MAC Girls Eye Shadow Palettes I MAC Cosmetics

MAC Girls Eye Shadow Palettes I MAC Cosmetics

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  1. You should never label people! Especially when one of those labels is basic bitch! The person who named that palette should be ashamed! MAC is supposed to be a classy brand, and that choice was not classy!

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  3. I am a very big fan of Mac Cosmetics myself but in one of the videos of my channel the present version going to upload have not uploaded it yet I have used Max name as in I have told a homemade way to make lipsticks which are just like Mac lipsticks in finishing so could you please give me the rights to upload this video I am not wanting to detoriate your popularity it's just a homemade way and I would request you to please give me the link of your channel is well so that I can upload the video without any problem and I have given this message at the end of my video is well thank you

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