Merle Norman Cosmetics- Fall 2019 Color Collection (Autumn Breeze)

hi I’m Victoria Bowers and welcome to
the Merle Norman Fall 2019 Get The Look video shoot. I am so excited to share
these beautiful looks and this beautiful collection with you. I’m starting with
the Shadow Stick in Luna which is going to be a base to my shadow application
and I’m going to almost erase the edges for much more softer feel. I am going to
start with the forest green and I’m going to press it into Luna after I’ve
applied color quite densely I’m going to take a blending brush and the wedge
sponge I’m going to press the shape against her eye and then I’m gonna
softly start blending it out it acts like a stencil so you can apply and
create that winged shape now I’m gonna start bringing in some drama into our
look and the way I’m going to achieve that is I’m going to line her upper lash
line so with the smudger at the end of the Soft Touch Pencils softly blend out the color that you just applied I am going to go over with it again with the
angle brush and apply a little bit more of the original green color that I’ve
laid down and if you think you messed up you can use a little bit of the eye
makeup remover on a cotton bud and just take it right off so to add a little bit
more drama and sparkle we’re going to add it at the end of the eye you know
and use our wedge sponge again to create a very clean line. I’m going to be using a
pro pen eyeliner to complete the look To correct a little bit of a smudging that
happens you can take your angle brush and dip it into the original eyeshadow
and go above and deposit a little bit of color to correct that smudge and then you can go over And to finish it all off we’re going to add
a very generous amount of mascara For this look I’m only applying mascara on
the top lashes. For anyone who has lighter lashes you can use your Pro Pen
Eyeliner to go in into the area where a mascara wand cannot reach. Now that I’ve finished off her face with a foundation I am going to be applying a soft peachy
color to add a sparkle to this look and you know just finish it off beautifully
with a radiant feel I’m going to be using a Cheek Crayon in Radiant on the
cheekbones. I’m using a Brow Sculpting Pencil in Auburn to frame her face
I’m very softly feathering the color I’m extending the tail of the brow a little
bit out to compliment the flick of the liquid liner at the end of the eye.
That concludes our beautiful magical fall look. Be sure to go to your nearest
Merle Norman Studio so you can check out the complete Fall 2019 Color Collection

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