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  1. I agree with everything, but, doesn’t bleach have a bad impact in the environment as well? (I notices you bleach your hair)

  2. You clearly grew up in America you liar! To have a yank accent you lived in America and act like a American so yea I call bullshit on your nationality

  3. You bring up a lot of great points!
    Too bad it's undermined by the subtle misogyny, iffy sources and chemical panic.

  4. Kristen you're awesome. But please do care about what you claim to be safe/not safe. You're not a scientist nor a doctor. Advising to avoid for instance parabens you're impacting to the demand on way less safe preservative options which is covered in previous comments. At least seek advice on the matter from professionals and then talk to your audience. Which is btw is quite big already and you should be responsible of what you're saying.
    Cheers and love.

  5. I haven't worn makeup since October of last year!
    And the rest of my personal care products like shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc. are vegan and contain safe ingredients. EWG certified. Made sure of this!

  6. This is actually true but quite hilarious. Do you know that after having had radiation for breast cancer, that the hospital offered a class meant to encourage the women who had gone through chemo and radiation. The class was a free make-up class where they gave away a bag full of make up to each participant. It sounded good until I asked if the products were natural and eliminated the chemicals that were mentioned in this video. The cancer industry does NOT want to do away with cancer, that would put them out of business! The hospital's bag full of makeup contained all the chemicals mentioned in this video, and they truly do contribute to breast cancer and other cancers!

  7. I want to say one thing about lobbyism tho. When I learnt about this many years ago I was always told that lobbying is bad and only manipulative, evil corporations do that. No, it's not like that. I actually even work for an organisation that also does lobbying. We fight for more freedom from barriers, social and in building. We're funded by our members and are Germany's biggest social organisation for that topic.
    My point is, yes, there are many lobbyists out there who only care about the economical outcome for their corporations, for example in the automobile and cosmetics industry, but not all lobbies are out to make your life worse.

  8. oh my gosh you're so wonderfully cynical and educated and this is one dope ass video.
    certainly gonna share it with my friends.
    and i hope it goes viral!! that's what the world needs c:

  9. Can you please do a video on your recommended ethical make – up brands ? I don't just mean cruelty free/vegan but brands where people actually don't get exploited? Thanks!

  10. I am from Luxembourg, where Jean-Claude Junker is from, and your accent sometimes really creeped me out because sometimes it was really on point 😂😂😂 well done well done 👍

  11. Now i realize how blind i was about this toxic beauty companies, fast fashion, child labor, etc. You truly opened up my eyes and made me aware abuot this brands wich only goal is to get more money from us. THANK U, KEEP DOING THIS PLEASE, ily ♡

    Ps: sorry if i spell something wrong, english is my second language

  12. SLS is really not that bad, which is precisely why it IS in so many personal care products. The vast majority of people are absolutely fine with it.

    People seem to forget that pretty much anything can be an irritant, natural or man-made. Stinging nettles are very natural but I'm not going to start rubbing my face in them.

    Anyway, agree with being ethical in your consumer choices as well as being kind to our environment, but the scaremongering about chemicals and their suspected effects from being applied to skin is not helpful

  13. I’m only like two minutes into this and I’m clapping. Also, I’m glad my sensitive skin has meant I’ve had to use eco-friendly products for years 🙂

  14. Thank you for raising awareness about Mica mining, this is such an important issue that is rarely spoken about!

  15. This isn't related to this video, but do you have any recomendations for people who need to gain weight and want to go vegan? I usually try to eat a lot of calories because my body tends to be naturally underweight.

  16. it’s a terrible topic that the cat is “talking” about, but I can’t help but smile he’s just so cute omg

  17. What about men? I mean, a lot of the ethical brands and stuff I see here are (obviously) women only. I want to know if the stuff I like and buy is somehow "safe" and ethical, soo what should I do?

  18. i can tell that you spend so much time on your videos and give so much effort! i wish they would reach as many people as steffree jar

  19. I never knew that (ingredient I don't know how to write) is mined by children. It's not about not caring it's about genuinely not knowing and lack of education.

  20. Hello 🙂 I just Wanted to ask if you are a chemist or scientist? Have you studied this? What are your sources.
    Edit : okay I found your sources. I wish you would have used something more scientific, also there are not a lot of sources. Watching YouTube videos is not a source.
    If you have not done proper research I find it very proplematic that you are spreading this. Your follower will just believe whatever you say (as you see in the comments). You have a great responsibility. I am not saying that what you said is wrong, it might be right but you should reflect more on the sources you use.

  21. Hi Kristen, I love your channel but at 2:57 when you claim D&C food colourings are linked to ADHD in children, I couldn’t believe that. So I looked it up, and it turns out that food colourings have been linked to increased hyperactivity in children, due to the sugar content in them. This is completely different to ADHD. ADHD is a learning disability passed on through genes. This is caused by the part of the brain that is responsible for control, calmness, and attention being under active, meaning they have attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD . This is not caused by food colourings or sugar, it is genetic. ADHD is luckily one of the most easily treated mental disorders, medication usually eliminates most of the lack of control and attention. Claims that sugar and colourings leads to a public that doesn’t view ADHD as a mental illness, which it is, they instead view it as just little kids being naughty, and something that is easily fixed by just not having sugar. People with ADHD have to fight to have their learning disability recognised and taken seriously, and are set back by claims like these. I understand that you were trying to help raise awareness of the dark side of makeup, but I needed to make you aware of the truth, as so few people are. ADHD deserves recognition, and widespread diagnosis and treatment, just like any other illness. Diagnosis is often as simple as a questionnaire in school which leads to a quick diagnosis by a medical professional, and treatment is one tablet a day and a few checkups a year. this has changed so many people’s’ lives for the better, kept so many people out of prison, and allowed kids to achieve their fullest potential without limiting or distracting other kids. I would love it if you would read into this, because it is a huge social issue and the benefits of treatment would be enormous, but first the public needs to be aware of it.
    Thank you for reading this <3

  22. I am so happy to see such an educating video! Thank you for analyzing that stuff to us because really we live in a toxic world and it’s time to make the “safe” choice for ourselves! Cheers girl!

  23. I just sent an email to Benefit ! I might send some other ones. Thank you Kristen for inspiring me while making me laugh <3

  24. "The streets will be drenched in human blood soon enough. We shall turn your fat into bacon, and feed your children to our children." 😂 When is Jiji starting a YouTube channel devoted to animal world domination? I hereby pre-subscribe.

  25. I really love your message. You did it so well, in such a creative and informative way. Love the part with Jiji 🤗💗

  26. Wow! Why are there so many chemicals in all of these "care" products? Skincare, homecare etc. We really aren't caring for ourselves or our families using this stuff. In fact, we are making ourselves and our families sick???

  27. Awesome idea, education and fun 🙂 I'm a new fan, found you through Lilykoi, but had no time to watch your videos until now.

  28. but i thought animal testing for make up was banned in the eu…? doesnt that mean that all makeup you can buy in the eu is cruelty-free?

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