Makeup Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Palette

hello thank you so much for coming back
and joining me for today’s video so I’m really excited because I finally got my
hands on the makeup revolution and self extra spice palette everyone on the
planet seems to love this so if you’d like to see if I love it as much as
everyone else swatches my first impressions stuff like that then please
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box so yeah I’m super excited anyway let’s get on to the eyeshadow palette so
I have a wonderful subscriber named Vanessa and she really loves this
palette every time I’m like what’s your favorite eyeshadow palette it’s the
makeup revolution of soap X extra spice palette so when I had to do an Ulta
order so that way I could get some new stuff I’m like you know what it’s not
new but I know a lot of people love it so I did pick it up so this is what the
outside packaging looks like I’m not trying to blind you out I’m sorry but
it’s a really pretty mirrored rose gold which is stunning
okay and then you open it up and comes with the little sleeve in but there’s 18
shades full-sized mirror look how pretty that
is that is so pretty just gorgeous okay I already have a lot of makeup on
foundation concealer powder brows metallic lip gloss which is the color
pop this is the colour-pop ultra glossy lip and my jam it was really really
pretty that’d be pretty with this look but let’s go ahead and get started with
some swatches so very warm palette which is nice especially for this time of year
but okay we’re going to go ahead and get started so top row we have every day
that is so soft running late infinity and cheesecake wow those are extremely
pigmented so really pretty okay still up on the first
row we have cookie dough and dreams very very pigmented okay so second row
we have vitamin C sweet-and-sour 21 and romance very very soft formula seems a
tiny bit powdery but I mean I don’t care about that as long as I’m getting some
killer pigmentation which swatches don’t tell you the whole story but they do
look seem really really nice next we have enchanted and lakes wow those are
some nice and ass very very nice okay final row we have brownies chocolate
orange mulled wine and la Sun or so pigmented killer two shades left we have Aurora and
reputation while that black makeup revolution they do great black shadows Wow
so that is the whole entire palette that is so pretty really really pretty okay
my eyes are primed with my Ofra gel eyeshadow primer I do have my NYX
glitter glue for when we get to a shimmer shade but I think I’m gonna go
ahead and I’m going to start with cookie dough which is this really pretty kind
of neutral shade love the full size mirror I’m gonna go ahead and get you
zoomed up excited about the new camera cause I think it’s gonna do really nice
but let’s see a little bit of kick up in the pan which is fine and let’s see now it’s really pretty it’s very pigmented
blending great yeah but I think that’s a really nice transition shade I like that
a lot okay I think I’m gonna go in with 21
it’s this really pretty kind of magenta I’m just gonna just just a little bit
I’m gonna put that in the crease just a little bit higher Wow it’s a very very
pigmented oh okay okay so far I can see why so many people
really like this palette I mean that’s that’s beautiful and it blends winds out
beautifully so I think that’s looking really nice so far I think I want to go
in with mm what shade do I want to go in with I wanted to be like really warm and
pretty and okay so I think I’m gonna go in with mulled wine it’s this pretty
purple e shade right down here yeah you want to put that in my outer corner okay this shade is not as pigmented as
the other ones but it’s okay you can build it up so far
I think this is so much better quality pigmentation and everything than the
two-faced peach palette I put that up last week I was sorely disappointed with
that pretty I think I’m gonna go in with enchanted it’s this really pretty kind
of warm brown I’m gonna put that on my outer-v
just to help keep it up and make this look a little bit more no more drama colors are layering on top of each other
very nicely I kept hearing such wonderful things about this palette I’m
like okay I not get it I got two pretty
and that Brown is like kind of a mix between a plum and a brown looks super
brown in the palate but it’s a really really pretty beautiful shade okay okay
so I think this looks really really pretty so far you think I’m gonna go
ahead and go in and do a little bit more transition shade I’m going to go away
with running late it’s this really pretty orange shade and I’m just gonna
go ahead and start just doing a little bit more of a transition and this is
just gonna help blend everything and I think the orange will look really pretty
with the berry this totally reminds me of like a fall
leaf okay so that is all the matte shades I think so far it’s absolutely
stunning I’m just really shocked with this palette I love makeup revolution
but this is so pretty and I think the eyes actually looked really even I mean
even with my weird eye it’s fine I’m gonna go in with my NYX glitter glue and
see how this all the shimmers are because I’ve only used mattes okay that spread out okay I know what
shimmer to go in with mm-hmm I think I’m gonna go in with dreams it’s this kind
of pretty Goldy taupe I think I look pretty oh yeah that’s really pretty that’s a
really pretty shade that’s funny really really like that
okay we’re gonna do it in a corner highlight there’s not really like a
great shape for that I think I’m going with every day maybe we’ll try that okay that’s work and it just looks a
little dark in the pan but that’s really pretty okay so I think that looks really pretty
my lower lashline when it’s like fall and stuff I like a really smoky lower
lashline I think it just really adds to the look and everything but I want to go
pop on some mascara and I’ll be right back okay so here is the finished look
I think this revolution self.x ultra spice palette is amazing it’s so pretty
I mean I was able to create a really pretty eye look very very quickly blends
beautifully extremely pigmented I don’t have any fallout underneath my eyes
which I usually don’t do Foundation and concealer before makeup like my eye
makeup but it was totally fine I mean I think this palette is very user friendly
as well tiny tiny but a kick-up in at the pan
but I mean you got a lot of really nice shades a lot of beautiful Matt’s a lot
of beautiful shimmers and metallics just absolutely stunning
even with my weird funky eye that never blends correctly it was able to blend
beautifully I just think it’s a really beautiful I look very easy I think I
spent $20 on less did I spend 20 no 15 I spent $15 on this which to me is a
little bit pricey but it’s a beautiful palette a very very pigmented beautiful
packaging I’m getting fingerprints all over my mirror I mean the swatches did
not disappoint they are just as pigmented on the eye as in the swatches
I can see why a lot of people really like this eyeshadow palette it’s
beautiful it’s really really beautiful so yeah is so is that the self does
nails I’ve watched her a few times and that if that’s her if she’s beautiful I
think that’s her but really really nice ty shadow palette I do recommend it it
is very pretty and I think it’s the perfect like very very perfect fall
palette so gorgeous I can’t wait to create and I look like a berry
monochromatic I look using like this shade romance and the shade mold
and I really liked the enchanted brown shade it’s very warm and like purpley
plum it’s beautiful very very beautiful so yes I do like this a lot I do
recommend it and thank you so much Vanessa for always talking about it
because I don’t know if I would have ever picked it up but it’s really
beautiful it’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette and yeah it’s great love this I
look screams fall screams leaves and like that smell of
like burning wood in the air I love this palette anyway thank you so much for
watching I hope you did enjoy this video if you did please go ahead and give it a
thumbs up and share it I’d really really appreciate it not only does it get this
awesome product that everyone already knows about out into the world but also
shows that you’re enjoying my content which I do appreciate it ton leave a
comment down below have you tried the makeup revolution so extra spice palette
what did you think of it did you like it did you hate it did you think it was
like too hyped up let me know down below in the comments and don’t forget you’re
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it’s all a bunch of line babe don’t go anywhere quite yet I should
have another video that should start auto-playing here very shortly or you
can click on one of the ones I’ll be popping up around the screen so yeah
I’ll see you here in just a sec

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  1. I'm so glad you like the palette and that was such a pretty look you did. There are so many looks you can create with it too.
    Thank you for giving me a mention that was so kind of you Kim. Yes, it is Sophdoesnails palette I think she is awesome and did a great job with the shade selection xx.

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  3. I didn’t know about this palate, but I hope I get to pick it up soon or maybe I can put it on my Christmas list! Your look turned out so beautiful!

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