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  1. All I wear is chapstick cuz I have chap lips and mascara cuz I'm insecure about my lashes and gives a illusion that I have a full face of make up which I hate

  2. If a girl’s wearing makeup or tight clothes, she’s “asking for it.”
    Okay. Next time I see a f*ck boy wearing a football jersey, I’ll tackle him.
    He’s asking for it, right?

  3. im a minimalist when it comes to makeup but i hate those people who diss girls who wears makeup
    especially men who think we do it to attract them…like..pls

  4. I feel like the highlighter makes people think you have a lot of makeup on. I was so triggered by the guy that said Kim Kardashian wore so much less makeup😂

  5. My friend : Wears foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, highlighter, mascara, and nude lipstick
    Someone : You look so good!

    Me : Wears lipgloss

    Someone : Why are wearing so much makeup?

  6. I'm in 7th grade i wear concealer and powder for my scars,contour cause im hecka pale, blush cause i can, brow gel, and mascara cause my lashes are non existent🤣🤣

  7. When you wear makeup: Why are you wearing so much makeup? You look fine without it!

    When you DONT wear makeup: Are you sick? You just look really tired!

  8. I’m gonna be quite honest, I don’t feel pretty without makeup. Ok some ppl might think it’s a bad thing (which it kind of is) but makeup can rly boost your confidence which is what a lot off ppl my age rly need.
    I’m only 13 (14 in 2 months) and I: wear foundation, concealer, powder, fill in my brows, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara, and lipgloss. And a lot of my makeup consists of Morphe, Benefit, Kiko and some other smaller and less expensive brands like Rimmel London.
    So makeup isn’t a bad thing

    Fuck that was so fucking long 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. If you want to wear makeup or like yourself with makeup,just wear it,you shouldn't give a f… about people who are like others,mostly incicure about themselves,and trying to incicure you

  10. Why can’t people just wear makeup and be happy with it. Regardless of gender, skin colour or anything. Like if someone wants to wear makeup THEN WHO FRICKEN CARES. There’s no assigned gender like gahhhhhhh. But I appreciate the message Rachel is sending here. 💕

  11. Ok I was scrolling through the comments but I haven’t seen one about her hair Because that is POPIN Who thinks she should do it again or is it just me 😎😁

  12. I’m 15 and I use to wear so much makeup when I was 13, I wore foundation, powder, blush,contour eye liner and mascara. Then my skin went really bad when I was 14 especially on my period, now I don’t wear any makeup and my skin is so clear so for all those early teens please don’t feel you have to wear makeup you are beautiful no matter what ❤️❤️❤️

  13. 2:34 she literally said that everyone’s beautiful with OR without makeup, like wtf, it should be everyone’s beautiful with AND without makeup

  14. Doesn’t Rachel look like a anime character when she’s doing her makeup? Make the the thumb blue if you agree


  15. So, I’m 14, for “makeup” I exfoliate my skin when I take a shower, then I put some cream in my face, afterwards I brush my eyebrows (I don’t paint them) then I put on clear mascara (cus I hate the normal one, is so messy) after all of that I apply pinkie blush and a little bit of highlight on the tip of my nose, and that’s how I go out to everywhere 🤷🏻‍♀️
    My friends do wear a FULL face of makeup, so basically when we are all together they look 20 and I look 10 🤠

  16. I’m 13 and I wear, primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyeshadow, mascara, contour, highlight, and setting spray. Ik I’m young and it’s a lot. But I’m just. Really insecure 😅😂

  17. I’m 11 and I wear everything primer foundation concealer powder mascara browse lipstick… I like how I look with it, so just do you boo

  18. Like… I hate it when people are accusing me of using too much makeup just to get attention. Like hell nah, dude fuck off. Y'all don't know me

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