My Asian Facial Hair Is REAL OR FAKE? (Movember)

My Asian Facial Hair Is REAL OR FAKE? (Movember)

Clorox bleach says:
“That’s weird beard” “You’re not 100% Asian.
You must be half Asian mix…” “You idiot. You’re mixed with European.” “LOOK at your eye color.” I’ve got Asian eye color,
what are you talking about? “It’s because Asians have small penises,
that’s why you can’t grow beards.” So, you can tell this video’s gonna be
a little different I’ve sitting down
and somebody’s missing Who’s missing… That girl that’s usually here is missing Well Nina is at work and
she’s been really busy lately So I thought I’d give her a break
and do this video by myself but the topic is something that
we really don’t need her So with that said
I’ve done 2 videos on Asian facial hair So I’ve had a lot of comment
I’ve had a lot of questions and I thought seeing that…
well what’s the date today? The filming of this is just shy of November
so Movember is coming up or it’s already here depending on
when you’re watching this video And I thought I’ll do a video where I’m reading
the comments, I’m addressing the comments This is something that Nina probably wouldn’t
be able to contribute much about But with that said,
Nina has left me some questions and I have no idea what she wrote so I dunno, they could be really normal questions
or they could be… …Nina questions But I’ll answer these at the end
of the video ok So obviously I’m an Asian guy
with facial hair I never felt not being able to grow facial hair
was a shortcoming I never thought that and that’s maybe because I didn’t grow
up in America I didn’t grow up in Europe where that kind of thing might be emphasised
more as being macho or attractive Don’t get me wrong, I mean
I felt insecure about many things in life but that wasn’t one of them I was looking at my analytics recently and I saw that most of our viewers are males That kind of surprised me cause we have
a bit of emphasis on relationshippy stuff that’s another reason why I thought
I’ll do this video, because you know, a video for the guys some guys I think I rambled long enough I don’t know where I found this
piece of wood from Ok fishxballz says: “of course you can grow facial hair,
you are mixed” …Nah I’m not but I can grow facial hair, yes This is a very common comment I get
not just in this facial hair video Funnily enough, some people actually ask
if Nina is Asian I don’t know, I mean I thought it was pretty obvious from
looking at us but I guess not? I’m full Asian, but I’m half Japanese
and half Chinese That’s the mix Maybe it’s the way I talk, right? Maybe my eyes? I do have double eyelids
but it changes frequently Sometimes it’s a… it’s a monolid and then other times
it’s a quadruple eyelid It’s the worst when you have one that’s
triple and another that’s, like, mono you wake up some mornings and it’s like,
“ah…oh man, it feels weird” you look in the mirror and it’s… Right, next one,
next comment Brandon Lee says: “Your beard would look much better
with a moustache” 28 thumbs up! … my god In a previous video, I said: Asians don’t look good with a moustache So don’t ever grow a moustache
if you’re Asian I was kinda joking but there was some generalised truth to that,
you know, cause I think Asians tend to look more pedo
with moustaches Ok so, wellson says: “How do you grow your beard?” “… I got but so sparse” Well I…I grow it…ah, umm ah…genetically So that sparse look is very common
for Asian guys right? My philosophy is that clean shaven is better
than a long sparse beard In other words, you spend a month
growing out a beard and, you know maybe it’s of some length
but it’s that sparse Asiany look Just get rid of it
don’t even bother It’s not worth it HongKonger Fighting says: “…I’ve seen Hong Kong men with beards
everyday in the movie.” Well, it’s a movie “I had one myself.” “This is stupid dumbshit stereotype !!!” Referring to somebody else who said: “…just because you can,
it doesn’t mean it’s easy for others” Which is a fair point to raise
And he replies: “I never said everyone could but it is a
common trait, significant at least” So he’s saying it’s a significant trait,
it’s so common in Asia “So it’s nothing like this Kento…” oh this, “Bento Kento idiot who exaggerated it” So I am…I should change my name
to ‘Bento Kento’ That order is better according to
‘KongerHong Fighting’ You know, I respectfully have to disagree
with you and say it’s not significant Unless you’re saying sparse beards are significant
then yes they are Nay Ney says:
“What about Indians?” My videos were mainly referring to
East Asians, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, more so and maybe some South East Asian countries Obviously I’m not talking about people from
the Middle East and even India Obviously you guys can grow facial hair Depending on where you are in the world
the phrase… Well, the word Asian
can mean different things Where I come from when we say Asians,
a lot of people often mean East Asians Sami UR says:
“You used minox?” I don’t know much about
products to grow hair and no, I don’t use anything Sakura says: “You kinda look like LeafyIsHere
without the beard and glasses” Maybe?
I don’t know? Clorox bleach says: “That’s weird beard” Yup….I know I know Christian says: “Is it possible that a 19 year old Asian guys
that has a lot of stomach hair and chest hair…” “be able to grow a full beard one day?” Yeah well if you’re anything like me it might come in more full when you’re
in your mid-20’s, I dunno But it’s entirely possible
that’s it, that’s it for you that’s all the hair you can genetically grow I don’t know, I’m not a guru,
stop asking me these questions I don’t know
I’m not a geneticist or a beardist jmoom b says: “Man I’m Asian and I can’t stop growing
facial hair specially my moustache” There you go, example of Asians
who can grow facial hair very well Jason Chen says: “fuck you you fking asian asshole” …what? Isn’t your name Jason CHEN? Allen Wang says: “To be honesty, Asian guys are able to do this.” “But no one is gonna do this since it’s not
cool in our eyes.” “Or even we feel it looks like someone who
just got out of jail and dirty.” “Meanwhile, most important!!!” “Asian girl do not like it and they mostly prefer
a face with no beard lol.” He says it like this is the only Asian mindset when it comes to facial hair but it’s…
which isn’t true but It’s certainly…there’s some truth to it My family on my Chinese side kinda have –
some of them have this mentality that it’s dirty and you shouldn’t
and you look like ISIS They said that to me
I am…I am ISIS and that’s racist right? Is that racist? That’s ISISt And yeah there are definitely Asian girls and not just Asian girls, a lot of women prefer
men who don’t have rough, sandpaper cheeks cause they wanna snuggle up to the guy Julius Bernard Gobangco says: “That spiral thingy is a cowlick.” “Puyo in filipino” Cool man Alright, cowlick, cause I have a cowlick here Do I have a cowlick?
Can you see my cowlick? Sauron the Great says: “It’s because Asians have small penises,
that’s why you can’t grow beards” so logical PEMBAKAR HUTAN says: “you’re not 100% asian, u must be half asian mix
white caucasian or something like that…” You must be! Ok so I replied to this guy:
“nope, I’m full East Asian” And then someone else replied: “Kento Bento, I don’t think so
cuz the people with more facial hair…” “are either Mediterranean Europeans
and Nordic Europeans” “also middle easters can have a facial hair,
but 100% Japanese? I don’t think so” I’m gonna take it as him meaning
100% East Asian I don’t get…I get a lot of comments like this where
people think I’m lying I don’t care enough to lie Ok well What can you do? Next-o’s,
sidekicksclazer22 says: “I love this about East Asian men.” “I think it’s great that they’re less hairy,
their skin is softer!!” There you go, this is what I said before
I’m guessing this woman is not Asian So to all those Asian guys who care about their
ability or lack of ability to grow facial hair and are into non-Asian women it’s all good STARR Z says:
“But your half…” my gosh “But your half White so it doesn’t count.” “Show me a full blood Asian with full beards” ow Klaus Evans says: “You idiot your mixed with european.
europeans havr facial hair.” “Look at your eye color.
do you think…” I’ve got Asian eye color,
what are you talking about? I’ve got brown eyes, dude Are you color blind? He says: “do you think 100% asian people
have coloered eyes?” I don’t have colored eyes! “You must get your beard
from your european side…” I’m not European! OMG, I told you,
there are so many people, there are so many people… “People on these comments please stop being
ignorant and look at history…” “I’m tired of people saying asians…” I’m gonna give you an Asian accent now
cause you’re just pissing me off “…and other non european can’t have
this and that and…” “His beard is shaped like keemstars” First Leafy and now Keemstar unlimited1st says: “Nice beard man!
But it doesn’t look like natural growth…” “It’s like you have did testosterone injection
or beard transplantation” In that video, I looked younger,
and a little more delicate maybe a bit more feminine features
or something Maybe I looked like
I had a sex change bruise lay says: “my dad is chinese my mom india descent
can i grow a beard?” I don’t know… I don’t know! I’m not psychic I’m not The Mentalist I’m not Nostradamus I’m not the Asian Nostradamus here maybe I am So, before I end this video I have a list of questions
that Nina has written for me about Asian facial hair that she thought
I should go over Now I have not seen these questions I have no idea what these questions
are gonna be like if they would make any sense but just for those
who are missing Nina’s presence this is the best we can do So her first question is: “Why do you think is facial hair seemingly
less liked….” Why you talking with no england Nina? Must be a typo, her English isn’t that bad
anyway, so “Why do you think facial hair is seemingly
less liked/accepted in most East Asian countries?” Well as the guy mentioned before,
some people think it looks dirty, it looks ugly and it’s not professional, you know
guys tend to get promotions more likely to get job promotions
if they have the clean shaven look “What is for you the best or worst part
about having a beard?” When I would eat natto,
if you don’t know what natto is it’s a stinky, fermented soy beans
sticky, gooey often used as something to eat
for a gross food challenge When I’m eating KFC,
I actually ate KFC last night the oil…the oil gets on it and it’s like,
“oh nooo” Then you eat natto after that and it’s like
ah the oil and the natto oh nooo… Yeah, what else?
What else is bad? I look way older with a beard
so that sucks What’s good is that I don’t have to shave
or do anything, I just leave it I mean I trim it once in a while but For me the maintenance is pretty good,
pretty easy “Does your beard feel itchy?
(see you scratching it a lot…)” No my beard does not itch, at all It’s just, I like to touch it,
I like to stroke it like a pussy CAT pussy cat “Can I trim your beard sometime?” Such a weird question “Does it feel nice when I touch/scratch your beard?” This is getting creepy “Does your #[email protected]#$%@$%[email protected]%$%….” What? I can’t…I can’t put this
in the video Nina Very inappropriate question Nina I’ll spank you at home later Nina is a weird girl
is what this has established And that’s that! But you know, if you guys like this style
just going off on a rant Ah, I’m sorry, there’s a bug on my computer then let us know, let me know If you weren’t too bored with my rambling
and you didn’t miss Nina too much give this video a thumbs up,
that would be good A thumbs up is always appreciated because YouTube recommends this video to more people
the more engagement there is I’m sure there are people who are gonna
disagree with what I said but, you know, drop a comment down there Just try to be a bit civilized because this is YouTube,
a very civilized place If you’re interested in other Asiany topics, like ‘Why Are Asians Yellow?”
(or yellow-skinned) which I’ve done a video on that And I actually answer that question
in this video Click somewhere on the screen to watch that And one of the first videos on Asian stereotypes
that we did was ‘Asian Stereotypes Checklist’ which is the first video that actually got us
quite a few subscribers so check that out if you’re interested in Asian stereotypes, and all that stuff Usually I would say if you like this video and videos like this, please subscribe but I’ve never done a video like this But definitely Asiany topics,
we will cover those You will get our latest videos which we generally
post every week So that’s all I have to say
I’ve rambled long enough I think you’re sick of my voice
and I will shut up…

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Looks great brother keep growing your beard are you sure you’re not part Ainu?

  2. I'm Vietnamese and also have a full beard like yours as can every male on my mother's side and most of us look quite like you!
    PS: @0:39: Oh, I know him. That's guys Vietnamese: his name is Bui Huy Bao and owns a restaurant and is a graphic designer in Brooklyn, NYC.

  3. you might think you are full east asian but have you taken a dna test? lots of people have a little foreign dna that they don't know about.

  4. my theory on why east asians think facial hair looks dirty is because its due to some type of adaptation, genetically east asians generally cannot grow full beards so that's why its not normal in their culture, and anything that isn't normal in a culture is generally not accepted or not desirable by people who are in that particular culture.

  5. Historically there are still some intermixing of East Asian so it’s no surprise some can grow a beard, has hairy chest ,belly , legs and doesn’t share the typical East Asian feature(the typical small eyes, flat nose and single eyelid . ) Japanese and some southern Chinese has a distinctive sharp features .

  6. Im chinese and I can grow a full beard and mustache. On top of that I have a hairy chest and stomach lol. I have a few asian friends who can grow facial hair as well but it is rare.

  7. This "pembakar hutan" man must be Indonesian and I as Indonesian is so ashame of it. I myself can only grow mustace and pachy beard, but my friend cannot shave everyday if he dont want to overwhelmed by his beard. Surely this pembakar hutan is a bedroom hermit.

  8. I think you are an assimilated Ainu. Ainu are Indigenous people which have big beards and often blue eyes. You can be proud to be an Ainu!

  9. If your japanese, japanese are most hairy of north east asians (usually just hairier legs but sometimes beard) the reason is japanese are a mix of yayoi (ancient people who came from korea) and jomon native japanese (which are the same as the ainu, which are very hairy)

  10. I'm an Indian and my state borders China, we look 100% Chinese or Tibetan. Please don't neglect Indians, there are people who look just like you guys. I think you should do a video on North East Indian people, so that we can be recognised among the greater mongoloid race.

  11. I’m full asian and I could grow a pretty beard but I also have curly wavy hair and other features that aren’t considered normally “Asian”

  12. Why the world think Asia is only Japanese, Korean & Chinese
    It is just East asia
    what about other Asian countries like India, Pakistan middle East , Iran , Turkey, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Uzbekistan Tajikistan, UAE , Saudi Arabia

  13. I don't know what the big deal is all about. Indians are Asians and they have excessive amount of hair…

  14. Oh,come on, growing beard is not related to someone's nation, nationality doesn't exist because every human being has uncountable ancestors. Every human DNA is combination of uncountable genes

  15. Growing beard is related to nutrition and testosterone content in body(DHT). It's not related to nationality

  16. I'm almost 28 from Europe and i only can grow a proper "Van Dyke" (mustache+goatee) but not the full circle…

  17. I wish i can grow a mustuch it sucks i can grow beard from chin and cheek area and draw line it looks like a chin strap

  18. There is a map in showing body hair frequency in the world among the male population of set regions/ countries of the world.

    Body hair is everything from hair on the knuckles to chest hair, hair on the foot and toes and of course the beard. The ability to grow a full beard is also varies depending on where in the world you are from.

    The hairiest people in the world, meaning people who grow body hair on the most parts of their body and who has the ability to grow full beards are people from the Mediterranean sea. Both European, North African and Middle Eastern part of that region. No surprise :p

    The next region is Scandinavia with Norway, southern Sweden and Denmark along with Nordic country of Iceland and the Faroe Islands, genetically descendants of Norwegian Vikings.

    The third region is the island of Hokkaido in Japan probably because of Ainu genetic influence.

    These three regions are the only places in the world where over 70% of the male population of those regions can grow full beards and have the most body hair compared to the rest of the world.

    The places with the least body hair among the male population is Greenland, South East Asia and Sub Saharan Central Africa (Congo, Angola, Gabon. etc)

    For anyone who wants to see the map Google, Male Androgenic Hair Map. It's pretty interesting.

  19. i dont care if you are mix. you are just an attractive guy that happens to have beard growth capability. congrats. by the way… your English is perfect.

  20. Keep shaving your face it will grow back thicker it’s NOT A MYTH! I’m 29 my beard is almost up to my eyes I noticed it every time I get a shape up my barber would shave my face and the line got higher and higher since age 18

  21. Japanese is a mixture of Yayoi(Mongoliod)and Jomon(Caucasoid)people,and the 30% of the Japanese gene is Caucasoid.So Kento,it’s normal for Japanese to have beard.

  22. Jomon people is the native people of Japan,but then came the Yayoi people.They conquered Japan and mix with Jomon people.So that’s why some Japanese got beard.So I know that you’re not mixed with white.

  23. I’m a Jewish whom with a European nose,Semitic face and a Asian eyes.So many people thinks I’m a Chinese as of my eyes.

  24. I mean well obviously most of these commenter that's called Kento Bento idiots for his fake facial hair skipped middle and high school science where they talk about genetics…Great job guys, we now move farther away from science

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