Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Over 40s nicqui madden

Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Over 40s nicqui madden

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel.
Thanks for watching. So I’m using the MELT “Modern Love” Collection again
today for my second look. if you haven’t seen that video I’ll just pop a little
picture up here so you can see what I did with my first look. So inside you’ve
got your “Millennial Pinx” palette, and then you’ve got two gel liners which
are absolutely stunning. I used the silver one in the last video. And today I’m using
the rose gold. You’ve got a little pamphlet there with the girls doing
their promotion. So two different kinds of looks there. And then you’ve got four
glosses. So in the first video I used that first colour there and then
today I’ve used this one here – “Johnny Rose”. So if you find yourself liking my
content along the way, do give me a “thumb’s up” if you can and subscribe – just click the “Subscribe” button just below and we’ll jump straight into the video.
Alright so I’ve got my P.Louise in 02 today. I’m just priming all over my lid. This is the best primer that I have found and
I’ve used a quite a few. Same as always – tapping off with my NARS 42, just to smooth out any lumps and bumps that I might have on my eyelid. So first I’m going into “GF” which is a dark grey on a Morphe 507 – so a very tiny brush. I’m just gonna go into the socket and just above and create a rounded shape
first up. So there’s my socket there so I just want to go just above that as
well. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know I have extremely hooded eyes so I do have to go up quite high to be able to see this crease colour. Now I want to bring that on to the lid
just a little bit on the outer and inner corners. Just about that much. And then I’m just wiping off that brush
on a towel on my desk here. And just going around little circular motions,
tiny little motions, just on the edge of that colour to blend it very slightly –
just diffuses the edge and just helps to blend with the next colour. Don’t forget ladies with really hooded
eyes like myself, just round that out. Relax your eyes down and round it out a
little, cos it does tend to flatten out. Ok so going in with “Flamingo Pink” –
the dusty pink there on a Morphe 506 which is only slightly bigger than the 507. I’m
just going to go right around that edge there and just pat that pink in. You can see where I run out of space up here. And then I’m going into “Pink Leather”
which is a very light pink – beautiful colour. I used it in my first look for
this collection. So just popping that in right around the outside of that darker
pink. Just blending the darker pink into the lighter pink. So right on the edge of that darker pink colour. Then I’m going with my NARS 42 and I just want to go right over the edge of that grey where it meets the pink. And I’ll go
back in shortly and intensify that grey colour. So I’m doing kind of like a push
motion – like I’m pushing it, and then going back the other way – so backwards
and forwards. I’m just going to go back in with that “GF” colour and intensify
that – particularly the inner and the outer corner there. So has anyone got
this palette? I just wonder how many people actually know about MELT
Cosmetics. They just have – they’ve got a great brand. I’ve got a few of their
palettes and a few of their lipsticks as well, which oh, they’re just to die for. I love them. Let me know if you’ve got it, or are you
getting it, because it is beautiful. Now if you’re in Australia it’ll cost you a fortune
for shipping and conversion to US. But I just had to have that collection. I
think it’s probably gonna be my last palette that I purchase for a while. So
I’ve got a little tiny bit of a stockpile happening. And I just, I just
need to stop for a little bit. Yeah I think I’m addicted to eyeshadow palettes.
And I’m just gonna go back over the edge very very lightly again. Alright so I do you want to create a bit
of a halo look today. So I am going in and I’m going to clean up this lid here
with some Micellar Water mainly because I do want to cut this centre piece of my
lid. And I don’t want all that black in there. It’s just gonna make an absolute
mess. So I wanna try and get as much of that off in that centre area as I can.
Pointy cotton buds are good cos you can get right up there and actually create that
shape with it. Alright so I’m gonna cut the halo with the MELT Gel – it’s called
“Prissy”, and this one is in rose gold. That’s it there – absolutely stunning
colour. I love rose gold. On a MAC242. So I’m just gonna grab some out and pop it on my hand and then saturate the brush, and make sure I’ve got plenty
on the tip as well. Then I’m gonna go in just in the top area here and cut that. This gel is just like mousse – like a
chocolate mousse! It’s just beautiful to work with; and the colours are gorgeous. Alright so coming down on a little bit of an angle here, and the same here. And then filling in that lid. Now before
that dries I’m going to go in with “Rose Brunch” which is a very beautiful pinky,
apricot shimmer. I’m going to use a MAC 239 and pack that colour on. Gotta turn yourself inside out to do
this. And just on a Too Faced Liner brush – I’m going to use that one to go right up
close to that line there – so I get the opacity that I want. Ok so I’m gonna go in with the “GF”
again – the dark grey – on the Morphe 507. And I just want to blend a little bit of
that over the rose gold gel liner and the (what’s the colour called) – “Rose Brunch”. So just pulling backwards basically. And then just doing the same on the
inner corner. Alright I’m gonna go in with a little
tiny bit of Glitter Glue – just on my finger. I’m just gonna tap right down the very
centre. And I’m just gonna go into “Pink Noise” which is that beautiful shimmer
colour there. Just on my finger – my finger’s still tacky. So I’m just gonna go
into it with my finger and just right in the centre – just tap that on. And then same again with the Too Faced Liner brush – I just want to go right up to that line where I couldn’t get it
with my finger. Alright so most of the rest of my
makeup’s done. I’ve got some lippy on which is an Anastasia Liquid Lip. And I’ll
pop the colour in the Description Bar for you. So going in with Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” as always in the tightline. And then I’m gonna do – try and mimic the
top lashline. So I’m just gonna go in with some black on the outer edge here
and on the inner corner. This is what I mean about Marc Jacobs – you’ve really got to
probably – the best idea is to put it on an angled brush and go in with it – because it smudges. Well when you’re putting it on it smudges / it doesn’t smudge after
it’s on. But you can see that little mark there that I’ve got already. Then I’m just gonna go just below the
lash line. So this time around I’m going to go into the black which is “Euphoria”.
I’m going to set that. And then with a Zoeva Smudger brush,
I’m just going to smudge just a little bit right on the edge of that colour. I’m gonna go back in with the Too Faced Liner brush and back into that beautiful gel liner. I’ll just pop a little bit in the
middle. Bit too much! A little bit just underneath as well. And
then back on that Liner brush I’m just going to go in with “Rose Brunch” which was that coppery colour there. And I just want to set this. And then on the Morphe 507 I’m gonna go back into that pink “Flamingo Dream” and just go right underneath
everything – like that. Alright so I’m gonna pop some MAC
“Extended Play Gigablack Lash” on the bottom lash line. I love this for my
bottom lashes. Alright so I’m gonna go in with another
one – my last video was a look with the MELT “Modern Love” Collection. And I did use on my lips the “Sucker” on that one. So I’m gonna go in today with “Johnny Rose”. That is so pretty! I’m gonna pop this on over the top of
that Anastasia lipstick – see what we get. It’s got little gold flecks in it. Don’t
forget to wipe it off before you put it back in the tube. Oh can anybody see those
gold flecks – pretty! And then finally just a little spray of
MAC “Fix+”. Ok so that’s my second look with the “Modern Love” Collection. I love
that palette. I think there’s only one colour in there that I haven’t used so
far and it is beautiful as well. I’ll show you – it’s called “Ruby Spar”. So it’s
that one just there. So a pinky, red shimmer. And that’s the colour there. So I
really love this palette. I think I’m gonna get some good use out of that. I really want to use that colour as well – that last colour that I haven’t used yet. So guys if
you like my look today don’t forget to give me a big “thumb’s up” and subscribe – just click on the “Subscribe” button just below. And I’ll see you on my next video.
Bye x

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  1. Love this look, i got the palette then saw a few negative reviews but swatched it and i like it plus you have done 2 gorgeous looks with it, we should collab sometime you are so talented xx

  2. You’re so good at doing makeup. I can’t wait to attempt this look, but I don’t have the liquid colors. I only bought the palette! I have quite a few of Melt’s palettes.

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