My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

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  1. FINALLY here is the much-requested "Everyday Makeup Routine"! This is the very first close-up "informative" makeup video I've ever filmed, I know it's not perfect and I know my makeup isn't technically perfect either, but I had fun doing a new type of video and I hope you guys like it too! Also, I didn't forget eyeshadow – I don't use much/any on a daily basis! My "Why I Left BuzzFeed" video is coming soon! So much love, bbs 🖤

  2. hi safiya this looks awesome! here are some tips i thought of: don't highlight your chin with that light powder (it's so cute how it is naturally — if you need powder to set it use a translucent or something in your skin tone); don't overline your eyebrows (again, their size and shape are great before makeup); use a gentler hand to apply the eyeliner (too much can look a bit heavy and have a dragging-down effect on your eyes), and don't use any of those "hacks" lol there is something to be said for consistency of course but nothing beats like a really nice natural flick o da wrist kind of wing that you just have to practice a lot; and finally don't use white eyeliner in your waterline ( i don't know this is just a pet peeve for me lol). i really admire your boldness in trying new products & looks etc ! <3

  3. Tip you already know: if you use stick foundation, powder sticks easily. So, if your makeup routine consists of many powders, consider a stick foundation. Which I’m very aware that’s what primer does.

  4. Coming to the Safiya SCHMASH late in the game, but I thank you for making a batwing eyeliner tutorial easier than everyone else. I love NYX products so I'm off to look at the ones in your tutorial. I have SCMASHed the subscribe button…..what will you do for 8 million subscribers, I wonder? 🙂

  5. I really appreciate the fact you are so genuine and do not have to put false lashes on like everybody else which is so redundant and unnecessary to feel good about yourself. I love Alicia Keys “no make up” stand. She is so beautiful and helps to promote this especially to teens. You have such an infectious personality and your realism is pure so thank you! I’m not a social media junkie, just YouTube but I love watching you…and my husband cause I make him. Shout out to Tyler. 😂 blessed be!

  6. This is perfect for university , best make up tutorial I’ve ever seen , why ? Cuz it’s so simple and very well explained ,also I love saf 😂❤️

  7. I love make and am rediscovering it with all the videos…Except I got old….LOL…It covers wrinkles.

  8. ur makeup looks great 🙂 ive been doing mine since i was 13 and im just learning contouring cuz back in the day? it wasnt a thing!! im finding it very difficult but doable! ur a pro at it!

  9. i know she is a vloger typ youtuber but i think we would all like it and btw i dont want you to be a full on gaming chanel just play a few games every now and then like the sims 4 or minecraft

  10. From watching your videos over the last month-ish I have now bought makeup. I am a mascara only kind of girl but I am going to attempt make up again. It’s been 10+ years since I wore eye shadow and blush.

  11. Could you please list all of the products you use along with links to where we can buy the same items you use?

  12. Is no one going to talk about how good she looks without makeup? Like I would think she has makeup even if she doesn't have any!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1) benefit moisturiser, um I don’t use primer as it brings out my pores 😬 weird ik
    2) benefit industrial strength concealer on all my problem areas
    3) nyx matte but not flat powder foundation to even out my face and kind of “set” my concealer
    4) benefit gold rush blush, I apply it to my cheeks and the tip of my nose
    5) benefit cookie highlighter, I apply it to the tip and bridge of my nose and on my cheekbones
    4) benefit gimme brow
    5) benefit concealer, I use it on my eyes as a primer
    6) too faced sweet peachy mattes, I use the lightest shade in the palette to set the concealer
    7) jeffree star cosmetics androgyny, I use “safe word” on my crease and below my eyes a little
    8) Kat Von d alchemist holographic palette, I use the blue shade “Sapphire” in my inner corner and on my brow bone
    9) I either take the benefit roller lash, benefit they’re real or the top faced better than sex mascara
    10) I either use the soap and glory pillow plump in a pink colour or a red tinted lip balm

    That’s it 😂

  14. Here: Phonetically it's pronounced Lang-cum, but keep the uh sound of the 'u' nice and short. Like the British do (because it's a European brand), almost half way between a 'u' and an 'i'.

  15. Well it's official she is completely adorable. I am old lady and wish I was so comfortable owning, laughing and celebrating who I am. My flaws and my fab. Much respect.

  16. My daily make up routine takes about 8mins and it consists of: foundation
    A dramatic purple lipstick that I'm in love with if it's a special occasion I go blue or black
    Kolh or Kajal
    And a compact ( it depends on my mood)

  17. 1. updated makeup routine?
    2. wedding makeup tutorial?
    3. skincare routine (morning/night)?
    4. wedding skincare adventures?

  18. Remember when you were like 7 and in the McDonalds play place and there was a little girl in a dress without underwear bent over in front of you? That moment shaped your childhood.


  20. My makeup routine:

    1) moisturizer
    2) primer
    3) foundation
    4) concealer
    4.5) contour
    6) eyebrows
    7) eyeshadow
    8) eyeliner
    9) mascara
    10) faint blush
    11) lipstick

    that’s it, I look slightly better after I finish it in about 13 minutes, is that too long? idkmehdude i don’t care enough

  21. I think I have made my waterline super sensitive from lining my water line. So, I don't do it anymore, but like anytime I try it's just so itchy and I just want to scratch my eyes out.

  22. You got pimples ?? I don't believe you . You have beautiful and perfect looking skin it looks so clean and fresh 😍

  23. the thing i love about saf is that she's an everyday girl. she doesn't have super intricate steps for makeup and that's great because not everyone who watches makeup videos is into makeup as much as the people they're watching.

  24. i dont really know how to do makeup 🙂
    i dont wear it out in public because im afraid to..
    but i love to put it on at home and then take it off before bed 🙂
    only sometimes
    i love learning about things like this, and your beauty routine was pretty interesting 🙂 i thought you were going to put on eyeshadow lol because you look like you wear it a lot but i was shocked to find out that you dont 🙂 you look like you are though 😀
    i have liquid eyeliner (i love it :') just found out i love this stuff lol )
    i dont have bronzer and i dont have highlighter, so i dont know how it would look on me xD but i have the other stuff, just not full face primer, but i do have eyelid primer…
    anyway, i wanted to say i love your videos 🙂 i look for them often ..thank u for taking the time to make them!

  25. Same girl same! I had a sparse unibrow as kid then in 7th grade I got it waxed and in 9th grade I waxed my eyebrows fully to contain my eyebrow hair fully lol

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