Merle Norman Cosmetics – Shadow Stick

Merle Norman Cosmetics – Shadow Stick

hi I’m Elle Leary Beauty Expert for Merle
Norman I am so excited to introduce you to one of my newest makeup obsessions
Shadow Stick okay what is a shadow stick simply put it is a long wearing crease
resistant cream shadow and I love it As a makeup artist I really appreciate when
a product is versatile and easy to use and this little stick delivers on both
you can use it as a shadow as a base to a powder shadow or as an eyeliner also
it is really blendable and buildable which means you can blend
it down to achieve a sheer wash of color all over the lid or you can layer it up
to achieve some sort of amazing drama like I said super versatile and because
it’s in these handy-dandy little stick forms it’s easy to use and wait until
you see the shades not only is it easy and fun to use there’s also some great
innovation built into these sticks Now something that makes it unique is that
it features state-of-the-art microspheres that are spherical in shape
which makes this a little interesting because the spheres create a ball
bearing like effect which layer kind of neatly on top and on the sides of each other. This means that they’ll help impart a silky texture absorb oil on the
lids and scatter light to diminish the appearance of fine lines but this
product isn’t just an eye shadow it has some serious anti-aging benefits as well
now on to the shades this is seriously a perfect 10 selection of colors I dare
you to pick just one I have our beautiful model Evelyn here with us
today to help us demonstrate the versatility of this product now you can
use just one shade all over the lid blended down for a sheer wash of color
now do you see the kind of slim shape of the stick? it really makes it easy to get
into those kind of hard-to-reach areas where you want a little bit more control
like the corner of the eyes the brow bone
a tip for you is that I like to work one eye at a time when I’m working with a
long wearing product like this and that’s just because they are designed to
set. The product sets in about 20 to 30 seconds so you do have playtime but it
does depend on how many layers you do apply of this but it is super easy and
once it sets you are set. So something else that I really like about this
product is to maybe create a quick and easy one eye shadow look that’s perfect
for every day all you need to do is select one shade that you love and I
like to go with something a little bit deeper for a smokey eye look or maybe
something more mid-tone and soft or shimmery for a much softer look so let
me show you what I mean I’m first going to demonstrate how you’re going to kind
of get just a very wearable you know just a fresh-faced wash of color it’s
one of my favorite ways to use this stick it’s super quick and easy so what
you’re going to do is I’m going to start with Preppy what a cute name and I’m
going to apply this all over the lid now these Shadow Sticks are really soft and
blendable so you don’t have to push hard when you’re applying this all you do is
just apply this from the lash line just into the crease and now remember we’re
going to use just one eye first and blend this out and this is a face number
eight brush and I’m just literally pushing this up and out with this brush
and it’s really blending quite beautifully there’s quite a bit of play
time here so you don’t need to stress out and feel like oh I need to rush
and blend this out it is soft and creamy and very easy to blend and now that’s
basically going to set here in a minute I’m going to have her look all the way
up for me and I’m just going to run this along the lash line I mean super easy
can you guys think that in the morning you’re just going to run this under the
lash line a little bit on the lid blend it out and you’re just like fresh-faced
and ready to go I just love that all right so that is the fresh-faced
look now of course you can totally leave it like this
you know add some mascara put a little great lip on and you’re ready to go and
out the door but let’s build it up a little bit more drama. So now we’re going
to take Mystic which is this beautiful kind of purpley rich color and I am
actually going to build this along the lash line and you can see they’re so
compatible all of these colors you can use one right over the top of the other
and I’m just going to bring this up to the crease I’m not going to go past the
crease because we’re using the first color that we used as our transition
shade as something that’s going to blend everything together. So look as I’m
adding more and more layers you see that it’s not cakey it’s still
really hydrated and really creamy and still I have time to play with this and
kind of blend this out how I want and make it really kind of seamless this
just gave her a really extra pop of color on that eye and even if you wanted
to again you could go in with another layer so don’t be afraid to layer these
up on each other they’re not going to crease and crack and all those things
that some products do when you layer them and again just pushing that it and
you can at home you can use your fingers if you want so you can see I’m just
using a very gentle hand a little bit along the lash line and into the crease
and again using that first shade as the transition shade we’re just showing you
steps this can be maybe oh I have a first date or I just want to have a
little extra something to the eye again maybe a little nude lip just like she
has on and some mascara and that can be your complete look but let’s take it up
a notch okay and next we’re going to actually add
Aubergine and now this is actually a powder shadow and what this is going to
do is a couple things it’s going to really intensify the look
and it’s also going to give you even more long-wearing ability to this
product because what do we always say close for me you put cream products down
and then you lock them in with a powder product and that is the same kind of
rule of thumb that we’re going for with this and I’m going to keep this actually
really tight to the lash line so we are going into that kind of smoky eye effect
where everything is kind of being gradient so it’s going from dark light
lightest up into the brow bone so this is going to really make your eye shadow
payoff because one of the makeup artist tricks is applying a cream shadow first
and then applying a powder product on top of it to really get that bang for
your buck with all of your powder eyeshadows so you can just see the great
difference that it just already gave that lash line alright so this is one of
my favorite shades in this collection this is called Luna and it is a
beautiful kind of silvery green kind of adds a like an extra little sparkle and
I’m going to do this on the bottom lash line so go and look up this say you are
getting ready for a night out and you just want to add a little bit of extra
oomph to your eye a little bit of extra sparkle and see how easy that was to
line the eye it’s super quick it literally just blends right on and it
adds like a little pop of color underneath that lash line without having
to have something too dark underneath it’s also just a different approach it
really opens up the eye it keeps it open and really bright so let’s try that
on the other side and you can see it just literally just glides on and I’m
just taking I’m just taking it eyes number five brush and I’m just gently
kind of smoking it out and diffusing the edges and I’m going to take a little bit
on my brush and I’m just going to bring this on the inner
corner and this is again just to kind of keep with the opening of the eye and
just add something a little special on the corner of the eye and then to kind
of finish off the look really chisel out the brow you know bring that brow bone a
little forward and make it pop we’re going to use Almond Cookie which is a
very kind of off-white almost a little bit darker than an eggshell color but
it’s matte I will say that this matte this line is awesome because it has
matte colors as well as shimmery colors and they just complement each other
really well and there’s something in there for everyone so again with the
shape of the product I just smooth that on and I’m actually just taking a little
angled brush because I like to use an angled brush to get into this arch of
the brow and I’m going to take my synthetic brush that has all of our
colors on it and just kind of work this all in to blend and diffuse everything
together all right you guys so we just finished up with a couple coats of fat
lash mascara and this look is complete I just can’t wait for you guys to go out
and play with these new Shadow Sticks I just really feel like you can be your
own makeup artist and mix-and-match and find out what colors and combinations
suits you best so run right now to your nearest Merle Norman Studio to check out
the new Shadow Stick thank you so much for watching I’ll see you on the next one bye

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  1. I've never worn Merle Norman. My mom in law owned several many years ago. I'd love to try these shadow sticks. So easy and fun!

  2. Too much talking. No wonder the Merle Norman products don't get the recognition they deserve. And your camera doesn't even sync you. Why didn't you swatch the colors and give us their names. A high school kid could have done better with the product.

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