My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter Review► Natural Hair Product Review

My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter Review► Natural Hair Product Review

Hey curlfriends and welcome back to another
review. Today I’m coming to you guys with one of my
holy grails ya’ll. It’s been my holy grail since I came across
it last year. This has been one of my staples. I’m so excited to share it with you guys! If you’re wondering about my hair, this is
not my natural hair bun. Ya’ll know I got a lot of hair but this is
not my natural hair. This is the Natural Boss Lady Kinky Curly
Collection. This is a wig! I literally transformed it into a little bun
situation to protect my hair. My hair looks a little crazy right now but,
if you’re interested in seeing a tutorial on how I transform my wig into a little extension
bun thing let me know in the comments below. This is the My DNA moisturizing hair butter. These products are formulated for all types
of textures. Whether you’re spiral, wavy, kinky, curly,
straight hair, whichever; they have the perfect product for your hair. You guys may have seen this product featured
in my bantu knot tutorial, bantu knot with extensions tutorial as well as on my boyfriends
hair. I’ve done some braids on his hair. I use this as his moisturizer. Last but not least, my Top 10 products under
$20. It was definitely featured as one of my top
10 because you guys know this is one of my favorite moisturizers. If I’m not mistaken, My DNA is a black owned
business so they’ve got our hair texture and the way our hair moves, these products need
to be formulated for our hair; they have it down pack! Today I’ll be sharing with you guys this hair
butter. Let’s get into the specs first before I get
into all of the pros, cons and details. The moisturizing hair butter comes in one
size. This is an 8oz jar. It’s pretty much filled to the top. There’s a great amount of product in this
little jar. It’s only available in this one 8oz size. The price for this jar is about $9.99 for
8oz. It is available in your local Sally’s Beauty
Supply, I believe Target and plenty of other retailers. I’ll have them linked in the description box
below. The consistency is just like any other moisturizer. It’s super thick and creamy. It’s white but it goes on nice and clear. If you use a lot of it, it ends up getting
just a little bit white on your hair but it will dry clear. The smell is really luxurious. It smells like a luxurious oil, like a spa
smell to it. But it does have Monoi Oil in it, so I think
that’s what I’m smelling the most of. It also has Shea Butter of course, so the
Shea Butter will kind of over power that oil. It’s directed to be used on wet hair. They recommend that you apply this in small
sections; which I total agree with. It’s marketed for all hair textures. Textured hair works best with this particular
line. Let’s move into the pro’s and con’s. Ya’ll this butter is so freaking moisturizing! This butter is one of my favorite products. If anyone is ever looking for a moisturizer,
I always direct them to the My DNA line. I absolutely love it! It adds a lot of shine and luster to your
hair without that fake luster where it’s just sitting on top of your hair. This formula penetrates your actual hair shaft. It really get’s in there, repairs the hair
and just makes it look so much more healthy and luxurious. You can feel it from the time that you apply
it to your actual hair strands. The butter just basically melts into your
hair instead of sitting on top. Because this formula get’s straight into the
hair shaft and doesn’t just sit on top, you end up with great results and definition,
shine and luster. It instantly defines your hair. Whatever hair type you have, it will bring
out that curl pattern or bring out that wave in the hair. It doesn’t cause any frizz whatsoever. The first ingredient in this particular product
is water so that would explain why it’s super moisturizing and great for definition. Because this product has water as the first
ingredient, I was totally comfortable with using it by itself. I’ve never used a leave-in with this butter
to this day and I get amazing results. I get even better results than most moisturizers
where I do need a leave-in first. This is like an all in one holy grail guys. As far as cons, I literally have no cons whatsoever. I can’t even think of any cons other than
the fact that I really wish that with their entire product line in general, they have
shampoo’s, conditioners and other products in their line. They always make them in these small basic
standard beauty supply store sizes; 8oz. I wish this came in a really large Jug like
an Eco Styler; maybe like a 16oz or 32oz, because this is one of my favorites. I really wish that I could get more in a jar
at a time especially for someone like me that has really thick hair. I’m going back and forth having to go through
jars super quickly and going to repurchase them. I wish they came in much larger sizes and
quantities. As far as tips and tricks, you can use this
on wet or dry hair in my personal opinion. I love it on wet hair as directed. I absolutely love it on wet hair because it’s
great for setting hairstyles such as twists or braids if you want that particular definition
as like your base style before you get into an actual hairstyle. This is great for that. I love it for my twists. I always do twist out’s with it. Do some mini twists in your hair for about
2-3 weeks or so and take it down. You’ll still have some massive definition. Last but not least, my last tip is that this
product can be layered. It doesn’t have any buildup whatsoever with
other products. You could totally add your favorite gel on
top, put a leave in at the bottom if you want to, some oil; whatever you would like to do. However you style your hair, this product
is versatile enough to work with other products in other product lines. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I hope you guys finally got to see what I
think of the product. You guys have seen it in so many tutorials,
I just never really sat down to really share an actual review on it and my real opinions
on it. You guys think that because now that I do
sponsored video and I work with brands now that my opinions are biased because I’m being
paid for the review. This is not a paid review whatsoever and I
genuinely love this product. Any product that I feature on the channel,
I genuinely love. Never forget that. Like I said, I love it. I hope you guys get a chance to try it out. A lot of you guys have won my giveaways to
try it out. Let me know your comments in the comment section
below. Share your opinions and thoughts. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next one!

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  1. I love your hair 😍😍 yes, do a tutorial on how to make a wig into a top bun. I have some old wigs I need to repurpose

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