my experience having cosmetic surgery in mexico

my experience having cosmetic surgery in mexico

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  1. So glad to hear your surgery was a success my dear Maddie, not so much on the amount of pain you suffered but with Jordan's help, you got through that awful moment. What really pisses me off about hospitals here in Mexico, is the food is so bland, all right, maybe spicy or greasy food doesn't help patients recuperate easier from their surgery and any pain they have but to not take heed of your food allergies and communicate better amongst their staff is totally unforgivable, and then expecting ya to eat the slice of ham I'm guessing, pick it out of the bread,…..they couldn't have gave you some rolled ham with cream cheese filling or a bowl of chicken broth with no onions like you told them, or considering the money they're charging ya, took the effort to get you gluten-free bread?!! So glad to see that cheerful smile of yours, I tell ya Jordan hit the LOTTO when he met, fell in love with ya and when the moment arises he's always gonna be there for ya! 🙂

  2. I paid 13k in Newport Beach but Dr Chun totally worth it. I will celebrate my one year explant January 25th and my health has improved greatly! I love my smaller breast!

  3. I don't know guys… I grew up in San Diego which afforded me a lot of opportunities to go to Mexico. I never once went to Mexico that I did not end up with a monster head ache. My feeling: literally I would rather by beaten with a pole than risk any kind of surgery in Mexico.

  4. Haha omg that all sounds expensive to me, but I'm a mexican earning in pesos, so that seems like a lot of money to me 🤣. Are breast implants really common in the US? I have found a lot of People I follow or know in the US that had have implants. I don't know how often it is in mexico, and maybe it's a coincidence that I have noticed this people having implants being from the US🤷🏽‍♀️ but I don't know a lot of mexicans that have had implants that's why I'm wondering if it's like normal(?? )In the US.

  5. A huge difference in pain medication prescribed in Mexico in comparison to USA is that, in Mexico opioids are basically used mostly for patients with terminal diseases like cancer. In change we typically prescribe NSAID’s like ibuprofen, naproxen, among others. The strongest pain medication we prescribe the most are tramadol and ketorolac. None of them come close to opioids typically prescribed in USA like Vicodin… nevertheless they are way safer and have lower addiction tendency. So maybe that was part of the reason of why you were in so much pain in comparison to when you got the implants at the first surgery….

  6. Hi guys & Laska
    Glad to see you are recovering. My wife & I like to travel to the backdoor & you give good insides. I just wanted to take the time to wish Maddie the best on her recovery & wish you the best in this new year. Who knows, maybe we meet you in person in one of our travels to Playa del Carmen, I think you are a great couple. Take care and keep traveling…..😁

  7. I guess next time bring your own warm blankets with you! I always shiver and shake and they keep piling warmed blankets on me til the anesthesia is getting out of your system. I HAVE to find SOME WAY to save my life to get this implant out!!!! Begging crossed my mind. Some fund raiser, perhaps, maybe Cancer Society can help since it is making me sick. Anyone have suggestions for USA?

  8. Oh wow ive been away too long i swear i thought ur chesticles were natural lol anywho im glad u got them removed i cannot tell u how many women have gone through so much bs due to their implants its insane! As far as the hospital goes i think its the same in the US ive had great experiences and very bad experiences in the US. I certainly would agree that the main factor contributing to the mishaps u had were language barrier based and lack of knowing the facilities. I think this experience definitely taught u alot and i hope u continue to recover well💜

  9. A simple solution would be to carry business size cards stating what your allergies are, English on one side and Spanish on the other. They are inexpensive so you could give them out freely. It is especially good for food waitstaff to show the card to the cook to double make sure. These would have come in handy for your medical trips, no fear of translation miscommunication. Great shares, your honesty is much appreciated.

  10. I congratulate you both for your complete and honest appraisal of your experience with your medical procedure in Mexico. I particularly like the fact that you include the costs and comparisons and the U.S. costs compared too. Maddie you are fortunate to have the loving support and help of your guy…and a very cute dog to comfort you.

  11. I've worked in operating rooms for 20+ years (including the Houston Medical Center). Research your hospital carefully. My wife had surgery at Obesity Control Center in Tijuana by Dr. Ariel Ortiz. It was a first world experience. The operating room was as modern as any I ever worked in. The operating team performance was like seeing a ballet. Dr. Ortiz is a world class surgeon (research him). EVERYTHING included (room, meals, transportation) all for 7k. We were treated like royalty by everyone involved. It's been 3 years now and my wife has lost 160 lbs. In Mexico, there are great hospitals and there are dumps (just as in USA). Research carefully.

  12. Haha you guys are funny, it's not the ocean or the Caribbean sea, it's the Nichupte Lagoon 🙂 Caribbean is on the otherside of the hotels.

  13. A shame you saw the hospital not as clean as you expect but… welcome to the third world!!! By the other hand, as gas as I understood you were quite nervous regarding too many people saying, walking and running everywhere but… that’s how you are, I’ve been in many surgeries and we were taking pictures, my doctor was joking about my breast implants size!! 😂 which of course was not the case and other funny examples…. You are ok which is the most important thing.

  14. I sympathize with you about the nurses. been there, done that… Just one thing I wanna add: Gluten allergies are not really that common in Mexico. My nephew had them, but that's the only case I've ever heard about… I used to be allergic to a plethora of things,and so was my daughter. but we got treatment and we discarded them….

  15. Thank heaven you are ok and had no complications. I worked in health care in the US and have seen a LOT of bad things. I’m so very thankful you are ok. Whew. Although there is no excuse for your uncontrolled pain. None. How horrible for you. I swear, I could feel it with your description and actually teared up…

  16. I remember I wrote a description in the comment section of one of your videos describing the Mexican public and private health care systems. One thing I forgot to mention is that there are low, middle and high end private hospitals. The one you went to definitely looks like one of the lower end ones, which doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad hospital, but as you noticed with the mold, they may not always be in tip top shape. But trust me, it's still better than the severely underfunded and overcrowded hospitals of the public health care system. As for the unhelpful staff, like the sandwich lady, I recommend that you file a complaint with the hospital management. Unlike public hospitals, private hospitals (especially the lower end ones) can't afford to have bad reputations or the risk of litigation so they will reprimand and even fire staff that puts their reputation in jeopardy.

  17. Girl you are so lucky! I have an absolute horror story about my high school friend that flew down there for a weight loss surgery. Long story short my friend came home in a casket. Her daughter was with her down there and unfortunately witnessed it all. I am so glad everything worked out for you! Praying for you all for safe travels and a long healthy life!🙏❤

  18. My wife had elective surgery in Mexico and the total cash cost was about $5000 USD in 2015. That was out the door for everything, including hospital stay of 3 days plus 2 days in a hotel, transportation to and from San Diego, and all pre and post opp testing and medications. I even had my own concierge at the hospital who took me out to lunch and dinners! Make no mistake, this was a medical vacation. The hospital was clean, many people at the hospital spoke English, the service was better than any I'd ever seen in the USA (Phoenix area), and the cost in the US would have been about $20,000 USD and I don't think that included the pre and post, medications, anesthesiologist, etc. We saw the surgeon daily for long stretches and he seemed to care. Surgery was a complete success. Unbelievable experience in TJ. US residents get screwed and that's just one more reason we live in Mexico full time.

  19. For excellent facilities you have to book hospitals in Monterrey. Many people come from from US for surgeries and cheap cost

  20. I just had a 7 dental implants done in the Dominican Republic for 5300 USD. The crowns will be about 3500. This would have cost me at least 40k in California. I agree the US healthcare is outrageous. BTW, the USA has the highest percentage of medical bankruptcy in the developed world. Great video!

  21. I had a quintuple heart bypass in 2009. They broke all my ribs on the left side. When I woke up I was stupefied from the amnesia so I didn't feel much pain, but after about 12 hours I was in agony and I couldn't even move. Bottom line? The nurse was giving me morphine in the IV and then cleaning the tube with a shot of saline. The saline was spraying in my face and I hated the smell of the saline.I told her I didn't want the morphine anymore. She was like "WHAT"?? "No one refuses the morphine". I said, it's not doing anything for the pain, BUT the saline is making me sick. Just give me some Xanax and let me sleep it off.
    Yup, Morphine doesn't work for all types of pain. People just don't believe ( except maybe you)?-:)
    Glad your better now.

  22. So sorry you had to be in so much pain without relief that sucks. Glad to hear you lived through it and feeling better. I need to go to Mexico for a lot of dental work myself. I don't know how to find a good reliable regular dentist and a bio dentist re remove 4 amalgam fillings. By chance do you know any good dentist in Mexico? I would realy appreciate it if you could point me to one. I try the internet but you can''t tell from that how good they are, a referred one would be better. I know a lot of people are interested in finding a dentist in mexico, maybe you could help us. Thank you

  23. Much Love guys and really enjoy following. Pick up Jack Kerouac On the Road and Mexico City Blues. You will not regret reading these works. Namaste!

  24. I’m so happy that you are doing well, and I ‘m sorry you hospital experience was not the best, unfortunately I have had experience on the subject, and I unfortunately because no one would like to have to be in a hospital, but on a positive note I had nothing but positive to say for private hospitals in Mexico. I’m sure that is not always the case, that is why is important to make your research, I’m glad you did.

  25. Thanks so much for posting this, girl! Very informative. I'm actually getting surgery soon, too. I am wondering if you could explain more about what it was like to get put to sleep? This is the part that freaks me out!! Like, what does it feel like? How do they do it? What does it feel like when they put the stuff in, like do you get sleepy or is more like wide awake to instantly out? Could you have stayed awake if you would have tried or is it impossible? Haha. Basically whatever you remember about that part would be helpful. Thanks so much!

  26. Need HELP please — Hi Maddie and Jordan — I'll be in Ajijic in February. Have recently developed a new malady — altitude sickness. I remember Jordon mentioned having it. Have you tried Boost Oxygen — it works really well! I will need it when I arrive. Do you know if any stores carry it in Mexico? I used it in Colorado and saved me a lot of headaches!!! I found it in CO at Walmart — had to go to several because they were bought out. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you! I hope you are fully recovered Maddie! You two are an inspiration to me and part of the reason I am comiing down to visit! Happy New Year! TT

  27. So you don't have insurance in Mexico. You pay cash. I have the impression that a lot of Americans just pay cash in Mexico for any medical needs. BUT, why dont you get your Mexican residency, don't you then get free medical care??.
    …Wow the surgery itself, anywhere you are, sounds complicated! (Try not to go under general anesthesia, its more complicated and risky, anywhere you are. But in this case I guess you had to). Doctors are stingy with giving Narcotic pain medication, Especially in Mexico. They think you will become "addicted" which you won't.
    …I like Mexico but I prefer a drier environment such as in Cabo. Hey thanks for the info!

  28. Maddie, I'm glad you have got through the other side of your surgery. Your health has been taken to the limits over the years, it will only get better!

    Jordan, I enjoy your videos, editing and humour but one thing dude, stop correcting Maddy when she says things wrong (noone likes a smartass 🙂 ). You do not correct women, I'm surprised she lets you away with it so far haha.

    Look forward to more videos enjoy your travels!

  29. Todo lo que has comentado, es normal en un hospital de México.
    The american people estan acostumbrados a usar analgesicos más fuertes. Los mexicanos toleramos más es el dolor y usamos los analgesicos en forma gradual y cuando lo solicitemos.
    Y acerca de la dieta, consulta a un nutriologo ($) antes de la cirugía.

  30. Chances may be those nurses never administrated pain med and gave you sterile water making you believe, it happens all the time

  31. A lot of what you were saying is pretty much normal as far as surgeries and experiences in hospitals afterwards. Even with the miscommunication with allergies! (I've learned to carry a card with me at all times with allergies written on it.) There is usually a wait when you first check in because all of the morning surgeries are scheduled to be there at the same time (6-7am), just to make sure everyone shows up on time. Remember, the prep-nurses are preparing ALL patients for surgeries….not just the ones for your doctor. So you just have to wait until a bed opens up. I have been with my daughter all through her 27 craniofacial reconstructive sugeries.. and for myslef, I have only had 3 surgeries (arthritis related). With my knee surgery and my back surgery, as soon as I woke up I was in the most uncontrollable amount of pain imaginable… screaming and crying included. AND the doctors say the SAME THING to my daughter AND to me EVERY TIME..that no one is usally in THIS amounth of pain (yeah..I call bullsh!t doc, sorry) What I am usually told is that they have to wait for most of the anestesia to wear off before giving you pain meds on top of it. . which isnt really any help at all. My daughter says she agrees, that you are in way too much pain when you wake up, which is why you have no visitors in recovery (so they don't witness the torture!!). I too was given a pain patch which took exactly 16 HOURS to kick in!! I timed it! But once it did kick in, it was like a sigh of relief. From then on I have learned to always have a little extra stash of pain medication stashed away just for times like this! I can't speak about the mold issues though… I have NEVER seen any mold in any hospital I have been in here in the NJ/Pa area. Maybe that is because of the tropical environment IDK.

  32. You confirmed my fear that they're not very serious about after-surgery pain control there. I wonder if another facility would have been better that way? I feel like after having surgery is one of the few times they should be generous with narcotics, and send you with enough of it to get through those first couple days/nights. I'm so sorry you had basically no pain control! That's rough.

  33. Here in Mexico a lot of the nurses in Hospitals are like that, rude or just don’t care about your pain, they just do things methodically, but there are a lot of nurses that really do an outstanding job
    The food: that really sucks here at hospitals haha, they ask about your preferences or food allergies and they come back with nothing but the opposite, I don’t know if they do it on purpose haha
    The post surgery: in every hospital in Mexico you have to stay up to 2 days or more if needed after, and the thing that I remember is that unless you can go and make number 2, you cant be discharge, the why…, I don’t know, but that was the condition to leave the hospital with the two surgeries I had
    You where so brave to undergo a surgery in a language you don’t completely understand, it must have been very scary, so, wow 👏👏

  34. I would sooner pay more in Canada, it's not worth the risk in Mexico just to save money. Your body is more important than that. I've seen so many botched procedures done in Mexico.

  35. I'm from mexico, I became a registered nurse in the US and have lots of experience with heart and surgical patients. What you said is very much true for how the nursing personel and hospitals are in Mexico, They do not care about patient's pain control, they disregard patients comfort, they do not manage their pain effectively. In the USA you get morphine 2 to 4 mg every 2 hrs IV and Vicodin 5 to 10 mg by mouth every 4 to 6 HRS. In Mexico WILL ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU ANYMORE FOR PAIN it happened to my sister after she had surgery after she broke her arm same thing with my mother. People who have surgery in Mexico experience the same thing they will not give narcotics to control pain effectively. So your surgeries are cheaper in Mexico but you are going to suffer. Pain that is not controlled can caused lethal arrhythmias and can kill you.

  36. This was a disaster! Asking you if you want to got to the store and get a food? Are you kidding me?? Their incompetent! Never would I get surgery done in Mexico

  37. Dr. Valdez should be hold accountable for taken extremely good care of his patients post operation and the quality of the hospitals/clinics and nurses he is sending out guys. After all who is giving you the options of the places where you are going to stay and taking care of you after the surgery. Tanto peca el que mata la vaca como el que le agarra la pata.

  38. To many hospitals in the US are horrible as well. I was in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and it was horrible. It was not clean, some of the nurses had heavy accents; definitely not American nurses. I was so scared about getting an infection. I was so concerned when ever a needle went in my arm because I what I saw in the nursing staff and in the cleanliness of the hospital. So, there are not only problems in Mexican hospitals; there are problems in the US as well. You should name the hospital; so, people know to not go there. I was blown away by how your allergies were not addressed, documented and then follow through done with the nursing staff. You should have been covered in warmed blankets as well right after surgery. It is well know chills can happen after anesthesiology and surgery. And, your pain should have definitely been addressed as well. Maybe someone in the hospital is stealing drugs to sell or us for themselves; that is a definite possibility. Something is really not right in that hospital.

  39. Interesting video. Oh ya , Netflix and a nice tv make mold ok. I get it, there is good medical care abroad and the US is overpriced . But mold on the walls ? That’s a deal breaker for me

  40. I think you are underestimating the cost by 10x for the US. The cost of the surgeon is just the beginning. The hospital will cost you OTA. Then there are all the other hangers on, like the person that puts you under, etc. etc. etc. That could cost $80K easy. I know I had a surgery that included a deluxe 5 day hospital stay that the hospital charged $80K and all of the docs were extra and some were not covered by my "plan". But I told myself "we have the best health care in the world" and paid that crap. Thankfully, I didn't die.

  41. Maddie…you are a lovely young lady & I hate that you went through that but now you can chalk that up to your life experiences. I wish you well (& Jordan). By the way, I absolutely love Laska! Please give her a hug for me! As one of my tshirts says “I love dogs, it’s people that annoy me”! 😃

  42. B nice try but I have family in Mecico and my Aunts neighbor had a baby in a new hospital about 10 yrs ago . She paid 0 . I fractured my foot while visiting 4 xrays Doctor visit and cast 25.oo dollars an emergency care visit to doctors at Cruz Roja $5.00 you do have to pay for your own med. but I didn't have the Sequro Pupular that the citizen have. Yes of course you will have better medical care if you have the money for private Doctor and care just like you would in any outher Country . My point is health care is a lot less expensive in some 3rd world countries so how is it the riches country in the world can't give its citizens Unaversal Halth Care. I went to an emergency hospital years ago 3 days in hospital sent home with no diagnosis and a $30,00] hospital bill !! Went to Rosarito Mexico turns out I had stage 2 cancer . My hospital stay my private Doctor , entomologist, 2 nurses less than $ 5oo.oo that's right less than five hundred! Butifull private hospital granite floors glass every where just amazing The Hospital name is ANGELES IN Tijuana. My point in the U.S even with Medicare we pay hundreds in medicine. We can do better in the Grates Country in the World.

  43. I would recommend to write your allergies for emergencies like this one. And put it on your wallet. Sorry for my bad English.

  44. Why didn’t you’d take the time ahead of going to the hospital to look up the Spanish translation for the important words (like sulfa and penicillin). You could have written them down and had them with you in case no one understood what you were saying.

  45. I had knee surgery and did not get any pain pills after the surgery either, thank god to Tramadol. Mexico does not give pain pills the way we are used to in the USA, as far as I know you have to have a special pain doctor to even prescribe them

  46. I live in LA and have often thought about going to Mexico for medical or dental procedures. One thing that is a significant barrier–beyond cost–is the problem of after care. For instance, return appointments for any complications or adjustments becomes prohibitive if you live in another country. This is not a problem you face, as you live an easy drive away. But for things like teeth implants, you need to keep returning regularly for the extraction, the healing check up, and the final implant. Afterwards, there are adjustments to the crown. Even for someone like me who can easily drive 5 hours to Tijuana, I found it a bit of a dealbreaker.

  47. Apparently you have only one previous surgery prior to Cancun. I live in San Miguel de Cozumel five months per year.?? Why didn't you take a friend from Peurto Moreles with who was bi-lingual?. In Cozumel there is only one (of 4 or 5) hospital that is certified by the AMA, I wouldn't go to a hospital in Mexico that wasn't. There is no such thing as the Caribbean Sea, it is the Atlantic Ocean.

  48. If you do medical procedures in Mexico do not expect the same pain management than in the US. Doctor’s are trained to give the minimal amount of medication just enough to make the patient be able to handle the pain (read: a good amount of discomfort is still there but the patient is not screaming). In the US doctors give meds to make sure patients feel nothing. That’s why they prescribe so many opiods here so easily.

    Your experience with pain management sounds normal, and you did well communicating your pain. The doctor reacted as expected and provided more medication when he deemed absolutely necessary (it was affecting your sleep over a few days). That’s good in my opinion, drugs are bad!

  49. You did your homework, however, my cousin had tooth implants done. He has now lost all of his teeth due to an infection.

  50. They do not give the usual opiate analgesics in Mexico post-op. This is important to know when getting surgery in Mexico. Also most hospitals in the US are very cold because it helps to stop the spread of infection.

  51. Maddie, I sincerely hope you are feeling great as usual and in way to a full recovery, physically and in mood. You are just amazing, an unmatched will power and charm. Thanks for such an outstanding job posting your experiences, might bring light to more people than you imagine. Please take care and always keep smiling, my best to Jordan !

  52. On one of the shows you mentioned that driving in Quintana Roo was a free zone. Is this true as I only knew of Baja being free zone for vehicles?

  53. Hi again TT. I watched and commented after UR 1st vid about UR implant removal surgery. For some reason I assumed that the operation was performed in the US and were recovering in Mexico.
    I'm currently care giving someone who had the same operation 5/19 but she feels that some of the capsule was left behind and has decided to have a 2nd surgery in a couple months in No. Cali.
    I hope UR recovery is complete and UR so brave to put this experience on line.
    My hope is that for those who cannot afford this procedure in the US will watch this vid. I have met someone who has implants, is in pain but cannot afford to have hem removed……so sad.
    Remember also that UR recovery is not a "straight line". There will be "flat spots" when U may feel U aren't healing but be patient. It UR body trying to "catch up" during the de-tox process.
    Be strong and persevere !!! Good luck !!

  54. I come from a Mexican family and I find it interesting how a food allergy is seen more like someone simply being picky. I bet it has something to do with either not many people speaking about their allergies or not a lot of people there having allergies. I completely believe that it would extend to medical professionals. I wonder if in the future it would help to have some laminated pictures of your allergies. It sounds silly but putting it on a ring might help as opposed to trying to translate specially if you are loopy on meds.

  55. I recomend Médica Sur Hospital they are working together with Mayo Clinic Care Network its very affordable, safe and secure also they accept international insurances

  56. I unfortunately have had several surgeries in my life, from cataracts, to thyroid removal and finally appendix. I could not imagine not being able to clearly communicate with the anesthesiologist, as you know the questions they ask right before surgery are not trivial and miscommunication could be deadly. I am so happy that everything went well, but this is why I would never choose to have medical treatment outside the United States. There is just a different standard outside the United States. Obviously I am speaking in generalities, but this is your life! I wish you continued speedy recovery and thanks for your great content!

  57. Did they give you any antibiotics after surgery?

    (The shivering is quite normal after anesthesia. In the states, I’m always given several heated blankets in recovery).

  58. I’m very glad that you look so much healthier since you had them out. I do want to say that it may not be a difference between countries on the pain meds. Here in the USA, they are giving very little in the way of pain meds. Knee replacement or hip replacement surgery patients are often only given ibuprofen and Tylenol. Oral surgeries, same. Your patch was probably fentanyl, which is pretty powerful. I used to get a prescription for tramadol for my fibromyalgia and migraine pain. Not any more! They are pushing off label uses of strange drugs for pain management now, even for post surgical patients. Hospitals here are experiencing shortages of pain medicine for the actual surgeries too. From what I’ve heard, the war on drugs has made pain hard to manage. It’s not just in the USA, either, it’s worldwide.

  59. I had a bunch of dental work done in India. It was 1/5 of the price it would have cost here in the States. They had a driver pick me up at the airport, Then each day they picked me up at the hotel. It was a much better experience than going to the dentist here in America. When I was there the dentist made me feel like I was his number 1 priority.

  60. Wow, you guys dodged a bullet. I broke a tooth and went to a Dentist and fell for the smoke screen. First rate office and staff and could they fit me right in. My ex-brother in law, a dentist, spent 10 minutes with the guy and dragged me out of their. They still wanted to be paid. I was a horribly painful time and I didn't care if the guy used wooden spoons and a fork to fix it.

  61. Based on your experience, would you recommend using the other hospital option you were given? Would you name the one you used?

  62. I believe you said that the $3000 charge for the surgery was essentially all inclusive, including the surgeon's fee, the hospital charge, and presumably the anesthesia charge. Did the price that you quoted for the charges in the US include all of this? As a former surgeon, before retirement, I would bet that only the surgeon's fee was quoted, not including hospital, anesthesia, and ancillary charges. I recently had an outpatient hernia repair for which the charges were over $30,000, not including the $5000 surgeon's fee. This was in one of the cheapest medical markets in the country. Thank God for insurance!

  63. I admire you for sharing your story, the good and the bad, you are doing a great service for others. Thank goodness you are healing and doing well. WIshing you a full recovery and hope to see you off on an adventure soon!

  64. PLEASE SEE THIS!!!! Hi Maddie!!! So I just got back from my first trip to mexico due to your videos and how beautiful and the other all culture and people. Anyways, I am a RN and found it almost inhuman that they wouldn't give you a narcotic pain medication while having the procedure and/or after. I was curious in the island we stayed in cozumel and went into several pharmacies. I asked to see the narcotics as they were available for purchase without a script( very different than US). I suffer from anxiety and did my research and found them to be authentic (this was not brought off the street but an actual mexican pharma). Long story short I asked if they had vicodin percocet, etc. I did not purchase this bc I dont need this kind of med but I want to know if you were in so much pain, why didnt you just go into the pharma and get a narcotic pain medication?? I guess I would have done that since you dont need one in mexico. Please explain, do you feel you didnt need it or scared to get scammed? I researched the company and drug names and they are legit. My antianxiety medication I bought was the real deal, sealed and was same as pictured on line. Anyways I thought of you two the entire trip and tried to find the el Centro gazebo but was just a big fountain area with no gazebo like you guys find in every center of the city. We came during a holiday so got to see some incredible parades, fairs, dancing, music, etc. I see why you two love mexico and if I didn't have children and a husband I would totally move to cozumel. Never had a bad encounter, did get taken advantage of money wise but wasnt going to argue over a few bucks here and there. I used spf non stop and look like that dark golden brown and got a second degree burn on my nose 🙁 oh well. Wish I could keep this beautiful tan but living in MN it will be gone in a week. Danced all night at a bar until 5am and I am a huge introvert but made friends and talk to them on facebook and thought they are some of the nicest people I have ever met!!! Thanks to you guys, I really took the initiative to go and will continue to travel different areas each year. 6 nights was just not long enough. I am jelly of your guys awesome life and thanks for sharing your adventures good and bad!!!

  65. Maddie and Jordan, I'm so glad that you made it through all of this relatively unscathed. Although I don't have implants, I was just approved for a breast reduction. I'm very tired of my upper back hurting all of the time and for the majority of my life. You look more comfortable and that makes me happy. I'm looking very forward to this surgery. For those of you who want large breasts, think again before having any augmentation. It's a health issue for many reasons, especially implants. Thanks for another great video. Fantastic to see Laska!! Adorable pup. 💕💕💕🐕

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