Lush Cosmetics: Behind the Scenes of Our New Bath Bombs

Lush Cosmetics: Behind the Scenes of Our New Bath Bombs

And that’s how you make 54 new bath bombs!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. If they would keep them like permanently or like a few years I would get them. I don't want to get attached and then its gone. I have autism and getting something I draw comfort from taken away fucks with me. Just like the bubble fidget spinner…

  2. Be wary of the black rose. My daughter loved how the water turned black but I didn’t enjoy scrubbing a gray tub afterwards 😭😂

  3. I still love the bath bomb factory Lush has! Just something about the way its laid out and seems to run calls to me…

  4. Please bring back the Over and Over Bath Bomb, every time I go to lush thats all I want and it makes me so sad! 💔

  5. why isn't this my job? this is the best of everything I love; it's like baking and cooking but with yummy butters and oils and beautiful smells and flowers. This is a dream job. Thank you Lush-makers, you make beautiful things!

  6. My goodness! Can you make a bubble bar edition?😍😍😍 I’m so obsessed with bubble bars these days ! I even have my own ideas of what they can look like 😎

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