Monday, December 16

Monday, December 16

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) (audience cheering) Hey. (audience applauding) Welcome, thank you for watching. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for…
Hot topic! Yeah, c’mon. (deep bass guitar music) (audience cheering) Monday to me is always a fun day. We do a full hour of Hot Topics. We got the Inside scoop, the Ask Wendy and the whole bit. (audience cheering) I like celebrities but we’ve gotten to do this show without them. (audience laughing) You know what I’m sayin’. (audience applauding) And I think you do. So over the weekend I got a chance to see, “Bombshell.” (audience applauding) Yeah, yeah I went, I went. And I gotta tell you something. I okay, okay, here is what happened was, Friday was so unaccomplished, on Saturday, I’m sittin’ in the house and the phone rings it’s Boof. And Boof’s like, “What’d you doin’?” And I said, “I’m sittin’ in the house, talkin’ to you.” And I’m like, it was clean, all the mail open, you know, like every last thing in your house, you know, when it’s absolutely perfect. There’s not one more thing to tweak. Like I’m that girl, right? So he’s like, “Do you wanna go out?” I said, “No, only if we can go where I wanna go.” I said, “I wanna go to see Bombshell. “Can you look it up?” The thing I like about Boof is that, I don’t have to hail a cab or get a car service. (audience laughing) You know what I’m sayin’? He pulls up and then he’s got this plaque he throws in the window. And I’m like okay, oh yes. Oh, I dunno who that is, but it services me perfectly. (audience laughing) So he throws the plaque in the window, and I’m like, “If we get towed, “I’m hailing a cab and leavin’ you. “I’m not goin’ to the Bronx, “to the tow yard, to rescue your car,” right? So Boof comes through, it’s raining, it’s horrible on Saturday. Santacon was goin’ on. We saw, look Boof, we saw what, skinny Santa’s, about 15 of them. Yeah! (laughing) (audience laughing) It wasn’t even like a thing. Like, did you see Santacon, did you see anything? I do avoid them at all costs. (audience laughing) Suzanne, were they in Queens? No, but there was a stabbing on the Long Island Railroad right in Queens, by our house. I saw that. Yes, yes, so I avoided the train, we did not go into the city, we didn’t want to see any of that. And okay, this is how it’s going down, not just here in New York, but everywhere. Like, lawlessness is ridiculous, right? So me and Boof get to the movies, and I’m like, “Okay, well if you’re askin’ me out, “then you’re gonna be my date and you know what I expect. “You have to buy the snacks.” (audience laughing) Boof right? There we are, and there we are. (audience applauding) (laughing) He bought me Sour Patch Kids, and licorice and this, have you ever had flaming hot, have you ever had Flaming Hot Popcorn at the movies? No.
It’s no longer just cheese and butter and stuff, right? So for every piece of like, maybe every five pieces of popcorn, there’s one long Flaming Hot Cheeto. Right. (laughing) (audience laughing) I had hot sauce and Jolly Ranchers and everything in my pocket, but I didn’t have to pull them out. It was so good. Then we get in there and Boof, I would say there were maybe no more then 40 people in there with us? Yeah. And we were the only black people, right? Only, only black people. (laughing) (audience laughing) Boof had no idea where he was goin’, but the good thing about Boof is he’s that kinda guy, who’s secure enough with his guydem, that he’ll go to a girl movie, which to me this was like a real girl movie or an industry insider movie. You know what I’m sayin’? I don’t even know why it’s on the big screen, honestly. I loved all the acting, everyone did a great, they all did a great, Charlize and all of them. They did a great job. (audience applauding) But as I’m watchin’ the movie with an empty theater, I’m sayin’, “Why is this not on Netflix?” Like if you are an Industry Insider, you’ll love this movie, but just wait for Netflix. If you don’t know anything about the entertain, Suzanne, do you understand what I’m saying to you? Yes, absolutely. It was so inside. And Boof had elbows to knee the whole time. (audience laughing) And I’m sittin’ back, you know with my flavors, right? And then I fell asleep. (audience laughing) I did, I fell asleep. And then Boof taps me to wake me up. I’m like, Boof, it’s dark, it’s raining outside. Like I know this story, I just wanted to see it for myself. Do you know what I’m saying?
Yeah. There was nothing that I didn’t see that I didn’t already know or understand. The secret button to let girls out. They threw Brian Williams all the way under the bus, okay? Congratulations Lester Holt. (audience laughing) Look, look, look, look, Bill Moore. But if you are just a regular person, this is not your movie. This should’ve been on cable. Boof, you and I bof agree, bof, oh god! (audience laughing) You and I both agree. (audience laughing) Boof!
Yes? What’d you think about the movie? It was definitely informative, you know, for people that’s in the industry, they, you know, should see somethin’ like that. But it was something that I believe should not had been on big screen. And you also didn’t understand. No, I didn’t. And so at one point, Boof wakes me up and I’m talkin’ to him. I’m sayin’, “I already know this stuff.” And then a little old white man was sittin’ on the other side of Boof, right? He leaned all the way over behind Boof, leanin’ on his knees. And cursed me out. (audience gasping) “Can you stop talkin’ so loud?” (audience laughing) And I was like, sorry. We’re arguin’, Boof is sittin’ there, tryin’ to watch the movie. Me and him are arguin’ right? And he looked like a critic reporter or whatever, you know, salt and pepper hair, like 75 years old, wrinkled, by himself. (audience laughing) So then, we left. We were two hours in Boof, right? Yeah.
But we left. But it was about to be over anyway, right? Yeah. And then when we left, you took me for Mexican ’cause I was like, “No this date is not over!” (audience laughing) (audience applauding) I was like. (audience applauding) So I gave the popcorn away to somebody who was sayin’, “How you doin’?” I said, “I’m doin’ okay.” I said, “I’m finished with my popcorn, it’s really good, “do you want it?” Didn’t expect them to say yes. (audience laughing) But he did. So I gave him the popcorn, and then Boof took me to get some, I wanted a burrito and some Mexican corn, and some guacamole. And then I say to Boof, “Well, I’m not eating “in here with you, this day is done. “Like it’s raining, I wanna go home, “and spread this out, you know at my own house. “Now you can watch me eat.” He likes to watch me eat, right? (audience laughing) No, look, I tackled this, okay? By the way I got two Mexican corns, so there was more left over. I got two tacos along with the burrito. So please believe. And I got, this is only a part of the guacamole, but the place that we go, makes really good homemade chips, right? So Boof comes in, and he watches me eat, he doesn’t eat any of it, but he likes to watch me eat, weirdo. (audience laughing) I have food all over my face. And then I left the rest of the husk for my cats, and I posted it. And then Tristan who’s head of my IT was like, “Maybe we shouldn’t post this, “’cause the PETA people will be mad, “’cause your givin’ your cats human food.” I was like, “I’m overriding you, post it,” right? So when it was finally posted, people were like, yeah you know they give you those, boo boo eyes. More people than you think, share their human food with their pets. It’s not an all the time thing, it’s a sometimes thing. And now look, this old ChitChat and My Way had a good old time on that corn husk. (audience laughing) And the rest of my burrito, I pulled the chicken out and they. And they loved the guacamole, that’s all. (audience applauding) And I always like to say, I could be anywhere I want, but I choose to be home or where I want to be. This weekend I was invited to, Puff thank you so much. I just, like, ’cause I have to be here on Mondays and I just. Happy 50th birthday. (audience applauding) People like you I don’t really understand, his actually birthday was November 4th. Why do you have to drag it out? Like, we already know you’re the king of everything, and your sparkly jacket and stuff. Well, all right so this is four months after, excuse me, one month after his actual birthday November 4th. Mary preformed, Doug E Fresh preformed. Little Kim preformed, Usher preformed. This was at his mansion, correct? That’s the address that I had.
No, yeah, right. Something or another that I was like, okay. Jay-Z and Beyonce were there. Kim and Kanye were also there. Jay-Z and Kanye appeared to bury the hatchet. Puff posed with a picture, with Jay-Z and Kanye and Pharrell. And People are sayin’ Jay-Z doesn’t look happy. (audience laughing) Excuse me, Pharrell is not even in the picture. (audience laughing) Kanye is off to the left as usual. (audience laughing) And Puff is Puff, because he knows how to strike a pose. Anyway, the video from the party went viral. It shows Jay-Z ripping a phone out of a man’s hand. Because he was trying to take a picture of Beyonce dancin’, havin’ a good time. I’m shocked, like I am shocked at that level of the game, that people are even doin’ corny mess like that. Pullin’ out a phone. I asked Boof, was he goin’? Boof had a, look after we went to the movies, he disco’d a 3pm party, an 11pm party. And as I can recall Boof, you said a 4am party? Yeah.
I hate the life of a DJ. (audience laughing) Exactly, I’m like, then why did you call me and ask me what I wanted, like why did you even agree to go to the movies? ‘Cause when you drop me off, I’m back in the house, I’m nappin’, I’m sippin’, I’m eatin’, I’m watchin’ TV. Like but you were out… How old are you Boof? 36. Yeah, but he’s got like kids and stuff. (audience applauding) At what point does that lifestyle get corny to you? Never. (laughing)
Never, never gets corny. (audience laughing) Like he’s taken selfies and stuff. I’m like, don’t include me with that. He’s like, I like what you’re wearing. I said, leave me alone. He’s like, you know, I like the street wig and the regular. You said I look cute.
Yeah, you do. You always do.
Don’t deny it. (audience laughing) Minimal makeup, a cute puffy jacket, right? A little jewelry, I had on some good sneakers, but some people would say they were, what, bum sneakers? (laughing) Right, Boof?
They were good sneakers. (audience laughing) Boof? They were good Chanel sneakers. (audience applauding) And I had on a fanny pack in case we have to run, you know what I’m sayin’? (audience laughing) And then all of a sudden, we’re drivin’ through Manhattan, he pumps the brakes hard. I’m like, “What’re you doing?” He says, “I gotta go into the Gap, “my daughter really wants this sweater set, “scarf and a hat in yellow.” He goes inside, puts the plaque in the window, but I’m ready to fight anyone who approaches the car. Like, are you serious? The Santacons are walkin’ by, but they’re real skinny. They don’t even seem drunk. They don’t even seem like they’re havin’ a good time. You know what I mean? So, Cardi B and Offset celebrated his 28th birthday. And it went viral, on Friday night. First of all, I love what she gave him, because what do you give the man who has everything, right? So, she slammed followers down, just look at this. You got every car, you got every jewelry, you got every (beep). You got everything, you got every shoe, you know what I’m sayin’? What else can I give somebody that got everything? The fridge. (laughing) You deserve it. You deserve that. That’s five hundred thousand dollars. (beep) five hundred? Five hundred thousand dollars. (group laughing) (audience gasping) I mean, hood style, that’s a great gift. (audience applauding) Like, that’s a great gift. It really is. But, if you’re the accountant for these two wealthy people. You are splitting your wig today. Saying, are you serious with this? Okay, first of all, regular style, it shouldn’t of been posted. Like you can give your man, five hundred thousand dollars, but just don’t post that. People are out here starving, Jersey city is still suffering. You know, the LIRR had a situation. Norman, what’s goin’ on in Chicago? Everything.
Everything. Okay, okay.
Right. The president they want to impeach. Like its just not that time to flaunt that kinda wealth. Even people who are fans of Cardi, were hating on her for doing it. And her accountant is probably like, wait a minute, this is over $10,000. You know how if you shift $10,000 or more? (laughing) (audience laughing) Look at here, Hallmark. I’m not, like I know who you are. I just like a little more edge in my programing. Suzanne loves Hallmark because she’s got Pete and Jack. And they sit and they watch Hallmark. And there’s nothing to do with gay’ity, there’s nothing to do with gay’ity? There isn’t, there isn’t. I didn’t agree with them not playing this commercial. Well, because you work here. Yes, exactly, we gotta get with modern times and love is love. And everyone needs to except that. Yes, correct, correct. Love is love. (audience applauding) So now they pulled that same-sex couple off the TV, we all saw that over the weekend, two women, slobbin’ down, after they get married, okay? And they were kissing at the alter, and conservative groups complained, that Hallmark it’s not that kind of channel. And we’re gonna boycott you, #boycotthallmark was trending on Twitter over the weekend. I was like, “Who are you people? “You better get with the times, okay? “You better get with the times.” (audience applauding) So, although, there is one of my constituency who happens to be gay and a man, who said, “You know what, sometimes I like to watch Hallmark “’cause I can escape all the LGBTQLMNOP.” Who said that? I’ll tell you during commercial. But he was like, “Sometimes I like to escape.” And I said, “Well, I don’t really watch Hallmark.” Like I don’t care about Christmas movies, I don’t care about sap sucker movies like, I wanna see stabbin’, drugs, drinkin’, I wanna see all that stuff I like to watch. Well over night they apologized and they said that they’re gonna start running the ad again. But being that they pulled back, those of you that feel the way you do, feel the way you do. You see what they did, they only brought it back because Ellen complained, and you know, some other people with a big fan base complained. But they wouldn’t of brought it back on their own. Have you checked on programming? Is my Santa movie going to be playing this holiday weekend? (laughing) No, its not playing this holiday weekend– Is it in any scheduling? Look at it. Well, how dare you. Oh how dare you, how dare you. (audience applauding) My name is Pastor Ruth, and the movies called, “Santacon.” And I’m the light, that guides the bad in the town, on lifetime. I did that back in 2014. How dare you, I’m an actress. (audience applauding) So Madonna is 61 and she’s got this boyfriend who’s 26. (audience gasping) Now look at here now. (audience gasping) She’s screaming over there, she said corn ball, no. Who is that co-host stand up. Stand up, is that, you stand up. Stand up, okay. She’s 60, what’re you hot flashing? Oh no, you’re cold you got the warmers, I know I use them during commercial, you know I do. Wait, you’ve been here before, Suzanne, you recognize her? Yes, that’s one of our regulars, we love her. Oh, they gave her a microphone, oh boy, here we go. (audience laughing) All right, so look, she’s got this back round dancer who’s 26, and they’ve been dating. His name is, Alaleek, Alamanaleek, or Alameek Williams. Ahlamalik.
Ahlamalik Williams, no relation! (audience laughing) Do you think he’s cute? No, no, just no. Is your microphone even on? I dunno. (audience laughing) But no, no to that. It makes a nice accessory, now sit down and give the mic back. (audience laughing) Mark, go take her mic back. (audience applauding) Look, here’s the thing. Oh, Madonna. He is the same age as her daughter, Lourdes, okay? Okay, not only that, but Lord, what? Three years older. Three years older than Lourdes. Same difference, yeah.
Same difference. (audience laughing) All right, so there they are. They’re all on the same vacation. And there’s old grandma. Oh my god. Boo’ed up with a 26 year old. Here’s what I feel about stuff like that, ’cause like, when I go out, I get the side eye from young boys. But here’s the thing, that’s supposed to be a one night stand, if that. Not a boyfriend, where you’re like, all right, co-host, and we’re a liberal crowd. Clap if you think this is okay. (audience laughing) And she looks great. For 61, you see filler and stuff, but she still looks great. You know what, she’s become that old lady I feel bad for. Just ’cause I don’t think that she understands it’s okay to grow older gracefully. (audience applauding) It is, it’s okay. (audience applauding) Like, we do stuff, we go through stuff, but it’s okay if a 26 year old girl is lucky, she’ll live to be 61 like you, Madonna, it’s okay. Oh, (laughing) well. Can you make more noise, ’cause we got more great show. (audience applauding) Up next, the inside scoop on why, oh gosh, this is a big story, Russell Simmons and Oprah are goin’ at it. (audience gasping) Grab a snack and c’mon back. (upbeat music) (audience cheering) But she’s like, anyway, it’s like weird to me, so I’m glad you’re here to tell it. Because I couldn’t tell this by myself, otherwise you’d throw me under the bus. Hello, it’s time for the inside scoop, and here with the dish is my entertainment journalist friend, AJ Gibson. (audience applauding) AJ, sing it sister. Listen, so you know the tea is hot when Wendy can’t wait to come back from commercial break to start talking about this. So right now we’re talking about Russell Simmons and Oprah Winfrey. (audience gasping) Couple of titans, right? So, Russell is furious with Oprah, so mad at her right now. ‘Cause last week it was announced that she is releasing a new documentary on Apple TV Plus, and it’s focusing on his accusers, sexual assault accusers, rape accusations over the years, and it primarily focusing on Drew Dixon. Now she was an executive at Def Jam Records back in the 90’s. So Russell Simmons was her boss, and in 2017 the New York times did a expose. Between her and two other women who all accuse him of rape over the years. Now she claimed that Russell would speak very graphically to her at work. That during business meetings in the board room, he would have her sit on his lap, that he exposed himself to her multiple times. And then she said one night, she ran into him, she was going to get a taxi. He said, “No, I’ll call a car for you, “you’re doing well at your job, I’ll call you car. “Come into my apartment and wait for the car.” Allegedly while she was in the apartment, he pressed her up against the wall, threw her down on the bed, started kissing her, and then raped her. (audience gasping) This is very serious stuff. So she threatened, she sued, threatened to sue, back in 1997, this happened in 1995 allegedly. In 1997 they settled for $30,000. When one girl on the radio named Wendy was singin’ it. See, so–
Leave me alone, leave me alone. Yeah, so we’ve been hearing about all of this for a long time. But money tends to get you out of situations, right? And fake friendships tend to blind you. Amen, amen, so she’s one of three women that accused that he raped them between 1988 and 2014. So there’s a long pattern of this going on, right? Now she’s going on to talk about all of this with this new documentary with Oprah, which is gonna premiere at Sundance Film Festival, here in another month or so. And then be released on Apply TV plus. Which is where Bombshell should’ve been. Amen! You saw it? No, I’ve known, I’m gettin’ ready for Golden Globes, I’m preppin’, I was focused on you first Wendy. Okay.
I’ll watch it this week. Thank you AJ.
You first. Go back.
So then Russell then, he did acknowledge inappropriate conduct over the years. He’s apologized for it, he says he’s a new man, he meditates now, he’s very zen. But he say’s he denies ever raping any of these women. He wrote a long post on Instagram to Oprah, because that’s how we apologize in 2019, right? He said he’s innocent, but here I just wanna get to this quote. Ready, this is what he said on Instagram, he said, “Dearest Oprah, you have been a shining light “to my family.”
Not dearest! No, he’s tryin’. “You’ve been a shining light to my family, “and my community, we bonded to say the least. “This is why it’s so troubling that you choose me, “to single out in your recent documentary.” He goes on to say, “Shocking how many people “have misused this important powerful revolution, “for relevance in money. “Maybe you should name your documentary, flavor of love.” (audience gasping) Yeah, he’s obviously alluding to the “Me Too” movement, times up. He’s thinking that, first of all he’s thinks probably like you alluded to, that he and Oprah were a little closer than they actually are. Everybody in this business are closer than, are you serious, phony friends? You better go inside with you pets and slam the blinds. And be your own best friend. Right, exactly! (audience applauding) C’mon! Oprah, just to be clear– I tell Boof, one wrong slippery move and we’re done. You know I say that Boof. Oprah started off in Baltimore years ago. Oprah did not become Oprah by being like, kind and sweet and like keepin’ her mouth shut when a man tells her not to speak up. No, I know stuff. Right, so–
I know something. Girl I wanna talk to you more off camera, okay so. No, you don’t. Not only is Russ upset, now 50 Cent has chimed in. He’s upset as well. What she say, I mean–
Okay. (laughing) (audience gasping) So he came to Russell’s defense, he slammed Oprah for only going after black men. Then he brought up Oprah’s controversial interview with Michael Jackson accusers back in the day. So then he takes to social media, there’s a photo of her during that documentary, he takes to social media and had this to say. “I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men, “No Harvey Weinstein, no Ebstein. “Just Michael Jackson, Russell Simmons. “This bleep is sad. “This documentaries are publicly convicting their targets. “It makes them guilty till proven innocent.” Wendy what’re your thoughts? Read my eyes. Okay, it’s just absurd. I don’t know why he felt he had to chime in. All right, let’s talk about Amanda Bines. Let’s move on, yes.
Please. So, Amanda (laughing) (audience applauding) So, Amanda Bines. This is why I like Mondays, this is why I like Mondays. Right, now wake it up, get it goin’. (audience cheering) So you know, Amanda Bines, she’s had a rough go at the last few years. She checked herself out of a sober living facility last week. She was receiving mental health services for substance abuse treatment since last January. She’s making her family and friends a little bit nervous that she might relapse after checking out. Quick back story.
How long was she there? Well, she was there for a year this time. But back in 2012 was when all this started to happen, remember– When she lit the dog on fire and washed him off at the gas station? Yes, gasoline, yes. Hang through the wrong, outta the window, on a high rise in Manhattan. She had a DUI, crashed into a police car, that happened. She also pierced her cheeks and started wearing like, ridiculous hats and wigs.
AJ this is why I have you here. It’s a lot going on. But she was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Which is she got a diagnosis. So she got help, she went to fashion school for four years. She actually was a really–
She’s really good too! She’s really talented. Yes, she graduated–
We’ve shown them here on Hot Topic.
Yeah, but then she had a setback. Last year she did a spread for paper magazine. It was her first step back in the public eye in a while– That’s when she hit on Drake? In a real graphic way. Well then she yes, relapsed, she relapsed. She said, being back in the public eye was just to much for her to handle. She wasn’t ready for it just yet. The reports were that she was missing initially. But her parents say that they knew where she was the entire time. Her mom and dad have been through it. They have been through it.
With her. She was in court on Thursday, speaking of her mom and dad.
What happened? So her parents have conservatorship over her entire career and most of her finances. So Thursday she had the hearing, she wants to bring in a third party. She doesn’t wanna totally get rid of her parents in this situation. But she wants to bring in a third set of eyeballs and another voice of reason into her life. So after the hearing, ’cause she was put on the psychic evaluation, a 72 hour hold back in 2013. That 733 they call it? Yeah, it’s the 750 or whatever, yes. The three day, 72 hour hold. So she’s supposed to be under their conservatorship till 2020. Now apparently, she went to court, the judge ruled that she is okay to live on her own again now. Your pants are so tight. Girl, you don’t even know, kay. (audience applauding) Wendy can I tell you somethin’? Look, I’m gon’ be real honest with you. Give you all a little holiday present early. When I knew I was coming here, I tried on a different suit, I was gonna wear red.
Okay. I tried to close them, I haven’t worn them since last year, they didn’t fit. Okay.
I’ve had a lotta apple pie and egg nog this holiday season. No, you’ve gained weight? I don’t see weight on you! I carry it well, I’m six five. Yeah, you’re what, six five? I’m six five and a half. That’s why he’s AJ Gibson everybody. (audience applauding) AJ thank you. Thank you so much. Pick up a copy of his book, it’s called, “Flipping the Script” it’s on Amazon. Trendy at Wendy is next. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) (audience cheering) It’s good, I dunno what that is. Yeah, it’s good. It’s really, hi. It’s time for Trendy at Wendy. Welcome our friend, Ashley Glazer and her costumes. (audience applauding) Okay, okay.
Thank you. You look great!
Thank you. They have this part of one of the items today from Rue La La. Okay, come along, Ashley, what’re we doing? All right, so Rue La La–
Is this a massager? What is this?
It’s so many things to keep us warm and cozy, this winter season.
Oh my gosh, what is this? So this is from SensorPEDIC, this is a warming neck and shoulder wrap. I could use this right now. Yes, I can as well. It’s freezing in here.
I always hold the stress and tension in my shoulder. It’s very cold in here today and outside and here on the east coast. But so it has a neck clasp, so that way you can kinda be mobile and walk around with it. There’s an eight foot cord. My son would love this, my parents would love this, I would love this, this is good for everyone. Okay.
For everyone. So it heats up?
It heats up, there’s six settings.
Plugs in. Six settings?
And if you fall asleep, there’s a sensor safe, so it automatically shuts off, so you won’t overheat yourself. How much is this? So retail is for $128, $120, I’m sorry. We’re getting it 70% off at 34.99. Very cool, very cozy. (audience applauding) Oh my gosh really?
It’s amazing. These I wanna wrap myself up in this right now, I’ve been sleeping with it all week. These are from Adrienne Landau. That’s a good name.
Super plush throw. How soft is this? She makes rich stuff, and regular stuff. Yes she does.
Hi Adrienne. (laughing) So we have two different colors for you to choose from, from the throw. It’s a super large size, so it fully fit nice and cozy. There’s snow leopard print and there’s a charcoal and a camel. And the flip side is solid, so you can kind of be fun or you can be smooth–
I like the camel. I like both of them so much it’s so hard to choose just one.
Me too, but you if you could only have one. Get this one. (audience laughing) So these retail for 99.95. That’s not bad. It’s really not–
I mean look how big it is. Look how big it is guys, it’s huge. It’s big, I’m five 11, look. It’s so thick, it’s so warm. So we’re getting it 72% off at just 27.99. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) And to continue our slumber and our cozy season–
Not another pillow! Another pillow, yes–
Damn, this show. This is from SensorPEDIC this is copper infused. So it’s a soft memory foam, you can feel it–
Copper infused? Yeah, so that helps with your beauty sleep, operating acne–
That’s really good for you. Super good for you, helps with inflammation. And then it has the memory foam gel clusters, so you can push it all the way down, it will not leave a dent from your head. So it bounces back–
Ew, let’s get to the moisturizers. It’s not doing what I thought it was gonna do. Look at my hands, how dare you. You set me up–
Look how tight and– Get outta here. All right, so the pillow retail is for $100, we are getting it for 80% off at just 19.99. For copper infused pillow? 19.99 you can get four to fit the whole house.
With memory foam? It’s an insane deal today, Rue La La has it’s SensorPEDIC– This is crazy! From $228 to 19.99? No that’s the flats are 228. This is 100 but we’re getting it for 19.99. That’s what I’m saying. (audience laughing) These are 228–
Okay wait, wait– These are on sale too–
This is Tory Burch, I recognize the Burch–
These are Tory Burch. We have so many good things today. So these are Tory Burch–
They go up to size 11 too by the way.
Yes, and these, they’re travel flats. So you can fold them up, you can toss them in your bag. Such an iconic American designer. Recognized everywhere, you have three different choices. So you have silver, oak, and black with the gold hardware. (laughing) So these retail for $228 we’re getting it 25% off at 169.99. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) Your hands are looking tight. Next up we have this beautiful hat– My hands are looking rusty.
This is what I’m wearing. This is from Ame Calle, this is a cashmere turban.
I can’t even model stuff. Please don’t–
So I love it. Look at that, what a mess, what a mess. You can hide your hands and rub them nice against this warm hat. The cashmere keep your hair nice and smooth.
Yeah, this is nice. Comes in six different colors, I’m festive with the red one. But you guys can choose from one. Retails for $115, we’re getting it 75% off at 27.99. 100% cashmere.
Get this, all right. And I like the turban style.
Come and fix my hands. What just happened? I used this one, what is this? So this is the Predire, this is the Age Defying Stem Cell Treatment system. So very expensive.
Very expensive, very exclusive, but it’s your skin, just pay attention, I do love this brand. Potent ingredients.
But I think I use it out of order.
Out of order, and when you use it out of order, you get the tightness first, but then you have to hydrate. So it has ingredients, stem cells from grape, apple, fruit extract, aloe to hydrate, vitamins and minerals, so you have the three step serum. Once you put the moisturizer on, these hands will be back to normal, gorgeous and glowing. Retails for $2,950 we are getting it 98% off at just 59.99. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) And there we have it, Ashley, thank you so much. Thank you so much, Wendy. Rue La La, thank you a lot. These amazing deals are gonna go fast, go to before they sell out. Up next we got our holiday gift grab, don’t miss it. (audience cheering) (audience cheering) Okay, it’s time for holiday gift grab, Nutcrackers what’s up first? (chimes ringing) Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love this, okay? It’s Morphe beauty. You know we love beauty products here, it’s a professional makeup, at an affordable price. Including brushes, highlighter, lip kits and more. Over $300 of stuff right here, studio audience, you get it all. (audience cheering) Okay, hold your breath. Take it off Nutcracker. (chimes ringing) Okay, you have no idea what’s going on, but we’re gonna lay it down for you, okay? This is Cockpit USA Fashion. They have the finest leather and sheepskin jackets. Celebs like Drake and Rihanna and Tom Hardy, they all have worn this stuff. Okay, studio audience, you’re all getting a $300 gift card for Cockpit USA. (audience cheering) Nutcracker what’s last? (chimes ringing) (audience cheering) Now if you don’t have a plan, then you’re not my people, this is Hotel Planner. They’re gonna help you find the perfect spot to get away. And they make it easy for you. Find over 100,000 hotels worldwide. Studio audience you’re all getting a $250 gift card for these wonderful people at (audience cheering) For more information on all this stuff, go to We’ll be right back. (audience cheering) (“Jingle Bells”) All right, we’re back, it’s time for the almost legendary, Ask Wendy. Where we discover more about each other everyday. People forget that they’re on TV, watch. (audience laughing) How ya doin’, this’ll Wendy. What’re name, where you,
My name is, Oh your lashes!
Oh you like ’em? Thank you. So where you from, what’d you do? I’m Whitney, I’m from Westchester, and I’m a flight attendant. Okay, how can I help you Whitney? I think I have a crush on my gay bestie. (audience gasping) We’ve been friends for a really long time, seven years we’re close. And he told me like one time, when we was hanging out late night, he was like, if I was straight, I would date you. Okay, a lot of gay men say that to us. It doesn’t mean that–
He’s really cute. How old are you?
29. All right, have a seat. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) Like, where we goin’ with that conversation, I don’t even understand what the hell she was just sayin’. Hey Wendy, I’m Sammy–
Respect that he’s gay and leave him alone. And you’re 29, old enough to know. By the way you look 18. (audience gasping) Hey Wendy, I’m Sammy. How you doin’?
How you doin’, Sammy? I’m good.
Where you from? I’m from Florida. And what’d you do? I’m currently a college student at University of Florida. Okay.
So, I have three older siblings, and none of us live at home anymore. But we visit on holidays, random weekends, and lately, my mom’s keeps tellin’ my sister and I especially, about her sex life. It’s gross, we don’t wanna know. Wait, does your dad live in the, or is– Yeah, my parents are together. Okay, parents, parents, or step parents. Parents, parents they’ve had the same four, my parents we’re together for like, 30 something years now. Oh my gosh. All four are from the same–
It’s so cute, but she’s sharing to much.
Yeah, way to much. But at least they love each other. How old’s your mom?
My mom is 53. Okay.
Yeah, but I guess they have to much privacy now that nobody lives there. We just don’t wanna know. They’ve smooshed in your bed at least a hundred times. (audience screaming) I’m gonna vomit, I’m gonna vomit. Okay.
That’s gross. So what’s your question? So how do I tell my mom to not tell me, as much as she’s been telling me– Get together with your other two girls, and when you’re home for the holidays, you just sit her down privately away from your father. Yeah, he doesn’t know that. Like, your father, your mother is 53, I’m in that age group. You know, we’re juicy. You know, but girls like you think that we’re nothing but dust. But look, be happy that your parents are happy, but get together with your two sisters, okay? Yeah.
Happy Holiday. Thank you. All right, we have time for more. Hey Wendy, how you doin’? I’ve been connecting with you the entire show. Yeah, you thought, okay. Yeah.
I thought that was just me, but I’m happy. Yeah, no, we we’re making eyes. Yeah, I know, I’m happy, okay. I’m sorry, so I dumped my boyfriend ’cause he was a jerk, all right? Wait, who are you, where you from? Oh sorry, sorry. My names Aaron, I’m from New York. And what’d you do?
How you doin’? I’m in accounting. How you doin’, oh, an accountant. Yeah, so, okay, so I dumped my boyfriend ’cause he was a jerk. That thing with Cardi B and Offset. Yeah, that’s why I was making eye contact. Yeah, that’s when we first locked eyes. (audience laughing) You understand.
I got it. Fry the pan, I felt it. Anyways, so my boyfriend, dumped him, ’cause he was a jerk, right? So I went over to his house to get my stuff back. And he made me dinner, one thing led to another, we ended up making out and now he’s blowin’ up my phone, text and calls all the time. Wendy, I’m not interested. So how do I fix this? How long we’re you boyfriend and boyfriend? Six months, not to long. Not to long, okay so then, like I don’t like to text, like texting is so cowardice. But in this case, text him and say it’s done, block his number and then it’s done. This is out! Okay, that’s all I’m sayin’. We’ll be right back. (audience cheering) (laughing) Ladawn everybody is from Oklahoma City, now what’d you do? Me, I’m a performing arts specialist. Fabulous, well preform. Yeah! (laughing) You got 30 seconds Ledawn to race the clock, here’s your question, okay? Forbes has a list of the highest grossing movies of all time, name four in the top 10, and go. I don’t know this, I can’t help you. Elf, Elf? I dunno. (bell ringing) Santacon. (laughing) Of course, why not? White Christmas? You mean Santacon, my movie? Yes! Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Nightmare before Christmas, Nightmare before Christmas, Home Alone! (bell ringing) What else? Elf? I’m giving you a prize anyway. You came all the way from Oklahoma. Grinch, Grinch, Grinch! Look, look I’m giving you a $150 gift card. (screaming) Thank you.
To the sugar factory. Sugar factory?
We’ll be right back. (audience cheering) So in my bra, I’m warming up. We we’re about to get into Little Kim, I got the bra warmer, look. The tickets are free, Carla Hall is gonna be cookin’ in the Wendy kitchen tomorrow. Plus I got you with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today, hey. (audience cheering) Nice!

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