for a good amount of time. Like a month. It’s a battle, it’s a war, and it rages on, and we have to settle this down. So go down into the comments and say “Leopard”. That’s key. You have to say “Leopard”. And yeah, that’s basically it. So, what animal is this? Look at it, it’s cute, it’s amazingly cute, but you have to you have to tell me what what sort of animal that is. Well not me, my mom. Because she doesn’t know she doesn’t recognize it. It’s clear as day it’s a leopard, right? So yeah, that that’s your quest for today. It’s a miscellaneous objective. And yeah thanks. That will be it. Bye bye! Just sitting here, making angry faces at the camera… Always fun, isn’t it? Until you stop to feel your brow.

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  1. Ha Ha your facial expressions //PS Your leopard Looks a bit like a pig who was present during a explosion in a clown factory 😃


  3. What really caught my eye was the panda at the background @3:31 reminds of my Panda stuff toy when I was a little. Good times.

  4. Love your nuanced expressions! They're full of such nuance! It's an Ariane cosplay party! YES!
    That psychedelic leopard is rather plump, a real oinker lol!
    My life? But I'm also a nerd! Well… I saw a new Load Disorder today. It was fun!
    How is my load disorder?
    Well you've got a load order.
    And now our game is gonna run slightly stable. Meow!

  5. Hi, Ariane. I was searching for information about Skyrim Mods then I ended up stumbling upon your channel. It didn't help me in what I was looking for but the video it is very fun. Other thing that cast my attetion was you accent. I can't figure out from where your accent is. I'm from Brazil and I still working to improve my english so that subjetc is very intresting for me. Congrats for the video. Bye!

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