Miranda Mendelson Shares Her Favorite COVERGIRL Clean Matte Makeup

Miranda Mendelson Shares Her Favorite COVERGIRL Clean Matte Makeup

Hey, everyone, it’s Miranda
from Slashed Beauty. Today I’m partnering with
COVERGIRL to talk about one of my favorite collections
from the brand that I think deserves a little more
love, the Clean Matte line. I’ve personally been using the
Clean Matte line myself for about 2 and 1/2 years now. It’s one of the only matte formulas
that really hits all the boxes for me– good coverage, lightweight, nondrying. It’s perfect for no-makeup
makeup days or warm weather. I live in the desert where it tends
to get really hot in the summer, but it’s also very dry. So it’s really important for
me to have a matte formula that not only mattifies and keeps oil at bay
but doesn’t make the rest of my face feel super tight and dry and dehydrated. The Clean Matte formula is nonacnegenic,
so it lets your skin breathe and shouldn’t clog your pores. So this means that it’s less likely to
cause acne breakouts or pimples, which is something that I’m always worried
about when testing out new products. I’m going to start right off the bat
by talking about my favorite product from the collection, the Clean
Matte BB Cream for oily skin. This is hands down my favorite BB cream
at the drugstore because not only does it really give you a
second-skin finish, it’s so lightweight you can
barely feel that it’s there, but it gives me amazing coverage. The formula contains a powder
system with microcorrectors that react to sweat and
absorb oil over time and also diffuses light
to create the matte finish and cover blemishes and visible pores. I have acne and
hyperpigmentation, so I usually don’t have the luxury of
wearing lightweight makeup when I want to have an even base,
but this was the first product that gave me just that. I went from a BB-cream hater
to a lover with this product. It changed the game for me. Not only does it have great
coverage for my problem areas but it also lasts all
day on my combo skin. I just cannot say enough good
things about this BB cream. It basically performs like a foundation
but with the texture and lightweight feel of a BB cream. It’s perfect for when I
want a more natural look or when I just want a little
bit of complexion correction. It’s one of my go tos for
spring and summer days, last-minute plans, or just
snapping a quick Instagram pic. When I feel like I want a
little bit more coverage or I’m going for more of
a full-face glam makeup, I reach for the Clean
Matte Liquid Foundation. This runs a little bit
heavier than the BB cream, but it’s still very flexible
and comfortable on the skin. Especially when the
weather is warmer, which is when I’m more prone to
getting shiny, this foundation is perfect for when I want to
do more of a full-glam look without the feeling of
full-coverage makeup. I brought the Clean Matte Liquid
Foundation with me on vacation to humid climates, and
it’s never done me wrong. It lasts for hours without fading or
breaking up while keeping shine at bay. Now let’s talk about the
Clean Matte Concealer. I love this stuff. I’ve been layering this
on top of blemishes just for a little bit
of extra coverage even though both the BB cream and foundation
give me so much coverage on their own. This is great for those
hard-to-cover stubborn spots. This concealer blends in seamlessly
with both the beauty cream and liquid foundation. So there’s never any splash genius
that would call attention to blemishes that you use this to cover. Combined with either the beauty
cream or liquid foundation, layering this concealer
will definitely enhance the lasting power of the coverage. And, of course, you can use it
to brighten up the under-eye area or carve out your eyebrows. Now with the Clean Matte beauty cream
and the Clean Matte Liquid Foundation, I don’t usually need to set my makeup,
but the Clean Matte Press Powder is always with me because it’s
my on-the-go go-to compact. I keep it in my purse to
blot throughout the day, and it works great on all foundation
formulas to mattify your makeup and reduce shine. The best part is it does not leave
you with a cakey or dry appearance. , Today, I used the Clean Matte BB
Cream and Clean Matte Concealer, and I love the way my skin
looks– even, smooth, and natural. These products pair really
well with everyday looks like a classic winged
liner and glossy lip. This has been one of my favorite go-to
looks that I’ve been wearing recently, and it only takes me
about 10 minutes to do. The best part about the
CoverGirl Clean Matte collection, as someone with combo
skin, these products help me keep shine under control without
making the more dry areas of my face feel miserable. Everything looks and feels
balanced when I wear these, which is very rare for my picky skin. I love reaching for the
COVERGIRL Clean Matte line when I’m going for that natural,
even canvas that’s comfortable and shine free. You can find the Clean
Matte line on COVERGIRL.com, and don’t forget to check out the links
in the description to see more from me. Of course, don’t forget to subscribe
to the COVERGIRL YouTube channel, and hit Thumbs Up if you want to
see more videos like these here from your favorite creators. Bye

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  1. Oh my got a major flash back! Covergirl was the first makeup brand that I used when I started using makeup back in 🤔 ?? I don't want to remember LOL…. I think I need to revisit Covergirl products they seem to have quite a few new make up that I'd love to try out. Congratulations Miranda on your collaboration with Covergirl #SplashedBeauty #SplashedSquad

  2. After I tried the clean matte bb cream from Cover Girl, I don't wear any foundation, it covers like a foundation but lighter and my skin is more clear and healthy. I am in my sixth tube already. I get it at Amazon for less than $7.00. I also wear the concealer, one of my favorites too.

  3. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻just subscribed to page

    I get paid nov. thinking of trying this product I am 38 years old- never wore makeup sad I know makeup virgin ect..
    Any ideas what to buy as a newbie?

    If anyone can help please let me know so I can put on a list to buy coming up thank you

    Growing up Just did facial cleanser and cold cream and drinking a lot of water growing up on occasion carrot juice . However once you get alittle older things show up and this is when you need makeup or hair dye . right now it’s my under eyes that’s it 38 years and couple of circles. Not only aging there’s more .

    I Live in Mesa Arizona also a desert 🌵 dry skin climate control and lots of humidity which who ever said the world never had that wrong .
    And not just your face your scalp , body , eyes , all of you from inside out.
    Needs more love and attention. However don’t wait till 20’s and up to figure it out.
    It is starting to get alittle cooler how ever the uv and uvb rays still hit you and hard no matter what season you should protect every thing . This is why they say. Using sunglasses to protect eyes when out .

  4. I think that shade is a little too light for your skin, it clearly shows the d6 from your face and neck, maybe it needs better blending

  5. I totally agree with you I love the BB cream from Cover Girl I had tried it on a whim and I love it. ❤❤❤💯💯💯

  6. I am so new with makeup I’m 55 and you answered a lot of my questions, I know your quit a bit younger than me but I’m definitely going to try those products out, thanks again Sweetie!❤️

  7. The bb cream is great but they don’t have enough shades! I’m not too pale but they don’t have a shade light enough for me!

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