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  1. Thanks for this video!!! I have always wanted to try doing this look for a halloween party this year but didn't know were to start, now I have more of an idea, thanks so much!!!

  2. You are God!!Could I ask you, what´s your reali time to create such look?Thank you, you are my inspiration!!

  3. gaahhhh ,,, i wanna do this now,,, sooooo beautiful!!! and the head piece just brings it all together like,,,, :O ,,,

  4. Rick you are amazing and such a talent! doing this look on myself next week…when you say acrylics do you mean straight up artists acrylics? if it is thats GENIUS!! Color stays bright, vibrant!

  5. I remember when we were in high school, Northview, and you did the make-up for the school play, "the mouse that roared". you took a really young looking freshman and turned him into a really old man. Fabulous of course. It was obvious you had the gift. You have certainly done well for yourself and so fortunate that you were able to have a career in something you enjoy. How come you aged better than me though? Sue Bennett, class of 68

  6. is not for halloween is for Day of the Dead cultural tradition from Mexico ,and is not sugar skull is CATRINA! Greetings 🙂

  7. That is amazing logic? The more you do something the worse you get at it. Use that reasoning the rest of your life, get doctors that are straight out of med school and your lawyer should be in their mid twenties. LOL The older the more experienced he is probably better than every make up artist under 30. Age equals experience dumbass kid.

  8. This is why I am now learning to become a registered MUA. After I pass I want to carry on and specialise into the special effects make up. You just inspire me to become even better and to keep at it! I will not let myself down and I will do everything I can to hone my craft and passion to a new level 😀

  9. If you think Michelle Phan inspired this, you're nuts. Mr. Baker was in the industry doing amazing looks like this before she was even born. 

  10. Sandra Bullock looked stupid trying to copy this makeup look.  She's too old.  This model had the perfect eyes for this look.  She looks adorable.

  11. Wow!!!! I'm so happy MAC got interested in a Mexican holiday and created a beautiful look this is awesome…I love MAC now even more

  12. some chick on here is having a total sh!t fit about white people doing the sugar skull and how the white people should stop doing it because it offends her,so whatch out people,next thing you know,mexicans will be doing the PC and Tolerance court crap to get us to stop the sugar skull for halloween and maybe try to get halloween outlawed all together because they think it belongs to just them,not us white people!then i think they need to take their "rich latino harretige" that they brought with them(all the violence)and go home!but all this may offend them,or just her,so be advised about the latino troll!!  ….ahahahaha…just saying

  13. very talented artist. much respect for you Mr. Rick Baker. absolutely love your work, by far one of the best dramatic effects that ive seen of the day of the dead. thank you for showing your talent


  15. Pretty sure the only people who are offended by this are sjw's and chicanxs who don't even celebrate dìa de los muertos.. If you know the real role sugar skulls play on dìa de los muertos, you would not be offended. They are made for children or for offerings. They essentially stand for rebirth into the next stage of life. I, as someone who is Mexican, am not offended by sugar skulls. I think it is a good way to spread education about my culture. I only ask that you educate other people about my culture as you celebrate it this halloween.

  16. Its not culture appropriation if it is your fucking culture. (which doesn't offend me one bit if someone wants to paint their face this way and it isn't) this socialism, liberal bullshit annoys me, everything offends someone, get the fuck over it we are Americans grow some balls.

  17. Please do not call it "sugar skull" because she has a name – La Catrina is her rightful name. She is an elegant woman part of what brings back our ancestors and the memories of our late relatives

  18. very beautiful..simple enough. MAC is some quality stuff. this would be perfect for those who can afford all the MAC brushes and foundation and eyeliner and pencils

  19. i kinda agree with the people "complaining about a katrina/Sugar skull is not a Halloween thing. this would have been way better with some back ground on dia de los muertos and the meaning of the day . and  why some symbols are often seen in in katrina's/Sugar skulls.

  20. Acrylics are not meant for use on a face. They may say, "Non-Toxic," but “Non-Toxic” does not mean it is safe for skin. There are ingredients in acrylic paints that are banned for use in any food, drug or cosmetic. They contain ammonia, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other ingredients that are not FDA approved for use on the skin and at the very least can cause an allergic reaction. Even more dangerous, they can be absorbed into the body through the skin and cause liver damage, cancer, and other health issues. Because he's an artist, it looks nice until this poor woman takes that paint off of her face and her skin is burned and red and possibly infected and oozing.

  21. No, it isn't a sugar skull, it's a ''Catrina''. Catrina as a popular symbol of death (or one of the symbols within the entire worldview and Mexican culture before death) was created by José Guadalupe Posada, and named as such by the muralist Diego Rivera. It's all about culture.

  22. Dear Rick Baker you FORGET to mencion a something important its not a SUGAR SKULL And thats all….. Its a M E X I C A N SUGAR SKULL SAY IT WHIT ME. M. E. X. I. C. A. N SUGAR SKULL BUT to paint a Spider with its net it was very GRINGO…

  23. Excellent work! No need for the tear, the Catrina is about joy and laughter 😀 Check out this young Catrinas celebrating tradition https://www.facebook.com/eventoskennedy/videos/650073241821215/

  24. There is nothing wrong with dressing up like "La Catrina' if that is how it is going to be presented. Saying that you are dressing up as "Day of the Dead' is incorrect because tell me how you dress up as a celebration. The motifs created in 'sugar skulls' are from 'La Catrina', so if you are dressing up as a CATRINA be  traditional about it. The Catrina was created by Jose Guadalupe Posada to represent an old form as assimilation present in indigenous Mexico, then it was used as a representation for the  celebration. What is incorrect is people generalizing the outfits and using them incorrectly. This is fine as long as it is presented properly. This does not offend me, it becomes offensive when people do it who don't understand the history of it making the representation incorrect.

  25. I’m trying to find simple step by step instructions make up my face for dios de la Muertos , Halloween Any tips anyone?

  26. The blending and gradient flow of the contour is out of this world. Really shows his talent that he effortlessly blends and forms the detail.

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