Makeup Cupcakes! Decorate Cosmetic Accessory Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Makeup Cupcakes! Decorate Cosmetic Accessory Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Cosmetic
Accessory Set Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make these gorgeous cosmetic accessory
set cupcake toppers, all fully edible. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I have three cupcakes. Two of them I’ve pre-iced
and I’ve got one un-iced so I’ll be showing you how to ice it in that way.
I’ve got 2 butter knives. I’ve got a couple of toothpicks or cocktail
sticks. I’ve got a little bit of melted dark chocolate.
You don’t need very much of this. It’s just going to be used as a bit of a glue.
I have some fruit chews, equivalent to toffee or any chewy lollies so it’s really just a
pliable chewy lollie. And we’re going to use that to mold into some of the shapes we’re
using today. I have some chocolate sprinkles or some brown
sprinkles. The sprinkles that I’m using are not usually the round sprinkles. They’re quite
long so they’re going to be used as the hairs on our mascara brush.
And I’ve got some lovely soft eating licorice. I’ve gone with the soft eating licorice: (a)
Because it’s a little bit pliable and (b) because they’re lovely round shape so they’re
going to make these nice base shapes and lid shapes that we’re looking for today.
I’ve got a piece of caramel fudge. I’ve got a couple of mini Oreo cookies.
And I’ve got a couple of pretzel sticks. Let’s get started.
I’m going to do this one at a time. So I’m going to start off with our make-up compact
and make-up brush cupcake. Firstly the compact because it does take quite
some time to dry. I’m going to take that mini Oreo cookie and just slice it in half. Now
I want to get rid off as much of that Oreo stuff as possible so scrape it off as best
as you can. You can eat it. You can do whatever you like with it but just get it off the compact.
Now I’m going to take one of my fruit chews. I’ve gone with pink and purple as my two colors
today. I think they’re nice and girly. You can see there, it is just a chewy lollie.
They’re quite firm and they do require a little bit of work to actually mold them. I’m going
to cut off a third of that lollie with my knife. And we’ll leave that over there for
our lipstick. Then I’m going to take the third and cut it in half. So what you should have
will be two pieces about that size. Now, I’m going to use my fingers to just mold
this and I’m really using quite a bit of pressure to squash them into shape. But you want to
mold them into a bit of a circle shape. Once you’ve got a nice circle, you press them out
into a lovely disc. So you can see there, I’m just squeezing. Now I should also mention,
you can use fondant or modeling chocolate. I’m just using fruit chews today because I
want to do a tutorial with no real complicated ingredients. I just want it to be all things
that you can find in your local supermarket or your local confectionary isles. So hopefully,
this is something that everyone can make at home. Now, I’m just going to use my fingers
to make that into a nice disc shape. So you want to do that twice, so that you’ve got
two of those. So we’ve got our lovely 2 little pink discs
there molded. So I’m just going to take one of my cocktail sticks and a little bit of
that melted chocolate. Just pop it, dab onto the Oreo and pop in a little bit of our pink
blush. And again, the same on the other side. Now to attach these together, you want another
nice dab of the melted chocolate and you want to just want to pop it on the edge here. Try
not to let it spill it over the edge too much but you don’t want to put too little on this.
You can see I’ve got a nice decent blob of the chocolate. Now, I’m going to just rest
my other half of the Oreo on top and I’m going to support that with my fingers. Do make sure
that you’ve got enough chocolate on there. You can see there I haven’t quite met up with
that chocolate. The two…the two fruit chews are actually sticking together. But just make
sure that you do have chocolate on both halves. That’s going to keep that compact lovely and
open and looking like a make-up compact. Now, I do also have just an M&M here. You
don’t necessarily have to have an M&M. You can have something else if you like. And I
would like to just slot that in the middle there just to keep that compact nice and open
so it doesn’t [foreclosed] while it’s drying. Pop that one off to the side and we’ll get
started on the make-up brush. For the make-up brush, our make-up brush handle
is just going to be a piece of the soft eating black licorice. Now this is where our caramel
fudge comes in. Caramel fudge is brilliantly pliable so I’m just going to pull off about
a quarter of that caramel fudge. And you can see, it’s a lot easier to mold than those
fruit chews. I’m just going to mold it into a bit of a circle, rolling it between my palms.
And then I’m going to stretch it out into a more of an oval shape and then just flatten
it down a little bit. You want to taper it at the bottom because that’s going to be the
piece that meets up with our handle. And just try it out for size. I’m happy with that.
So now I’m going to take a clean knife and I’m just going to…pop lots and lots of little
make-up brush bristle lines in the end of that so that it looks nice and textured like
a make-up brush. And then we’re going to take another little
bit of that melted chocolate, our glue for this tutorial. Pop it on the end of your handle
and attach that lovely bristled head. Just hold those together for a second or two to
make sure that they attach. And I’m going to pop that over here so that it can dry while
we move on to our next cupcake. The next one that we’re going to do will be
the nail polish and lipstick cupcake. So we’ll start off with the lipstick. Once again for
the handle of the lipstick, we’re going to use a piece of the soft eating licorice. The
head of the lipstick is going to be the other 2/3 piece of our fruit chew. Now I will mention
with this fruit chews, if you do want to soften them up a little bit, like [are] quite difficult
to mold, you can pop them in the microwave. I pop them on for about 5-second intervals.
You don’t want to soften them too much but it does just make them a little bit more pliable.
Alright, so what I’ve got there is sort of a cylinder or a tube. Once again, just try
that on for size. Alright, it’s quite long so I’m going to cut the end of it on a bit
of an angle just like a fresh lipstick. And I also want to cut the base of it just (Inaudible)
flat bottom that we’re going to attach the handle there. And I’m just going to reshape
that so that it’s still a nice cylinder. It’s not flat on any particular side that we’ve
cut. I use my finger just to neaten up that edge where we’ve cut until I’m happy that
it’s looking lipstick-y. Beautiful. Once again, our melted chocolate glue, pop
another little dollop of that onto the soft eating licorice and attach your lipstick head.
Pop that one off to the side to dry with our compact and make-up brush.
Now for the nail polish, I went with purple for the nail polish. It’s just a bit of contrast
to all the pink. Obviously, you can choose red or any color you like or you can stick
with the pink. So now for my nail polish, I want it to be still quite a square shape
so I don’t want to take the…take the sharpness of those edges too much. I’m going to squash
it down a little bit. And I’m just going to give it just a light roll. You can see there,
it still does still have its nice square shape. But I’ve just made it a little bit shorter
and fatter and just taken the sharpness of the edges. That’s all you’re going to do for
the base of that nail polish. And then, pick a piece of soft eating licorice, a little
bit of chocolate glue, and you guessed it, we’re going to attach the licorice to the
nail polish… like so. Pop that off to the side and let it dry.
The final piece of our cosmetic set, we’ll be doing the mascara brush and mascara pot.
Once again, we’ll be getting our trustee soft eating licorice. So one of these is going
to be the pot of mascara and the other one is going to be the end of the handle.
We’ll start off with the handle. I’m going to take a pretzel stick and one of those pieces
of licorice. I can take one of my cocktail sticks and I’m just going to push it down
the center of the licorice just to sort of clear a little bit of the way for that pretzel
to go in. And then, take your pretzel and push it gently into the middle. It does pay
to have a spare pretzel on hand just in case your pretzel breaks.
Now I’ve got my pretzel in and I’m just going to pick a length. I think about here — that
I think is reasonable for a mascara brush. I’m going to take that now and I’m going to
dip it into the chocolate. My container here is probably just a little bit shallower than
I would like. So I’ll take that knife and just scoop that chocolate over. A deeper container
would’ve been a little bit better for this particular part. Now I’ve got that dipped
in chocolate but I do want to make sure that there’s no pretzel showing. So I’m just going
to shake that chocolate down a little bit and as it meets up with the soft eating licorice,
I’m going to use my cocktail stick or my toothpick just to blend it right to the edge.
While that chocolate is still wet, I’m going to dip the end into these lovely chocolate
sprinkles. You can either dip the end or I prefer to just sprinkle some on so that I’ve
got a little bit more control. And you just want them on the end there like the bristles
of a make-up brush. That one there I’m going to dry standing up on its end…like so. Hopefully
it’s not going to fall over. It’ll be standing up on its end leaning against something so
it doesn’t fall over. And then for the mascara pot, I’ve simply
put a little bit of the melted chocolate so it looks like a little bit of mascara in the
lid and I’ve done a little drizzle of that going over the edge. That’s as simple as just
blobbing on a little bit of chocolate and then just letting it slide over the edge a
bit. It’s from a messy make-up applier. There’s your little mascara pot.
Now while those are completely drying…and do make sure that you give them a good 5 or
10 minutes to completely dry, I’m going to show you how I got this effect on the cupcake.
It’s a bit of a different frosting effect than what we’re used to.
For these cupcakes, I think that the accessories really are the star of the show. So I didn’t
want to put a big swirl or anything too fancy on top of the cupcake so I just want a lovely
flat surface in appropriate colors. So I’ve got the cupcake. I’ve got a little bit chocolate
buttercream frosting just because I wanted a pink and brown effect. I’m going to take
a clean knife. I’m going to scoop into that frosting. You will notice my cupcakes are
normally a little bit higher on top. I’ve put a bit less mix in these so they’re a little
bit flatter. They don’t have to be completely flat but if you’ve got a great big dome, just
trim a little bit of it off. It just makes it a little bit easy to make this flat-top
technique. Alright, so I’m going to start in the center
and I’m going to push the frosting out to the edges. I’m doing this just to try and
keep the edges as neat as possible. So I’m going to fill them out with frosting. Now
take another quite generous blob or a couple of blobs of the frosting. And what you want
to do here is just work it back and forth until it’s actually coming out over the edges,
not down the sides but out over the edges. So you can see what I mean here, it’s coming…If
you look at it upside down, I suppose, you can see the frosting coming over the edges
of the cupcake. That’s what you want. Around all sides. And then give your knife a good
wipe because you want it to be as clean as possible. And just scrape around, wipe it
off, scrape around, wipe it off, scrape around and scrape around. You can just neaten that
top section out a little bit so it’s nice and flat. And if you do happen to get a few
little bits have gone down into your cupcake cases, just use your finger, work around the
edges and clean it up. Alright, all of our accessories should be
dry enough to pop onto our cupcakes. So we’ll take our two pinks and one brown and we’ll
pop them on. Let’s start off with that make-up compact. I’m going to remove the M&M. There’s
your little compact ready to go on top. Push it in. We’ve got our lovely little make-up
brush. Pop that on with the compact. For our brown cupcake, we’re going to go with
the lipstick. I’d like to lie the lipstick down because it is quite tall. And the nail
polish goes in there. And finally, we’ve got the mascara pot and
that lovely little mascara brush. If you love our tutorials, please make sure
that you hit the Subscribe button. We do upload every week and we’re always coming up with
new and wonderful ideas and tutorials. Thanks very much for watching.

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  1. With the fruit chews, one needn't use the microwave to soften them, just put them (while still wrapped of course) in one's pants pocket, as long as it is close to the body for warmth. They soften like a treat in no time.

    Also, for the compact, why not attach a piece of round cut foil on one side as a mirror, rather than two pink sides?

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