Moisturize Natural Hair and Seal Your Ends with LOCS Method

Hi Everyone. Today I will be showing you how I moisturize my hair using the LOCS method The first thing I do is I spritz my hair with a mixture of water and Aloe Vera Juice and I make sure I spray it generously into my hair without saturating it. But I make sure I get the ends of my hair and really penetrate the water into my hair Next, I take my oil mix containing a lot of many cool oils. Like jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil and I put it onto my hair and I’m just doing it gently. I’m making sure that I really get it on the ends and you can see how I am squeezing it into my hair. Then I make sure I also get my scalp I don’t like my scalp being dry so I make sure I get this oil onto my scalp. I only oil my scalp maybe twice a week. So, once I get the oil on my scalp, I make sure I do edges also. So that my edges can benefit from the oil treatment Once I finish putting the oil, I gently massage my scalp Massaging your scalp can help in promoting growth and it can help with blood circulation onto your hair follicles The next step is to apply my cream and I like using creamy products on my hair. I make sure that I get it on the ends and on the entire hair and I always like putting it all over my hair before I start really working it into my hair So you can see how I am using my hands in a downwards motion to get the product into my hair. I am not rubbing my hair together The last step is to Seal my Ends Now the ends are very fragile and I use my whipped shea butter mix to seal my ends I put it onto my palm and kind of melt it Because if you don’t melt it, it can sit on your hair. So I melt it and rub it onto the ends of my hair. By sealing your ends, you prevent your ends from breaking. Now, I am just twirling it around my finger to get it really into my ends. This has really helped me with length retention You can see my hair is really moisturized. The way that I know that my hair is really moisturized is there is a bounce, an elasticity. bounce and I really like how my scalp is moisturized and my edges are really thriving because I have that mixture of oils that keep my edges growing and I try to be very gentle with my edges Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video. BYE. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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