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  1. The airplane is really dry…so maybe the skin over produces oil to combat the dryness 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm on planes everyday and I travel with rose most or mineral water mist and spray every few hours to start moisturized. 😩

  2. the best no-makeup makeup look YET!!!! but I'm so lazy I'm still going to the airport looking dead asf lol love you Jackie!

  3. Do I hate wearing makeup on airplanes? Yep! But will I wear this look on my upcoming flight because Auntie Jackie said it was airport makeup? Yes ma’am! Gotta love Auntie Jackie! 💗

  4. I don’t wear makeup 99% of the time because I want to look “natural “. I am so glad you did this video. It is not too much, just the right amount. Thank you so much 😘😘😘

  5. You skin gets oily on the plane because the plane is dry as all hell so your skin reacts by producing a bunch of oil to make up for it

  6. Airplanes use recycled air. It dries out your skin making your skin want to combat it with extra oils (sebum)

  7. at this point i just watch these videos for your personality, god knows i can’t afford these products lol
    one day i’ll secure the bag too😔✊🏾

  8. As soon as you said "take back those library books" I looked up at my probably already overdue library books sitting on my shelf

  9. So Jackie, love your channel. But! I really need you to do a review on products that are safe for us people who are super acne prone. Porespective blog has a bunch of “good” brands for acne that include contouring products: bare minerals, Alima Pure, etc. please please do it!!! Peace girl✌🏽

  10. Omg!! I thought I was the only one who got super oily skin during my plane ride or when I get off it. Everyone always said their skin got really dry

  11. I NEED these. Ive moved onto tinted moisturizer and a very hydrated look over heavy glam. I think these would be gorgeous over my laura mercier moisturizer


  13. Bihhhhh when you said you need to take back them damn library books I knew we had to be related 😂 you are a messss

  14. Jackieeeee I’m interested in what you used under your eyes but do you have any tips on how to pick out what color?? I’m looking at the website and have no clue what would look best on me lol, I wear 370 w/ fenty to give an idea of my skin color. Tryna find something to brighten up under my eyes without having to conceal! Thanks 😊

  15. as a person who has lived in Miami and was born and raised here. when she said the humidity seeps through the airplane cabin, y'all she is not kidding. THERE IS NO ESCAPING HUMIDITY IN MIAMI!!!

  16. When you have oily skin and are on a flight, the air in the plane usually has zero humidity in it so to balance that, your skin produces more oil. That's why when you get out, you have that effect.

  17. This is perfect for work! I hate wearing makeup to work but I’ll definitely be trying this during the week

  18. On a plane the moisture is sucked out of the air when ur skin lacks moisture it gets oily to survive and not become a raise and when u get oily your more acne prone that's why a lot of ppl do face mask on a plane

  19. I watch these videos all of the time. Last night I woke up singing Jackie ….Jackie..Jackie.. it’s official, Jackie is my favourite Youtuber. I’m no longer part of the 60%. I’ve subscribed so when I need tips or a pick me up I can get my Jackie Jackie Jackie jingle/ear worm on.

  20. Jackie! What do you use to slay your edges? They never move sis!!!! Spill the secret! When I attempt to do my makeup after my hair, my edges move around as I blend everything out. Yours don't move!!! 🙃😂

  21. Jackie Girl, I love ya and I love your videos. Can you give us a video like this that’s budget friendly ⁉️ The Products you’re using is kind of up there in price girl .

  22. Ok so I asked my dermatologist the same questions and she siad it’s because the air in the flight is so drying and strips your skin of it’s natural oils so when you get off your skin is immediately looking for hydration so it overproduces oils

  23. That blush! Wow! I’m always hesitant about wearing blush because I’m brown and I don’t blush, but it looks so nice on you that I want to cop some!

  24. OMG I know I am a year late but the no make up look is my go to look, I love how you were extra but subtle, and barely using your fingers makes me feel so much better

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