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  1. I love the combo of Careblend oil and melon pigment to make the gold face paint, nice to know a safe "formula" for face paint!
    I'm going to watch Ice Queen next!

  2. Loved the video and lesson on The Egyptian Goddess makeover by Schuron Womack. Everything looked great and was very informative. I had trouble at time hearing Schurons dialogue as the music seemed to get louder as the piece went on. Luckily Schurons well spoken voice and smooth delivery was a big help. Perfect in all aspects but lower the music next time please. Thank you. Can't wait for more lessons from MAC.

  3. I don't think it's possible for anyone to slay harder than she is slaying tbh… she breathes life into us mortals 😉

  4. MAJOR facepalm and BOTH thumbs down. Just……..awful! C'MON! U THINK U KNOW NEFERTITI THEN GET IT RIGHT DAMNIT!

  5. they did a poor job on the sound. they need to push the music to the background and bring forward the womans voice. all i could was the music and not the instructions

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