L’Oreal Cosmetics Sued For Defective Makeup Pumps

L’Oreal Cosmetics Sued For Defective Makeup Pumps

Anybody who’s ever had to buy any kind of
makeup or cosmetics, maybe for yourself, maybe for a spouse, maybe with your spouse, whatever
it is, these things are crazy expensive and trust me, I know. You have no idea how much powder I have to
put on this thing every single day to make it not completely shiny. So I get it. This stuff is crazy expensive and that’s why
when you buy one of these products, some of them, you know, $40 $50, you want them to
perform properly. You also want to be able to access everything
that comes with that expensive purchase. But as we’re finding out now with some brands
of L’Oreal cosmetics, that’s not the case and I have Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions
with me now to explain what’s happening. Now, Scott, I’ve gone with my wife into these
makeup stores before and, you know, she’s looking at these things and I’m shocked at
how expensive they are. Like, it’s, it’s crazy how expensive some
of these things are, especially when you get the name brand and they come in the little
pumps and according to a new class action, the L’Oreal brand coming in these little pumps
aren’t actually letting you access all of the product in there because the pumps themselves
are defective. Tell us, tell us more about this. Sure. It’s a common complaint that women have when
they’re using these makeups, these soaps, and they’re in a sealed container. So it’s not like the wonderful days where
you’d have a nice glass bottle. You could unscrew the top, refill it, put
what you need in there. No, all of these are sealed. They’re meant to be thrown away and that’s
for a reason. They count on these pumps actually breaking
and since it’s a sealed container, guess what? You can’t just replace the top and get access
to that expensive makeup. Nope, you’re going to throw it away. But this class action is saying that they’re
finding between 43% and 81% of that makeup is actually getting thrown away. The pump breaks, that person says, well, can’t
use that anymore and throws it out. So this is such a common problem. You know, my wife uses a specific soap product
almost every night. And she says to me, honey, look at this. This is broken. Why can’t we file a class action on it? And we’re actually working on that. But it’s so funny to see this class action
being filed against L’Oreal and their, their makeup, because it is such a profit generator
for them. This specific class action is filed for pump
makeups under the L’Oreal brand, including the Visible Lift Serum Absolute, and the Superstay
Better Skin Skin-Transforming Foundation marketed under the Maybelline brand. So if you have a L’Oreal product or a Maybelline
product with this pump that’s defective, go here, leave a comment. You know, I see Kaplan Fox is one of the law
firms that’s in charge of this. They’re, they’re a great law firm that really
works hard for consumers. So we want to know about this because frankly
these companies should be fixing it. They should give you a way to just replace
the pump, or they should, you know, give you something you can do so you’re not just throwing
away this makeup that you’re spending $10, $20 or $40 for. Right, and as you pointed out with these percentages
here, people are throwing away essentially half the bottle, which means losing half their
money on it. And obviously if you throw away half the bottle,
you have to buy it twice as frequently. So L’Oreal, Maybelline, they’re, they’re cashing
in on this, right? This is a huge profit generator. If somebody only uses half your product and
throws it out and goes and buys another one, that’s better for you. But it’s horrible for these consumers who
are losing $7 to $10 per bottle every time they buy it. And, you know, it’s noted here on Top Class
Actions, according to the plaintiffs here, the company could have used screw off lids. They could have used airless pumps. They could’ve put it in squeeze tubes, but
they opted to not do any of these and any one of those options would have solved this
problem. But L’Oreal knows, well if we solve the problem,
probably gonna mean less money in our pockets. Exactly, L’Oreal and Maybelline are selling
these products and, you know, with, with that marketing strategy of consumers are gonna
not be able to use it all. They’re going to have to throw it away, which
makes them buy more. And L’Oreal and Maybelline are trusted brands
in the cosmetics industry. We hope that they will take care of their
customers and like you said, switch to a pump that can screw off or switch to a tube. Do something that allows their customers who
depend, I mean, because women are very, very, very brand loyal. They get that color, they like, they get that
brand they like, they know their skin reacts well with it, they stick with it. Take care of these women and make sure that
they can get what they’re paying for and not throw away half of the product every single
time. Absolutely, and for more information about
this issue, follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions and make
sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions, thank
you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  1. Not only that. Pumps that fling out too much; exorbitant prices for very little; faulty pumps! And think of all the garbage. There is no recycling?!

  2. Alot of companies should be sued over this! So many of them are designed this way from make up to lotions, shampoos, etc. You can't open the bottle and the pump doesn't work to get the rest out. They're all ripping off customers!

  3. Cosmetics are marketed by capitalists to take the money of the vapid and superficial; don't spend money on such trivial products.


  5. Basically L’Oreal copied the design principle of HP printer cartridge. I didn't know planned obsolescence is a thing in
    Cosmetic industry.

  6. Basically L’Oreal copied the design principle of HP printer cartridge. I didn't know planned obsolescence is a thing in
    Cosmetic industry.

  7. Plastic squeeze tubes please. With a plastic tube when it no longer will squeeze out I put it to the side until I have about 4 or 5 of seemingly empty tubes I take the scissors to the tube. You would be amazed at how much product it left in the tube that can't be squeezed out. I have a small wide mouth jar (I think some face cream was in the jar originally) that I empty the contents into using a little spatula, out of the 4 empty tubes I can recover almost a full tube! Screw the tube just put the foundation in small wide mouth jars so you can get to all the product.

  8. They should be called out for still employing and paying an abusive sociopath like Amber Heard. I'll never buy their products, plus they still do animal testing. Down with L'Oreal! Cruelty to animals,….. no wonder they employ a person with a history of domestic violence.#BANL'OrealPRODUCTS

  9. L'oreal isnt the only make-up company pulling this stuff. Covergirl is notorious for selling occational junk. 9 dollar mechanical eye pencils that fail. Mascara that gives people pink eye. Liquid foundation that has sharp little granduals and smells wierd. Compacts with applicators that fall apart long before you use up the powder (if it doesnt break first), and then will sell you the same crappy things seperately to replace them. Neutrogena stopped including applicators in their powder compacts all together. 14 bucks for a product you cant use… 👎

  10. I've got 3 bottles of Loreal products right now that are defective! Pisses me off, so expensive, taking advantage of women! Shameful!!

  11. And they also have no problem continuing with Amber Heard as their spokesperson. Tbh, I never liked their makeup anyway. Either too watery or too chalky.

  12. Wait ..what about the JACKED UP PRICE?! . These products have mercury in them . And talc. And chemicals not good for humans . All these PUMPS MUST COME FROM SAME COMPANY. THEY ARE ALL DEFECTIVE .
    AND NOTICE ..if you buy Avon..the diff. products. And doing away with other products!! Guess the price on everything will go up ..TRUMPS TARIFFS!! .

  13. This is under 20 bucks. This brand is a reasonably priced brand. My store let me switch it out. I buy it a lot and only had mine broken once. Yeah…needs fixed, but……..

  14. Everyone: please think twice before supporting L'Oreal. They refuse to fire Amber Heard who abused Johnny Depp. If a man beat his wife, he would be fired. It's not ok to allow husband beaters to get away with it #fireAmberHeard

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