Microneedling/CIT at HOME: Facial protocol 2019 | Demo | Tips

Microneedling/CIT at HOME: Facial protocol 2019 | Demo | Tips

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the helpful video. I noticed you did not needle your eye under the eyebrow. I have hooded eyes and would like to if it’s ok. If yes, what length would you use? Thanks again!

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing! I love micro-needling its the best for skin-plumping with your favorite anti-aging serum!

  3. Awesome video Penny ! Thank you so much! Question….if we do this at night, can we use sunscreen the day after? What can we put on the day after? Love the head ban by the way , you look lovely !

  4. Penny, thank you for going into great detail. Is the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid o.k, to use for micro-needling? And I have such extreme itching after I do my micro-needling, is this normal, and is it o.k. to add ice to my face until it stops?

  5. I have never numbed my face for fear of the crappy ingredients penetrating. I am going to try it your way. I learned to do up, down, and diagonal in both directions. Also was told never to go higher than .5 on the face, that it could break down, rather than build, collagen Is in the long run. Is this true?

  6. So this looks as if you are using the pen in a gliding type of technique, then of course your directional patterns? Not pressing down on the skin at all, correct?

  7. So don’t wear any moisturiser or anything after removing the serum e.g after showering? I feel like I wud feel dry though 🤔I thought u had to put products after needling cos they will work better at that point 🧐

  8. Hello. I very recently came across your channel and am very grateful for all the information you provided regarding the Dr. Pen varieties.

    I do have a request… could you make a video for us guys who are interested in using a dermapen for hair restoration? How to use the pen on the scalp (speed, depth, up & down vs drag the pen on the skin), what kind of aftercare should be done (any products to use, how long after the derm session, etc), all of course to maximize results and not do any negative harm in the process, and just touch on how long of usage until results could be expected.
    There are quite a few Youtuber's (Hairliciously is a big one) who have videos about dermarolling/dermapens for hair loss, but they are just your average joe's who tried it aimlessly at home. Your knowledge and experience would bring a lot of clarity to this. Thanks!

  9. Hii. so lucky to found your channel♥️ can you please help me at home for anti ageing which is better ? Retin A or Micro-needling ? Thanks !

  10. Is there a specific video for micro needling the hands? Penny if you want to make your own
    HMW hyaluronic acid would vegetable glycerine be acceptable, gives the slip

  11. Can I use beta glucan to micro needle either alone or mixed with the HA ? I bought both brands that you recommended the iUnik BG and Cos De Baha HA? Thank you.

  12. Good morning. First love your videos. They are very , very helpful. I would like to see your at home dermarolling routine. You went through start to finish and for some reason I can't find it anymore. I am a subscriber to the channel. If you could tell me how to find it again, I would be thankful. Have a great day.

  13. Can Aloe jel be used for burning afterward u recommend a kwik seed oil amazon unfortunately is sold out ? Also watching some physicians do it they place a ice cold mask to relieve itching can u suggest one? I'll get my nerve up to try this eventually Haha after all at least I'm a nurse Thanks

  14. Loved your video! I just found you , I’m so excited to watch all your videos!! I have my Dr Pen A6 and I’m so excited to use it correctly with the right products! 😘

  15. hi Penn thank you for everything you do for us. I would like to know if I can do a laser treatment for hyperpigmentation and use pen for microneedling and nano needling at the same time? thank you for answering me and good day to you

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