Moisturizer for Oily Skin | Roundlab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream Review | Korean Man Skincare

Moisturizer for Oily Skin | Roundlab Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream Review | Korean Man Skincare

hi guys welcome back to my channel this
is Ryan and this video is for every skin type but especially if you have an oily type skin
then I think you need to watch this video
I have oily dehydrated and sensitive type skin but every time I film videos I
feel like I didn’t make that many videos for oily type skin so today the first
day of 2020, I’m going to introduce to you guys a moisturizer for oily type
skin this moisturizer is roundlab birch juice moisturizing cream and it’s one
of the most popular moisturizers in korea right now there’s this beauty application called hawhae in Korea and this moisturizing cream is winning the
second place in the moisturizers part so this is so popular and I think you guys
will love this cream too so I hope you guys stay tuned! this cream is in this
beautiful glass jar and if you open the lid then
there’s this blue azure color cream. if you take a look at the cream then you guys
might be able to see that there are some particles in the cream. round lab says
that the particles are having good ingredient for your skin so I think it’s
so important rubbing the cream on your skin so softly smoothly to get rid of
those particles. but to be honest sometimes those particles are not busted
or cracked like easily and in that case I just leave the cream on my skin for like
four five minutes because then they just disappear. And this cream is just so
lightweight and that’s why I highly recommend this cream to oily type
skin. It doesn’t leave any oilt residue and it’s hard to say that it’s
containing alcohol but it almost cooled down my skin and the finish of this cream
is just so refreshing. And I think it’s absorbed into my skin a little bit quicker compared to other moisturizers. And for oily type skin, it is so important not sabotaging pores venting the sebum but I think it doesn’t block my pores
because it really doesn’t break me out and when I take a look at the
ingredients it doesn’t seem like it’s containing those ingredients that has a
possibility of blocking pores I like to use this moisturizer in morning
and I think it’s good to use this cream before following up with makeup or
sunscreen. Of course I don’t wear makeup but I need to apply sunscreen and if I
put too thick moisturizer on my skin before following up with screen then
sunscreen, I cannot apply sunscreen that easily or softly.. you know? so I apply
this moisturizer first and wait one two minutes and apply sunscreen. then
sunscreens are applied so softly easily and I can keep my skin moisturized. The
key ingredient, as a name suggests, birch juice water is known to have
anti-inflammatory and anti oxidative effects and I also heard that birch juice water is absorbed into skin a little bit quicker than just water just normal water like tap water bottled water… Sorry for that LOL it just came out yeah I .. where were we? birch juice water is absorbed into skin a little bit quicker than just water just normal water but um to be
honest the birch juice extract is not contained in this cream that much so I
don’t know why it’s supposed to be called birch juice moisturizer. but still I think
the birch juice water is gonna be helpful to cure my skin. nyways, I’m not sure
that’s because of the birch juice water in this cream but it purged my skin first
time using this. um at first um I got some red spots on my skin and several
pimples appeared. but I just kept using this cream because I just loved the
texture and finish of this cream. But after using like 4 or 5 days of this
cream my skin got a lot better and it works so mildly for my skin now. I’m
using this cream every morning it contains! it contains birch juice water and that kind of
plant derived ingredients can purge skin. I’m not sure it purged my skin because it contains birch juice water but still it contains diverse kind
of botanical extracts so I think it may possibly purge your skin. But still I
really love this cream and I think it’s just so mild and I feel like it’s
just so mild and I even feel like I don’t want to say that it purged my skin to
you guys you know? LOL but you guys need to trust me, it works so mildly for my skin
and it’s a so gently formulated. I really love this,
it’s one of my favorite favorite favorite moisturizers. So, todays video is done here and I hope you oily guys find this video helpful and don’t forget to
give me a thumbs up and click subscribe button and 안녕~

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  1. I got this after watching your review and it's definitely one of my favorites already. I know it's too early to make my 2020 favorites, but it's probably going in there lol

  2. Thanks for the review, hope you can continue to review the other lines of this brand, I would love to know more about them. ✨

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