My Rare Facial Deformity Nearly Ruined My Life | BORN DIFFERENT

My Rare Facial Deformity Nearly Ruined My Life | BORN DIFFERENT

CYNTHIA MURPHY: I was very judged and very
mistreated by people who didn’t know me. So I lived a very troubled life and I just
felt helpless. COMM: 32-year-old Cynthia Murphy was born
with a rare craniofacial disorder called Treacher Collins Syndrome. CYNTHIA MURPHY: Treacher Collins Syndrome
is where the facial bones are affected, bone tissue and you are lacking those less necessary
elements to keep your face together in place. I have had 16 plus plastic surgeries on my
face including a major jaw reconstruction and I am set to get a second one this next
year. It’s been a long process that started when I was 12 years old. I had a very difficult
childhood growing up; I got beat up after school, things thrown at me. It hurt, it hurt
a lot to be labelled as someone who was ugly and deformed and stupid and incapable. I,
sometimes I still don’t know how I got through it. COMM: Having struggled to make friends growing
up due to her condition, Cynthia then met her husband, Thane. They have now been married
for 11 years. THANE MURPHY: What is Cynthia like as a person?
It’s very hard to explain somebody so wonderful to be honest with you. CYNTHIA MURPHY: Everyday I am grateful that
I met him because before I was a very lost person. I just didn’t see it happening. You know,
your whole life you, you just don’t, you know.. CYNTHIA MURPHY: I am very grateful everyday
for my husband and our dogs and the life that we have. It’s hard to, kind of, look back
on that but it is really, it does empower me and it makes me believe, like, ‘No matter
what you have been through, you can get through it.’ THANE MURPHY: I didn’t know anything about
Treacher Collins to be honest with you until I met, met Cynthia and when I met Cynthia,
I didn’t, I didn’t look at her as her having any kind of disability to be quite
honest with you. Cynthia’s condition affected her confidence in a lot of ways. CYNTHIA MURPHY: It wasn’t until I started
advocating for craniofacial when I was 30 that I fully accepted myself. COMM: Cynthia now runs an online community
to help others with Treacher Collins and has also set-up a lifestyle app. CYNTHIA MURPHY: I am very proud of the community
that we’ve built on Facebook especially. We built a secure environment. There are several
groups; I run a few of them. It’s all about sharing all the resources out there. CYNTHIA MURPHY: I didn’t have much help
growing up; I came from a broken home. And there were no books on craniofacial disorders.
I had no guidance; I had to get through everything on my own. Social media is huge, it’s huge
for helping the craniofacial community because you get the awareness, you learn what other
people have been through and we are all here to support each other. THANE MURPHY: I mean if we can change one
person’s life-that’s all our goal is and I don’t think I can come up with the words
to describe how proud I am of Cynthia. She, she is amazing. She completes me and I believe
that I complete her. And it’s, it’s just the team effort. I see the most beautiful
woman in the world and I know a lot of people say that but I say that with all sincerity
and honesty. CYNTHIA MURPHY: He helped me reach a point
of confidence I never had before. I never thought I was worthy. I never thought I was
lovable. Beauty is inner and he saw that in me when we first met. I just didn’t see
it in myself.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. She actually looks normal, even pretty. She is a very attractive woman imo. From the childhood pictures she was never really deformed

  2. I honestly don't think she's ugly. Like I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it, she really doesn't strike me as malformed or whatever those kids called her growing up. She really seems beautiful inside AND out.

  3. It drives me insane that people get treated terribly when they don't look like someone else. So cruel. I love her optimism.

  4. She is pretty! The thing that you should say is that she has a beautiful face! It dose not matter! Her husband is the lukiest man! I'm not just saying this to be kind, I'm saying it bc it's true to me! 😍

  5. Your so beautiful! Don't let rude actions or comments change that, everyone is beautiful, even if one doesn't understand or show it

  6. If our society wasn't so vain and obsessed with physical appearance and perfection, then she hopefully wouldn't have suffered all the bullying. Kids learn that stuff somewhere.

  7. It's painful to just imagine kids beating up Cynthia or throwing things at her. How can people be so vile? What an extraordinary struggle. I'm so happy to read her story and wish her and all those born with physical "variations" love and good fortune…no one is responsible for their genetic heritage. My mother used to say, "There but for the grace of God go I" and from that expression I understood to count our blessings and never, ever ridicule people or be mean.


  9. I'm so sorry this has to happen to you. Be strong you're beautiful just how you are.

    You have a good man by your side. People can be so cruel to others ugh!

  10. Her eyes are so blue 😍
    I’m so sad that just because someone looks different they get bullied.
    Personally I think she’s a gorgeous human and I wish her the best x x x

  11. wow I hate hearing people who r different r bullied ..i wish I could be friend everyone with a disability or different ….everyone is different ….people r very lucky to have those people in there life ….congrads to the inspiring many …thank u

  12. I wish I had the ability to collect all those idiots that bully other people just because they were born different , I swear I would give them the worst nightmare. I know violence is not solved by violence but sometimes it's the only the way

  13. People can be so rude! Small differences shouldn't matter to those of us that are "normal". We're all people in this world and we all deserve to have a life where we are respected and loved until our actions prove otherwise. Honestly, animals of other species are better than a lot of us since some cats take in orphaned bunnies and such. Be like these people. On either the "deformed" side or the "normal" side, treat others kindly and know everyone has beauty on the inside and out in their own special way. Stay strong you beautiful people.

    P.S. I have no idea why people would call this woman ugly or deformed or anything. She's gorgeous in my opinion. Such a queen <3

  14. EWWW!!! Why can't people leave the looks alone and be nice, it's not hard. Looks don't define you and it's just a petty thing to nitpick on, like seriously.

  15. The sad thing is that humanity doesn't understand that the looks of a person doesn't matter, its the inside, their personality is whats really important.

  16. My best friend has TCS, and like you, she was picked on, beat up after school, ect….. She had surgery on her face as well. Her hearing isn't the best so she wears hearing aides. She's been married for 30 yrs, and has 2 healthy and happy adult children. It's awesome to see you happy, with a love of your own. God Bless You. ❤

  17. I am from Bangladesh. There is a girl in my village who is living with many more limitation. She can just move her head rest of her body part is paralyzed from her birth. She is 17 now, she passes her day to day life lying on the bed. You can make a documentory on her. I think it will help her.

  18. I love your chihuahua!!! I’m sorry people can be so cruel. It sounds like you have a good support system now through your husband and online communities.

  19. Not saying this out of pity but I genuinely think she's pretty from certain angles. Some angels obviously show her differences but I think she's pretty so

  20. Their is not enough comments saying how gosh darn pretty she is?! She’s beautiful, and she needs to know it. Even before I saw the title I looked at the thumbnail and was like, “ man she’s gorgeous”

    Beautiful inside and out.

  21. Her face really doesn’t look that bad at all tbh. Her face doesn’t look extremely deformed, she damn near looks like a normal woman because her facial deformity is barely noticeable. She’s gorgeous inside and out.❤️❤️❤️ She can even pass as someone who isn’t deformed. She’s beautiful!!

  22. If I met her without watching this video I wouldn’t even tell if she was deformed. Not that being deformed is a bad thing, I think it makes people stronger. Don’t think badly of yourself even if you aren’t “perfect”. Y’now, NO-ONE IS PERFECT!!! ❤️❤️

  23. Cynthia sure was brave in speaking out about having Treacher Collins Syndrome! I wonder if she and Thane have ever tried to have children!

  24. may god bless this young women…someone that was born with deformities such as myself, i can totally relate to her

  25. Honestly I don't find her physically ugly. Besides she seems to be a very sweet and kind person, and all the pain that she had to bear has made her the beautiful person that she is now. I know what is like to be different: when I was a kid I suffered a very bad accident that left my face disfigured and scarred. I have 30 years old now and I had live all my life without friends because of this. Not because I was unable to get friends but because I was (and I am) unable to accept myself. To anyone reading this, if you feel like I feel try to not live your life by yourself. Connect with people, try to make friends, enjoy your life, because its the only one that we get. You are not alone, even if you think you are. Try to not give up, do it for all the people that did.

  26. Despite her face shape, she has lovely hair, lovely eyes, and her skin looks beautiful. Plus, her personality seems just… Amazing. What a delightful girl.

  27. As a race, what is happening? It angers me that just because someone is, or looks different, that kids are beating them up or throwing stuff at them, and apparently no one is doing anything about it. There needs to be more done in our schools and communities to teach acceptance and tolerance. Yeah, some might say that what these others do is because they are afraid. If they're only way to cope with the fear is to attack, then we have a lot of work to do teaching our kids about differences in people and accepting them for who/what they are. If anyone here sees this and knows Cynthia, please pass on my kudos to her for being so strong and learning to cope with this. At one point, I really wanted to hug her. Cynthia your husband is proof that not everyone is like those who have been so mean to you. When as a society are we going to stop focusing on having the perfect body? Healthy, yes, perfect, never happen. Folks, it's not the body you are in that matters, it's what's in the head and heart that matters.

  28. I admire people like her. I have a friend with this syndrome and I can't imagine things she went through in school and at work.

  29. You are truly blessed to find a good man by your side. I was also born with treachers and now im 35 and haven't found that special someone to share my life with who has a good head on their shoulders.. I have been so hurt by men and even cant form friendships due to treachers.. it's a hard life !

  30. The morons that bullied and beat her up are the truly ugly ones… So glad to see her happy and with an awesome hubby… God bless you both!!

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