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hi I’m Elle Leary beauty expert here for
Merle Norman now I’m really excited to share with you guys this brand new
innovative technology we have in this product called Liquid Lipcolor now I
know you guys are going to love this there’s so much going on in this product
but there’s a few things that I want to share with you first of all I want to
talk about the texture when you try it it’s going to feel so soft it has like
this whipped texture that is going to be easy to apply and it’s also going to
really help with the wearability of it it’s not going to feel tight or drying
on your lips because it’s also long-lasting so that’s perfect
also you’re going to see the rich pigment payoff with just a few swipes
you’re going to get the perfect pigmentation so let’s talk about some of
the key ingredients in Liquid Lipcolor now the first one is called DL plum oil
French now this is found only in plums that grow in the southwest of France so
basically what this is its an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants and fatty
acids to soothe nourish and moisturize lips so another ingredient is argan oil
a super moisturizer that is one of the most highly concentrated sources of
vitamin E now because of all this moisture it’s going to improve lips
surface texture another ingredient is meadowestolide which is derived from
meadow foam to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on
the surface of lips sym3D helps lips appear fuller and smoother without the
irritation felt from traditional lip plumping ingredients and unlike other
thinner drying long-wearing products the whipped texture makes the product easy
to apply and is much more comfortable to wear this is achieved through the use of
a silicone elastomer now what is an elastomer it’s an elastic like material
that allows the product to remain flexible so that it moves with your lips
and lastly this semi-matte kind of finish of this is
really something special it’s not too matte and it’s not too glossy it’s just
right there kind of in that perfect middle now I have my beautiful model
here today this is Taylor alright so I just want to show you this applicator so
the applicator has a great kind of angled shape to it to really get into
that Cupid’s bow on your lip and really get that definition perfectly and also
along the lip line so you don’t really need a brush this is just perfect
one-step application so it comes right out of the container and you’re going to
see the pigmentation payoff it’s just awesome so what I like to do is I like
to apply this in the center of our lips look at how beautiful and rich that
color looks right does not look drying at all so I like to put this right in
the center of the lip and then I like to kind of move it around like this go and
move it around from your Taylor perfect relax perfect and so we’re
going to get right up here in the Cupid’s bow easy peasy
and again right along look at this pigment
I haven’t dipped it back into there don’t we usually need to dip it back into
our our pot to get more product not with this you can just go right along the lip
line and the pigmentation still is great and you can also see that this whipped
texture that we’ve been talking about how easy this goes on this is pretty
effortless for me to put on and it’s going to be for you as well and for your
customers I also love that it has this finish look at the finish it doesn’t
look too wet like a normal gloss would does it lips together normally for me
no because it has that great semi-matte finish open a little bit and this has
such great moisture and hydration to the lips and it’s you know also what I like about
this product is that so you’re going to wear it it’s long lasting but also too
if it was to fade maybe after lunch of some sort it leaves your it leaves your
lips I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but with this most perfect stain so it’s
really kind of a cool formulation and have you noticed we haven’t gone back in
for more product how awesome is that look how beautiful that color is and
again this is called Sweet On You all right great and as you can see it
comes in a variety of shades so there’s something for everyone everything from
nude right up into this awesome red color
that’s called Siren which is what I’m wearing and I absolutely love this color
if you guys have seen some of the other stuff I wear a lot of Pink’s and bright
colors and this just is one of my favorite Reds perfect and you can
reapply this product and reapply this product and it’s not going to get tacky
it’s not going to kind of clump up it’s just one of those special products that
you can just keep pop in your purse and you’re ready to go so I can’t wait for
you guys to try this so make sure you guys go to your nearest Merle Norman
Studio thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the
next one

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