hi everyone i’m rmsky i’ve got a box from VT Cosmetics as a gift!!
and i wanted to try them with you guys and make a review about them
I’M SO EXCITED to try them i feel so stressed i’m so happy and thankful that VT COSMETICS contacted me and sent these amazing bts products to me my words might be (all over the place) hope you’ll like it guys and enjoy it with me as well because i’m super hyperated and you guys know how much i love bts and i love bts stuff and everything related to bts so i’m so excited
i’m sure because i tried them (one of VT products ) before if you guys have watched the last review video which has the title a day with tata (in arabic) it was about vt cosmetics’ tata products specifically this time it will include a lot of other things of VT cosmetics X BTS i’m so thankful that they sent this box to me so thank you guys thank you because you’re sharing me this moment and i will share with you this moment to see the products together and do an unpakaging together so so let’s start it yay! NOTE: the intro was after trying the makeup i’m so excited I’M SCARED i don’t know how am i gonna film this video I AM GOING TO COLLAPSE i’m not wearing makeup now because i’m gonna try this makeup so i’ like it’s better to start with naked face and apply the makeup while i’m filming the video CONTROL
dont forget to press like for this video let’s start ok!
like like like omg i swear i can’t tear it i’m scared omg this package came from south korea enough.. CONTROL this moment needs to be recorded in history rama open the box rama you’re going to see bts products ok? ok ok hold your horses X11 *the literal translation is hold your nervs* * turns to be a song* ok? no..
how to open this the knife should be in the other side DO NOT LOOK OK NO CHEATING *having an early look is cheating* i should’ve done a tutorial of how to open a box first i’ll close the camera and open it first then i’ll come back i’m sweating i’m sweating seriously i’m sweating!!! wow paper *lol* this paper is priceless this of course came to me from korea control *popping bubble wrap is a must* there are pictures of bts!! i’m dying right now
im shaking right now ok! let’s open the products this is too much there are some things that i don’t know i’ll just film what i got because i have no clue about anything those are all the products that i’ve got there are two from everything i don’t know why maybe just extra double it you feel better *wise*
should i call maria or paulina so they can whine on my head *struggling to pronounce the word properly* powderation? listen i’m not even good in makeup let me figure what they’ve sent to me so i can there are two foundations
with two different shades these are the foundations of bt21 x vt cosmetics BTS X VT Cosmetics this is the difference between these two
(one with bts and the other with bt21) i’ll try this one
i had this foundatio i don’t know what’s the difference but there’s a difference CUTE let’s try this one i’m so excited! it’s tata’s wait there’s actually a difference i loved it more than this foundation (the one from the last review video) the covering of these foundations is NO JOKE talking about the covering it’s good it covers so good this blends faster bro the covering is really no joke i can describe this foundation as not glowy it doesn’t feel dry it’s not matte
you won’t feel like your skin is dying underneath it feels SOFT
let’s try something else amazing! oh its a foundation
POWERDATION ohh so it’s comes as powder#@$? POWERDATION a little TAEBAK(WOW)
the way it covers is scary! i applyed a little here
omg look how it covers this was number 2!
and this one is number 1 WOW oh this one is lighter! this is too white!! mommy!! who has this shade of a light skin
this is too light if i ever wanna lighten myself i’ll use this one their scent smells like baby Johnson
like babies’ perfumes they’ve sent tata’s lipstick and shooky’s
i already have one like this so i won’t be using it today
you’ve already seen it in that video let me try this one cuute
this time i’ll be trying shooky’s i fee like shooky’s gonna prettier? wow one of the shades that i love no no seriously this color is one of the colors that i REALLY love it’s different from tata’s
tata’s is so red! shooky’s lipstick is my favorite
i prefer this color over this this type of color i usually apply it inside
but this one i apply it on my entire lipe bye bye tata hi ih shooky this is my favorite color! THANK YOU this color is really prettier than tata’s ( as she expected) the next product!
VAN cream lip
should i remove the lipstick and reapply it again is it ok? pleas let go in pictures they look bigger but
they’re so tiny kawaiii
how should i open it ok this is so cute van cream lip lacquer what smell is this NO! X3 not again! X2 it smells like shuttu mutti
shuttu mutti means sweets jelly alittle bit won’t cause harm *don’t do this at home* bro i swear it tastes so good why don’t we taste this one as well
because it tastes good van’s it’s not orange it’s like brownish orange in reality it’s color is really amazing there’s a difference between this one and this
this feels more matte or i might be wrong as you can see van’s lipstick feels more matte it sticks i needed to remove it with makeup remover next
lipe rouge i didn’t check the reviews about this one but it looks.. the color is so beautiful!
omg i…omg it’s wow the smell of these one!
it makes you feel clean!? feels like omg it’s cleaner you feel… this one is number 4 omg 8 looks better than 4 why didn’t i know before that these colors are prettier!
this one is 8 and this one is 4 number 8 is WOW really wow it’s literally amazing i’m confused which one should i apply first
ok i’ll do this and this and this
and i’ll choose the one in my right hand god make it 8 it’s 8!! this color! this color is SPECTACULAR it feels different sooo creamy i give this one 10/10 let’s remove it and try number 4 i don’t wanna remove it this one is so beautiful this one is super natural (nude)
this is for you if you want your makeup to be light this color is number 4 it’s so smooth the last yay! eyeshadow omg this is the first time i’m noticing there’s something (drawing) inside omgwaad bts univesre is inside there imagine seeing bts here
HI BTS it’s packageis so beautiful i feel like even when it finish i’ll keep this package as a memory or anything the colors are so nude i love it i thought it’s gonna be baby pink but it’ nude which means i can use them there’s a brush that comes with the thingy i don’t know how to use it
this won’t work for my eyes let’ just try
since they’re for bts let’s use them it looks like kid’s toys *cute*
wait.. rama how will you put this look i’m not good at makeup
everyne thinks i am but i’m not good at makeup let me think about it look just make a mess ok mess is good
let me try the… this one is very light this is nude this pink is…PINK
i’m trying to check all the colors and how come i’ll mix them so i can know
how i’ll apply it on my eyes this is orange i don’t like orange there’s purple here
i don’t know how people use purple this one is very dark this shade is amazing OH MY GOD this color is so beautiful
last color which is the bigger ok so this might be the base i think i’m gonna use it i can put this one in the middle i’ll put htis color like a base then i’ll blend it inside then this color i’ll apply it in a wavy movement
here inside then this one i’ll put it in the corner down here look y’all were always asking me for a makeup tutorial makeup tutorial X3 so here’s a fancy makeup tutorial i’ll put it like this nobody judge the way i put akeup because it’s my way of wearing makeup ok maybe i need to do my makeup this close so you can see it yup there we go i’ll do the same thing to my other eye wait what what did i even do to the first eye i forgot.. no wait.. rama focus focus please ok i think i did it like this then i took this color i forgot omg the eyeshadwo went inside my eye i feel it’s ok to take this and use it as a blusher its ok right? guinchana guinchana “imitating the guy from llaughter in waikiki” i just wanna apply a little bit guys you can use this as a blusher too
it looks sooo good nobody is flirting herself this is the final look so this is my makeup for today the camera got excited
camera don’t get excited please the camera is mesmerized by my beauty
i’ll change my hijab (head scarf) so i can show you the look and the makeup better and i’ll try these two foundation with you yaay
this is my makeup with a black hijab ok (now) without makeup *removing the foundation* i’ll start with number 2 which is the one that goes well with my skin color ok..omg i applied too much
blend it tata’s was more matte.. i guess
anyways this was blends better omg it super white this one is number 2 and i feel like i became white suddenly which is… i mean why there are no darker colors i need darker tones for the other girls i kow i have many viewers whose skin not white their skin could be darker it’s not matte i feel it gives an amazing feeling you feel moisturized let’s try number 0.1
this one will be too wite for me too white this is milk
i’m putting a milk on my face blending blending blending omg this white are you sure this is foundation what if it was not wht if it was something you put it before the foundation there’s something weird when you touch these foundation it feels amazing i mean if someone pinches does this to me he will feel something cute he will be like “omg her skin is so soft”
it feels woosh now i know why! now i know why tata, whe i told you his face is woosh now i got it
maybe he used vt cosmetics i’m sure lol WAIT WHAT omg wait guys there’s something else i didn’t know that they have sent a tata’s blusher i’m a mess
fit on stick what does that mean is this a blusher? is it a blusher? i think it is a blusher i made another mess #mess AGAIN i’ve read a review it says this thing i need to use it under my eyes before the makeup it removes the blackfaces
why do i even speak in english now how many times did i remove my makeup today in this video sis! use it under your eyes girl are you sure it’s under my eyes because i feel like IT’S RED i don’t know maybe there’s a reason behind why i should use it under my eyes right rama? right right am i doing it right or wrong… whatever i don’t know what the difference but if you can catch the difference between the first makeup and this one tell me please
my camera died this is not a blusher
sorry sorry but i do not know i feel like for the first time i used a korean makeup properlyl/did it well maybe it’s because the makeup came originally from korea and it feels like it their true shades i was in love with tata’s makeup first i was like omg tata but shooky’s lipstick and these ones i don’t get it
why there aren’t so many good reviews about these their colors are so beautiful i might use this one EVERYDAY so if this lipstick finished early know that i stuck with it and i RECOMMEND trying it i really recommend these you should try them because if you tried them you won’t regret it you feel like it sticks on the lips but it let them breath it doesn’t damage your lips you won’t feel like they’re dying thi lipstick this one for those who likes matte lipsticks you’ll feel like it’s a little bit matte this one matte but not in a bad way that’s what i felt i wish i had the other colors so i could show them to you but it’s fine i’d like to try rj’s producs
these things feels so good on the skin i said this before what if this was how bts smell it smells like bts
this is my makeup for today from bt21 x vt cosmetics and bts x vt cosmetics
omg i can’t talk hope you like the makeup
this is not just a piture! cuute!
this one i’ll put it like this XXX
for each one of them there’s something written in korean
i don’t understand it but i like it omg RM jin cuute jhooope
i feel like this one will be tae i mean oh forget about it it’s jimin the picture is beautiful omg tae has written something i’m demanding a translation of what tata wrote
i don’t understand at the end it’s kookie thank youu now we’re in the end of this video
from now on in my future videos all my makeup will be from who? VT cosmetics thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new in the channel i’m rmsky i love you all
and write your comments about the producs see you in another video annyong what am i doing
just to to show you and make it look clear eng sub by: llkath_ on twitter

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