Memoji Makeup Tutorial — Patrick Starrr and Desi Perkins — Apple

Desi Perkins: Hi guys!
I’m Desi Perkins. Patrick Starr:
And I’m Patrick Starr. ♪ Music playing ♪ Desi: We’re beauty influencers. Patrick: From the internet.
Today we’re going to show you how to make a cute, flirty
Memoji look. Desi: Using all the new makeup
and accessories in iOS 13. Patrick: Starting with
eyeshadow. Desi: This is my favorite
eyeshadow right now. It’s called
Apple Fuchsia Number 6 and it comes in
this really cute little toolbar. Patrick: Close your eyes,
let me see. [GASPS] Desi: Lipstick! Patrick: Pink!
Desi: Red! Patrick: Purple!
Desi: Violet! Patrick: Blue!
Desi: Ooh, ash? Patrick: Desi, you
have to go Dark Mode. Darker… Darker. Aah!
[DESI GROWLS] Patrick: Piercings! Nose ring. Brow ring. Earring. Lip ring! Tongue ring? Desi: You can customize
your teeth in here? Ooh, braces, gap tooth,
missing tooth. Don’t forget to floss! Patrick: Now this is something
a few people are starting to do. It’s called a mini-grill and
it only covers a single tooth. [CHIME] Desi: Earrings! You think these are real gold? I’m allergic to fake jewelry. Patrick:
OK, moving on. [GASPS] Hair!
Ooh, how about this? Desi: Pat, we have
to screenshot these. [CAMERA SHUTTERS] What else? Hats! Both: Hats! Desi: And, glasses! Both: Cute, cute,
cute, cute, cute, cute. Patrick: What do we have here? Desi: Last but not least… AirPods! Patrick: All right, everyone!
These are our finished looks. Desi: I think we look fabulous! Patrick: The beauty community
could never… Desi: Never… Patrick: Don’t forget
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