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  1. Whohooo yes yes yes!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💗 Loved it! I'm gonna need that highlighter from Dior! I would love more videos like this one. It was so helpful to see the difference comparing the two cameras. This was very interesting. Definitely would love to see your everyday makeup as well! Thank you for sharing, Amy! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Thanks for this video! I actually really appreciated how you showed the difference between how it seems up close and personal vs. on camera for your typical filming with all of the professional lighting. I am also curious about your more daily looks, not to be on camera.

    This sort of thing is important to being successful so I am glad you are including some videos like this.

  3. Really liked this video. I trained as a makeup artist years ago and your techniques are very good! LOVE the highlighter! Your devotion to beautiful skin is wonderful. Well done.

  4. Holy crap lady you put in a solid effort. No wonder you always look so glam. I'm so glad you shared. I am way more casual and just go in to my studio and work with what I have (bad hair day or not). But I will step up my game 🙂

  5. Lol, you are my hero 🙂 Thank you for sharing this video! Makeup is something I struggle with in my videos…especially after entering my 40's!

  6. I really loved this!! Totally makes sense and it was really helpful! I liked your sense of humor too 😀

  7. Real Techniques has a great brush line that I love. They're not super pricey and great quality. ELF also has good brushes but they fall apart over time. I've had to pitch a few.

  8. You def deserve more subscriber's! I love your videos! I watch them/listen getting ready for work. It makes me ready to take on the day!

  9. WOW – thanks for all those tips … any chance there is a make up video of your off camera look – I am trying to get back into wearing make up but I am as pale as you are and don't want to change my natural colour too much

  10. Loved this video! I too discovered a few months ago to use the darker eye shadow as my eyeliner. So much easier.

  11. New subscriber here and I'm obsessed…slowly working through watching your old videos 🙂 please do a vid on your more natural makeup!!

  12. I like how you explain how makeup for camera is way more bright and defining than in person makeup. This explains why the Instagram-brows+full bake faces look good in photos but look a little scary when I see people walking around like that irl.

  13. So good! Really interesting to see the time and effort that it takes to get ready to be on camera. I had no idea! I'm a huge fan of the natural, nude look you do and would love an everyday makeup tutorial / what you do when you go out. Love AmyTV!!!

  14. Pleaseeeeee do an everyday makeup routine videooooo pleaseeeeeeeee would love to see it and learn ur tricks!!

  15. I will be diligent in applying makeup again…. I stopped putting effort on my face out of laziness… I guess it's time to go back to my makeup tools again. Thanks for inspiring me Amy!

  16. I’m so glad I found your channel! I’m awake at 6 am finally today. Would you believe that yesterday I woke up at 5pm? that’s a quick transformation. I’ve been scared to start my business. Also this makeup tutorial is great as I’ve been terrified that I’d be interviewed on tv and have photos taken when I’ve made it somewhat with the business. Thank you 😊

  17. Hello Amy. I acknowledge you for your generosity to share and willingness to be so vulnerable. I loved and chuckled when you said you decided to be more sophisticated by choosing TWO! colours for your eye shadows.

  18. Your make up is what attracted me at the first place to your videos you look like you have a glowing skin but all naturally. I must say I love your highlighter ❤.

  19. I’d like to hear more about what you wear on a normal day 🙂
    Also- i know you have eye shadow on, right? but we didn’t see you put that on. Do you wear eye liner at all?
    Would LOVE to hear more about self care!

  20. Just discovered your channel thru bullet journaling,! Love your presentations .. thank you so much for this makeup tutorial. Your just a beauty!

  21. You're so funny! You made it seem like when you took your make up off you were going to look like the which from The Sword and the Stone! You are beautiful both made up and not!

  22. As a new v/blogger this is great. I always wear make up but was worried about what to do in front of camera. I think videos about how you prep for your work rather than your private life are of much more use . Thanks for sharing

  23. I'm an African American actress and thank you for the info. Camera makeup is still a mystery to me. Especially matte vs. shimmer. Thanks for the video!

  24. love you Amy! You're awesome for going a little out of your comfort zone for your fans! Loved the video and it was very helpful!!

  25. Great tutorial – thanks Amy! I can't believe how dark you had to go to still have color in that lighting.

  26. This is so awesome of you to share! Thanks for your time, it's fabulous. Can I ask what you use for your hair styling? What products and routine? Thanks for your channel!

  27. Beautiful! I wonder if those products would work on 60 year old skin? I completely stay away from ALL shimmer. It seems to accentuate the wrinkles (laugh lines 😆). I’ve never been in a Sephora or MAC store. Do they work with older women?

  28. I know you don’t like to interact with sunlight very often hahahha but it’s really important to get some of this at least for 30 mins a day! It’s really good for a lot of your body processes and it’ll thank you ♥️ although you’re just awesome, I love your personality!

  29. I love this video, thank you for sharing 💕
    Please can you do other about daily make up & night one but normal ones when you don’t be in front of camera?

  30. Thanks! I loved it! I had no idea the work that was involved with getting camera ready! I would love to see an example of a normal day as well. Is your makeup different from your film look when you are get photographed for head shots, or is it pretty similar?

  31. Amazing Amy, awesome videos and you so fun, self-ironic and direct! I love watching your videos, listening to your advices and your tips all over your videos are so real, simple and focused that you are helping me a lot! Thanks!!! Bye from Italy!

  32. Wow. Just the foundation and concealer blending made me tired. Bless you for doing this whole routine every time you film.

  33. How long does it take you to do this? Also I’d like to see your every day too. I hate that I need to apply everything every day in order to not be asked if I’m sick. It’s hard to cut back and wear less, being used to looking a certain way, so I’d like to know the secret for going from “made-up” to natural, and not having people ask if you slept ok last night.

  34. loved it! When you mentioned the blushes, i would recommend Nars Liquid blush. I was never a fan of liquid blush but i love all things Nars 🙂 and have never turned back after using it.

  35. Hi Amy! First of all, love this video. I have such mixed feelings about makeup. Normal for me, is no makeup at all. Now that I started my channel, I am feeling self conscious about it. I only have a few videos and I have done a mix of no make up at all, only wearing a tinted lip balm and full face which for me is: tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm and mascara. That’s it! I feel like I should be doing more now that I’m on camera but I had no idea where to start. Thank you so much for doing this. Though I don’t see myself using all the products you use, I did see a couple I would like to add when I film. 💄💋👄👁💇🏻‍♀️💅🏼

  36. Hi I am new to your channel and I'm loving it by the way I would like to see your normal day makeup as well or even the no makeup routine thank you so much for all the good information you put out

  37. Thanks for another helpful video! Good timing too, I'm attending a very important event next week. I'll be putting some of these tips and product suggestions to good use. How did you learn to do makeup? Was it self-taught, watching Youtube videos etc? Or did someone coach you? Take care.

  38. I love the camera tutorial! ❤️ I am preparing to start a YouTube channel on Nutrition. I am sure everyone would appreciate both on and off camera! Thank you and you are beautiful!!!

  39. I feel so behind everyone else. I use foundation, powder, blush and mascara. I have never used bronzer, highlighter, setting spray……I wouldn't know where to begin.

  40. Thank you so much.
    I'm interested in all things "on-camera". Love to see more things like-
    "This is what I'm like in real life and this is what happens when I turn on all these lights… so this is what I do to fix it" Thank you

  41. Binge watching :). Love your content. Also, can you share where you love to buy your clothes and where your necklace is from?

  42. Thanks, reminds me to slow down and put on enough makeup, otherwise by the end of the day i look super tired

  43. Love this video! I know you don,t like tattoos, but one you might like is eyeliner tattoos! I had it done about 25 yrs ago and it still looks great. It is thin and looks natural. A friend who does makeup tattoos did it for me. Something to think about! I have learned a lot from you! Thank you for all your effort to help so many people!

  44. I’m not joking when I say I was not aware of how the beauty blender works in that it needs to be soaking wet…I’ve been using it wrong this whole time 😟 so thank you for mentioning that!

  45. I recently bought the eyebrow pencil but have been avoiding using it most days because I drew too harshly towards the inner part of the brow! Seeing how you've started from the middle then spooled it inward is such a good idea! Thanks!

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