Hey, guys i’m about to go on stage and perform Just kidding but i decided to do my intro but, someone asked why I have two dots on my Face and if anyone thinks i pick where zits appear, i don’t they just show Up, where they want to and this time they, synchronized with one another got together made a plan Today’s video is going to be my mom buy, my, makeup for me you know, we had time So we’re about to go to sephora and mom is gonna pick out. A full face of makeup in sephora I’m really excited to see what she comes up with Thank god it cosmetics is it is more because she would literally pick out A full, face of it cosmetics for me, that’s what we’re gonna do today if you have, not subscribed to my channel Let’s think the song so it’ll make, you go get on stage and sing it I’m out of a breath If that didn’t Make, you subscribe i don’t know what else will, anyways we’re gonna jump into the video and i’m gonna show Mom buy me some Sephora. Let’s go. No, that’s it we’re done We’re Going in sephora let’s see, what mom gets me. Let’s get started It’s too hot just pick out whatever. Like, literally Yeah, pick out what you think looks like best What would look good on me. We’ve been here for two hours Mama’s picked out one eyeshadow She’s very indecisive as to what I should wear Mom’s trying to buy the sample She trying to sabotage me. Only, no that’s even the one? Make, sure they know about, oh no thats’s not it Let’s see what would be pretty on Laura. That is the sample. Oh! I can’t take that. What color? J’ADIOR. Yeah. Oh, right there. There you go. See it? That red one right there. Yeah, everybody else likes what i like. Yeah that’s real pretty right there. Which one of them, is that i don’t need to get that when i put that one back? Look, at that how. Pretty, is that Okay, that is not for sale. I Want it though let’s go with, songbird. Songbird? Songbird that sounds pretty We got nose, mom she didn’t get that for me i know i have to because i can’t see It’s all they got at the dollar general Doctor are we ready randy you’ll tell, me what you got me everybody? $600 a lot fell out yeah, yes it was so fun because it was my money out jenning Yeah, she got this before me that is gonna be yours i get a preview? All right first, someone the first things i got and i thought this, was so pretty this is pretty brother pretty vulgar Let’s see what i got now. These are pretty, these just told me here on eyelashes laughing, wispy, that’s right Fluffy, and we speak nice and i thought they’re just so pretty i never have, had a ferret fake lashes on Know, about them, hmm, breathe looking color bachata, yeah that is a highlighter, oh? the tea tart but this right here is Foundation or not good, want to get it office till then i went got some lipstick horse she got red, now i know i did We got jimmy, oh i bought that for me Mascara that’s right you spent, some time picking up here i know it because When i want it they didn’t have, she went the clay you know What a lot of what i wanted they didn’t have, her, some goof proof brow Pencil and i got her to one that i like i like the one that’s got the little wider, oh? Yeah, yeah, yeah instead of precisely and i can’t do no precise i don’t have, you know We’re getting our nails done tomorrow. By the way? I need, it real bad. Oh that’s, why, you’re telling them so yeah, wouldn’t know, the lady, ever get her, nails Laura mercier Concealer i met her you know, she’s real sweet. Oh really now, there’s some eye shadow. I got her, some eye shadow hey Darling it’s a key this is for me to contour with right It is this is hourglass and i know she likes hourglass uh-huh and this is becca? Snapdragon, blush fake, awake This, is kunti and? we got our free samples, what you get something funny you don’t use those mm-hmm so i had to water for lauren i Sure did no one say, what you look, like, now, well i’m gonna, do my, makeup and then you’re Gonna, come back and see what i did peace out? you, hate that alright this is the part of the video, where i Glam, we forgot to get a, facial primer let’s skip? Facial primer today and we’re gonna go in with the cover fx power play foundation in the shade g40 This, little crayola card has been quite handy i’ve been, using it lately to instead of putting My foundation on my hand so i’m gonna put it on my handy-dandy yi6 video wait, why is this brush you guys already know You can, use my code, and let’s see she picked up chené g4t pepper facts Had about 10 million shades to pick from and i think she tested almost every single Shade um did not play games so i’m gonna Pack this on now i tried this foundation before on my channel and i did really like it why is my face breaking out lately I’m just packing this in and i really like the color she picked out. Yes mom she did such a Good, job she must know me, well Okay, we’re gonna move on to concealer and she picked out the laura, mercier flawless fusion Concealer now i just, want to say that you guys have not seen She picked out the shade to see, by the way but if you, guys, have, not seen the video where i glam My mom or i use, my, mom’s makeup definitely check that out if you, want to get to know all anime better than What you already do know her i get a lot of redness in my T-zone area right here and i always have it gets very red Like that so i really like to conceal that area sometimes i like to use a damp and beauty blender to blend Oh there’s a but today i’m gonna use my, why six brush as, well because it works, well as any cream product Can be blended out with it really it’s a kabuki so you know girl it likes to get all Miss concealer is nice i really liked it Mom is so funny, like products that she doesn’t really recognize her brand, she’s just like No, and she only, went for brands that she really recognized You know i tried to like Be late what about this brand and she would kind of look and she would just like keep wondering i’m like Mmm so i know, orban, decay so I’ll get some urban decay the only brand that she did venture out on that she’d never heard of was pretty vulgar really proud of? Her she loved the packaging and the birds it really like caught her i said that was exciting for her Contour she picked up the urban decay Shape-shifter palette i think urban decay is one of my, mom’s favorite brands ever and if i let her she Would just pick out a full face at urban, ii can’t make up for me, by the way, my morphe brush Says set is back in stock if you, did not know that so we are back in stock i don’t even think? My, mom knew it had a cream side to it because it’s Okay, so i’m gonna, use for the first time i think i’m using the powder to this set, my, concealer i’m using a White 11. Brush because it’s got that point and it’s just perfect to pack on the powder pack on powder Pack so i have set the concealer and foundation it looks so good Good, job mumsy pick, now i’m gonna go in with, my handy-dandy r14 brush And i’m just gonna actually grab a little bit of both color you get like a good bit of fallout with This palette but at the same time it’s like really pigmented Oh, my, gosh so i didn’t i guess i like underestimated how. Pigmented it is We’re, gonna Be blending this down to our elbows honey i don’t think i put enough powder on top of my foundation so now here we are? With a lot on my face my mom is gonna be disappointed i’m going to take an hour 38 brush and take a little bit that cool tone And i’m just gonna contour and snatch this wig off of my, nose honey look, how Printed it is girl You it’s like the lightest hand you’ve ever used in your life Is what you have to use with this palette however i gotta Say like i do like the palette you just have to get used to using it and with a light hand it looks like Airplane racetrack is on my, nose i’m going to take a fluffy, brush with A little bit more the setting powder and just snatch the edges a little bit more she picked Snapdragon, from becca cosmetics it’s gonna
Put some on my e4 brush and this blush color is really pretty so i am Digging it she did such a good Job with the products she spent a long time in there i mean i was with Her but she was just like living her best life, her brows this is where all of our trick? She picked up the guru, brow. Pencil, which i love but she picked out the shade number two But i have to use it because that is part of the challenge in the video but i’m really excited and Emotional about brows are gonna turn out, first i’m going to spoolie, my, brows up as i normally Do, by the way is anyone digging this clumps of lash Glue that i just can’t get off on my freaking face It looks like if i go over the same spot a good amount of times it really builds up colors so We might be in luck here We’re, gonna have to build up like lots of color like Boom i’m gonna have to unload about half of this brow. Pencil on my, face i’m really happy she went with a benefit brow Pencil though, because sephora has so many options for Like, brow. Products so i was getting a, little nervous so she hooked, me though it looks so good you Ever draw on one brow, and you’re like? Yes i’m ready to slay take over the world and call everybody Yeah, i think you do your other eye and you’re all of a sudden light That happens to me it does, weird it doesn’t i don’t realize it’s happened to me sometimes until after i take a Picture myself and i’m like wow you you? And try on that other bra there did you my mom is in neutral i should have palette girl so She loves new, to be 2d and i know, whenever she saw This, natural palette from pretty vulgar she just fell in love with it she originally, had the mini urban decay heat Which i was pretty excited to use because i really haven’t gotten to use that one yet alright? Brows are on sister sue now we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow so as We showed you should picked out the earlybird i shoulda palette from It’s like very muggy very Pretty very pretty, we are going to take a Lovely, morphe r39 brush, and i’m gonna go in with the shade right here Called ride really rise it’s just such a light Neutral color that it it’s just gonna um you know. Soften up this. Concealer i’m gonna take it our 39 Brush and i forgot to put on a highlighter i know sinful i know this brilliant? strobe light from Hourglass and i find that the hourglass highlights are like somewhat subtle but they blend into the skin pretty effortlessly so i do Love that about them Until you put on a half gallon amount of it and then there’s just like a lot of fuckin hot Like she is highlighted hunty so i went ahead and add it rise Now i’m gonna, go down, and add a victory right here i’m gonna use it the same brush and i’m just gonna blend victory right up in this upper crease, and I’m also just gonna start putting it in the outer corner and i really, want to snatch it on out just snatch it honey Will snatch that wig i like to take just a little bit of victory and pull it forward Next i’m gonna take it come on take a time in detail brush my Mama’s rubbing off on me this happen into a veil which is just pretty it’s like has a reddish undertone to it brown. Shade And i’m just gonna build up and deepen that outer corner right there and i also like to pull a little bit forward Smoke out that outer corner, honey i love pretty vulgar, eyeshadows I think they’re, so soft and creamy and have a really great quality to this duo chrome chip, and i’m not, flicking you off Right here it’s like, this pinky gold is so pretty i really, want to know my eye Take a little bit brown shades go ahead Smoke out this, lower lash line baby I’m going to spritz, my brush with. A little bit of a setting spray, and i’m gonna put chip all over my Eyelid i’m actually, gonna, use this coverfx illuminating spray she, also picked out this single eyeshadow, from makeup forever it is in 847 that is the color so i just feel like i have to incorporate it plus it’s a really pretty, like, maroon deep red Color, hopefully this will not go to *sings* All up in here i don’t know I don’t know, what i’m doing i just like, this, color i’m kind of thinking what the hell did i just Do and i’m kind of thinking yeah no i hate it okay? Great now i have to do it to this side like i have to so i’m gonna take a little bit of the brown And just smudge it with the pencil side of the brush, along the Lash line that way when we put on these big pretty, lashes she got me Girl, that way it looks good i’m really glad she picked out this mascara because it is a good one. Ow, I pinched myself. My, lashes are coated so now i’m gonna go ahead and add these wispy lashes from velour is nice to film with other People because i get so sick of looking at myself all the time especially when i edit my videos. I’m like “good lord,” I’m tired of hearing her Talkin, but i appreciate you guys watching you know. Just like a lot of me that i see I’m gonna, take, some “fake away” from tarte and pop this into My waterline girl someone needs to fake me away because i am a tired-ass woman I completely forgot about, my red, lip i would not pair a red lip with this, like Soft mauve-y eye look, but I don’t really have a choice, now do I? Oh that’s red, these feel really nice This is not the color i would have necessarily picked for this, makeup look, but it is a pretty red, color, what do you think? hey beautiful Really, beautiful look at this, wow, Look at them pretty lips she’s got going, there see it’s beautiful on you now. You know That is pretty. i do like the look, you did really good picking out, my colors and makeup. I did, didn’t I? The, lashes look, good huh i really, do yeah, they’re pretty are you, gonna wear these no you can keep Going, wear that again, sometime i sure will. You want to take, this palette though i feel like you really, had your eye on this and the lippy But it is a pretty Mm-hmm, that looks pretty on you you, did like that yeah it’s nice you will never get it off i’m glad you Say get back to the people back down to subscribe Subscribe to her channel right now and the tea is hot honey the tea’s ha that’s right hi guys

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