My Night Beauty Routine of Washing my Face & Makeup, Moisturizing, a GRWM video for Women over 50

My Night Beauty Routine of Washing my Face & Makeup, Moisturizing, a GRWM video for Women over 50

Hey awesome ones. Its Heather here. I’m finally going to show you my nighttime routine. You know how I take
off my makeup and moisturize and all that kind of stuff. So it all starts in just
a few seconds So you’re asking: How come it took you so long to do this video Heather? Truth be told I’ve been trying out a lot of
different things. You know I have these spots on my face, age spots or whatever
they’re called and I’ve been working on them I wanted to go to a dermatologist
and make sure I was doing the right thing and they all came out clean. I’m
fine .You know here’s what happened. I am sticking with my regular routine. I have
done this since I was probably 18 years old and except for the last little part
that I’m going to start using on my spots her, it’s the same old same old. So
you are going to be surprised to see how my nighttime routine is and come with me
right now and I’ll show you to my wash station and let’s see what I’ve got for you.
All right so here we are and I’m just about to….sorry about the echo and the
sound, but it is a bathroom, it is a washroom, so here we go and you’re
probably wondering…I’m gonna show you how I wash my face and take off my
makeup in a minute, but you’re probably wondering what other products she uses.
My number one product…so are you ready for washing off my eye makeup for
washing off my face makeup…is Dove soap. What?
Dove soap. It’s sensitive skin Dove Soap. That’s my go-to guys. That’s what
I use and here it is a beauty bar they call it. I also make sure that….I’m
wearing a mascara, I love the Christian Dior mascara
because it washes off really really nicely.
The Burt’s Bees also washes off very very nicely and I don’t have to use all
those oils and all that stuff that just tends to get into your eyes. And yes when
I’m using a waterproof mascara I’ve gotta use that oily stuff to get it off,
but soap and water it’s working well for me and it has been since I’ve been about
18 years old and I’m 63 now. So yeah so then what do I use after I’ve washed off
my face and my face is dry? Well let me show you. I use Oil of Olay… sorry wrong name. L’Oreal collagen moisturizer and here’s
the little jar that I’m using right now. And as you can see love, love and it’s
very inexpensive and I love that product. We talked about exfoliating and I do
like this exfoliator from St. Ives. People are saying you…well it says right
on here you’ve got to do this four times a week. I would think that that would be
taking my skin off. So I think that’s a little bit too much exfoliation for me.
When I exfoliate my face it’s maybe once or twice a month max. That’s about it.
That’s all I’ve been doing and here’s one more last thing. Let’s just say the
last two things. If I have a spot or a blemish I’m using natural aloe vera.
I find that that’s a great help for all of those little…you know…little
blemishes that we still get even if we’re older. And by the way we are going
to find links, I think you can all find Dove soap, but links to a lot of these
products we’re going to find them and put them into our page at and in most of these cases we’re going to find
the exact match for you. You don’t pay any extra so there’s a way of getting
the products. Also we’ll put it in this links in the description and also in
the blog as well. Yes you know I’m required to say we make a little bit of
Commission but that’s how we keep going with these videos so
every time you’re purchasing something you’re helping and supporting and let us
know that you’re doing that too because we just want to say a big thank you to
all. And oh I’ve got another product in my hand here.
This is a new product that I’m going to try. Apparently it was Alure’s beauty
product of the year. It’s looks amazing. Now it’s pricy. It’s about $75 u.s. but
it is a serum. I have tried all kinds of things actually spent a lot of money on
other products and nothing worked and apparently this has got vitamin C, pure
vitamin C in it and also rose oil and it’s supposed to be amazing. So what its
called is…Wild Rose by Korres…natural source of vitamin C…helps to improve the
appearance of fine lines and even skin tone for a smooth radiant complexion.
Super vitamin C 15% absorbs 1000 times percent better than pure absorbic acid
and minimizes the appearance of skin discolorations for spotlessly luminous
skin and it goes on and on and on. Even the woman who helped me at
this was kind of an upscale drugstore, told me that her mom’s been
using it and it’s the best product out there. Apparently you just put a little
dab on your dark spots like this, you shake it up good first and Bill you’re
going to use this too right? You’ve got a little spot on your face that we
haven’t been able to….he’s got a spot right here,
an age spot he can’t get rid of and if this works which I think it will I’m
going to do some follow-up video for it because finally I might have found my
dream item to help me with all those spots. So let’s turn around the camera
and watch me wash my face and get ready for a nighttime, get ready for bed.
So sorry about the fan noise. You know when you put the lights on in the
washroom it comes on, so hopefully you could hear
me, but the first thing I do as you can see, I’m wearing red lipstick today.
I’m just gonna wipe some of that off and you’re gonna be surprised at the face
cloths that I use. I use not a white face cloth, but maybe a red or green or a blue
and for the mascara of course I’m going to use a black one because the mascara
comes off it makes a mess of all of the face cloths and when it’s black you
don’t notice it. So let’s go ahead and I just have sort of lukewarm water here.
Here we go…… yeah…… I first do this part of my face and
not the eyes yet. So then I just sort of wipe all that off….. and as you can see the makeup it’s gonna
stain on there, but once that washes off you don’t notice it so much and now I’m
just gonna get that a little bit more. I don’t think I’ve got it all off
so yeah just make sure we get it all off. All right. So that don. Now I’m
gonna rinse out that….now for the black one…eyebrows…don’t forget your eyebrows.
I’m wearing a darker eyebrow tint now so yeah and now you’re all cringing….she’s
putting soap into her eyes. Well I very rarely….Bill’s laughing….I very rarely
get the soap in my eyes and if I do I use that eye wash that I showed you guys
and you know I need to put a link for the eye wash because you should have an
eye wash at your house. Oh ah scary looking and I need a little bit more
soap and what I usually do is I just kind of go in and around make sure I’m
getting all that makeup off and nothing on my face cloth, it’s weird…..
watching me wash my face…it’s weird but ah this is what I do for you guys. Now
remember I haven’t put any mascara on this, so this is still going to be clean.
I’m gonna just do a once over here and there I am I’m all dry now. This is a
perfectly clean towel here…. very important that before you put any
moisturizer on you are padding your face a little bit dry or just air drying it,
because you do not want to put a moisturizer on when your face is wet. So
while I’m waiting for that to dry, remember once or twice a month this
particular scrub is an apricot scrub and it’s a hundred percent natural. I like
that. The other thing I do is after I come out of the bath, I usually put on a
nice cream on my arms and on my legs and I find that this really
absorbs nicely this Nivea one. What else do I use…well it’s pretty dry right
now so let’s get to this collagen cream that I use here. Again I’m not fancy with
this stuff. I just plop it on here. Oh….that’s a lot….she’s got a lot.
Yeah I’ve got a lot, but you know what? My skin just absorbs this stuff, maybe
it’s because my skin is old and I just sort of go under here…….
watch I don’t get it in my eye….up here and just kind of give my face…mmm
a little massage with it. See these little marionette lines…get it in there…up here
around here, these little lines here…get going on those and also the most
important well not the most important, but one of the most important places….
it’s your neck. I have all that extra cream on. It’s like a pampering thing for
me. I love doing this and I do it every single night. Doesn’t matter how late it
is and I kind of do this with my…my jowls and give them a little bit of a
workout moving up up up all these lines. I hate them and these lines here and
there you go. It’s so good. Any leftover put it on my arms a little bit but
that’s what we got going on there. Now for this serum. This is what I’m going to
do with the serum. They say shake it up and shake it up and what I’m going to do
is I’m going to clear a couple of spots where I’ve got the spots. So I’m clearing….
thank you Bill….I’m clearing off a couple of the spots these spots around my eyes.
I will not do them at nighttime, but if I’m not wearing makeup during the day
I’m gonna put them on during the night. I don’t want to lay on my pillow
and get some of this serum into my eyes. So gotta protect our eyes. So there you
go. I shook it up and you can see it kind of looks….it’s gonna drip there, but it’s
a little bit of a….yeah it’s not clear so she told me just put a little bit. I’m
gonna put a little bit on my hand which is clean and I’m just gonna dab it on
these spots and I will do a follow-up for you guys and what do you say Bill…
you want to be doing this during the day for yourself too wright? Sure why not. So that’s what we’re going to do. So now I’m ready for bed. So nighty night. So there you have it. pretty simple routine wasn’t it. You know
sometimes less is more and talking about more, I know that you all want to get a
little more of the cuteness factor. Our little Hurricane and he’s here just to
sort of say thank you to all the subscribers and by the way if you’re not
a subscriber well there’s a button down there to subscribe and also click on the
bell, we’d love to have you join us here in the community and the comments and
everything, come on down and remember too that Fridays are beauty and fashion
videos. And then what do we do on Tuesdays Hurricane…. we have the the fun and the inspiration, food, travel all that sort of thing. So make sure that you watch those ones too. I…and I hope you’re enjoying these
videos as much as we are enjoying putting them out for you and I guess so
in the meantime remember you know sometimes just enjoy the simple things
in life and keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our

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  2. I love, love, love your show!!!! Believe it or not, I've been waiting for this video. Your skin is so beautiful and natural, and I was wondering what your face wash routine was, and how you keep your skin so soft and supple — I know that sounds creepy, but your skin just shines through the video. Do you also use Dove in the morning along with the L'Oreal? I find if I use cream around my eyes in the morning, I get the raccoon eyes by lunch time. Do you think the serum will work better than the coconut oil on your age spots? I recall from one of your previous videos that it seemed the coconut oil was starting to work on fading the age spots. Thanks so much for sharing — I know it must be hard to feel so bare in front of the camera and your fans in the Awesome-ones community, you and Bill are inspirations for the "Awesome over 50" community.

  3. I have that Vit C serum, I just don't like the way it smells. I use it all over my face though, since vit c brightens the skin. 😊

  4. You look great and if your tried and true work for you and continue to as you age, that is awesome. My 64 year old skin is so dry that I need a little help with face oils. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hey it's Heather here… If you wanted to find some links of the night time products I use, they're at my blog, enjoy!

  6. Heather, the Dove soap does a great job removing makeup, and even eye makeup. Very impressive, and so straight forward. My mother used soap on her face, all her life, and had perfect skin. I think using a wash cloth also helps to gently exfoliate. Definitely agree that four times a week is excessive use of a scrub. Thank you for sharing your no nonsense routine. It's the way to go. You're looking wonderful on it. Hope you and Bill have a great weekend. Hugs to the sweet little furry one.

  7. Nice to see a simple night time routine Heather that is affordable and yes you should find the best serum so it's fine to splurge on that item The Ordinary has some great affordable products that may help with any issues love the videos keep them coming hiney. Huge UK hugs xxxxx😊😊❤️❤️❤️

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    The moisturizer absorbs well on damp skin n is more effective…..
    Jst sharing lil information that I have… Pls correct me if its wrong ☺️

  11. One time I was at the Estee Lauder makeup counter, I asked the saleslady which product she used to cleanse & she said Dove soap. She had beautiful skin. Do you ever use a Clarisonic or do you feel they are damaging?

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  15. Thanks so much. I'm 76 and need to pamper my skin more so this is very helpful. Blessings, Hugs & Love from Canada!

  16. Hi Heather: We've always known that Dove is the best, haven't we? My mom had great skin until 87; she used just either the Dove or Olay bar. I'll generally remove eye makeup with Pond's cream before washing, though; my eyes are super-sensitive. But, I love your affordable, down to earth tips, and your skin looks great! Enjoy your weekend, all three of you! Rosemarie xo 🙂

  17. Heather! I've just discovered you on YouTube, and think you are just lovely. Your positive and authentic attitude is catching and inspirational. As a 62 year young/old (depending on the day) woman, I love your tips and suggestions. You've given me an newfound joy in giving attention to my make up routines. Thanks from a new fan ❤️

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  19. Hello Heather … Thank you for your video because I was waiting for it. It is great. I would have written again a long time but I'm busy with the preparations for my wedding …… I'm marrying my American friend😊 …… have a nice week and Bill and Hurrican too💖💖 Anģela from Germany

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  22. I just discovered your channel and WOW I am just amazed 🙂 Heather, you are SO beautiful and thank you so much for sharing all your tips!! Can't wait to watch more videos!

  23. Thank you for sharing your private washing moments! I want to share with you and all of us over 50’s, a wonderful product that I recently started using under my eyes. It’s a caffeine solution made by “The Ordinary” by Deciem. Look them up on Instagram. They/consumers have a wonderful chat on IG, about their products. I’m 55 years old and let me tell you, Heather… their caffeine solution for under the eyes, lids and I use it on my marionette lines and the lines above and below my lips… it’s amazing! I call it my magic eraser! Here in Canada, believe it or not, a bottle is $6.70 it’s truly incredible! When I realized how well it works for me, I went and bought their face moisturizer (under $10.00) It’s called -100% Plant-Derived Squaline-It leaves my face silky soft and not greasy! Ladies, this caffeine product is amazing! NO, I don’t work for them! I’m just happy to share my miracle find!! If anyone tries it, let me know! You can order it online too! My love to all! Awesome channel… I love your vids!

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    I am 67 and have used Dove most of my life 😊. I recently discovered one thing that makes it even better; instead of face cloths, I have been using microfiber cloths!!! So much more gentle on the skin, much less rubbing. Really good!!
    So, just thought I'd pass that on. Don't know if you will even see this.
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