Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow | Swatches + Review

Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow | Swatches + Review

Natasha: Today we are going to do a mini review on the
eyeshadows from Nabla Cosmetics. N: It’s an Italian brand and we recently saw
the brand on Logical Harmony. N: It is a website that we look at to get
cruelty free makeup and then she
did an updated blog post on N: new cruelty free brands and we got
a couple eyeshadows from this brand. Meghal: So the shadows we got are the ones
that are in the big pans. M: So these 8 and then we also got
this single. M: What we really liked about these
eyeshadows is the color selection. M: and for single shadows we usually go to
Makeup Geek or Colourpop but M: we wanted to get a few of these because
they had some colors that were not available
at Makeup Geek or Colourpop. M: On the website when you look at the shadows,
you can either buy them like this or the refills
which are magnetic so the fit in Z-Palettes. M: and they have a little video that goes which
each color showing a person, get the shadow
on their finger and swatch it. M: And in the video all the swatches
looked really good. N: Yeah, they looked really pigmented and
vibrant and they looked like they had a really
nice satin finish N: but when we got the shadows we were kind of
disappointed because they were not as vibrant. N: the shimmer or the satin finish didn’t
show as well through. N: The three shadows that we really didn’t like that
much, the first wan is Clementine. N: In the video it was a really bright orange,
and right here it is kind of dull and when you
swatch it, it kind of sheers out. N: and it is not as pigmented as
we thought it was going to be. N: Same thing with the color Aphrodite. Again
it was really vibrant in the video but when
you swatch it, it is not as vibrant as we thought. N: and it is very powdery and the
satin finish doesn’t show up as well. M: The third color that was kind of disappointing
was this one. It is the color unrestricted. M: This color looks like a kind of
penny-olivey gold color with red undertones. M: when we looked at the swatch video, the gold
really picked up in the swatch and when the person
rotated their hand you could see the red undertones. M: But when you actually swatch it, and I’m getting
quite a bit on here, you can’t see any of the gold. M: The shimmer just does not pick up. This looks
more like a burgundy shadow with a few gold specks M: opposed to a really metallic gold with
a red undertone. N: One of the shadows that we did like is this one
called extra virgin. This is just a standard olive
green eyeshadow. N: We do wish it was a little more pigmented
but as far as color selection we haven’t come across a
very good olive green and this one we really like. M: you can see the metallic sheen.
It picks up a lot better in this color. M: That olive color and this one are the
two that were the most metallic. M: This is the color citron. You can see
it picks up quite well. N: Yeah we were expecting all of the shadows
to have this type of finish but they definitely don’t.
M: and be this pigmented. M: The next color we got is eternity and it is
a kind of satin cobalt blue shadow that’s super bright. M: This one has pretty decent pigment but it is not
as metallic as I thought it was going to be but
it’s still really nice. M: The other blue we got is this one and it is
baltic and it is a satin navy color. M: you can see them next to each other. Eternity
is a lot brighter. I thought baltic was going to be just
as bright as this but obviously darker. N: And then we got this color babylon and we thought
this was going to have a little bit more green undertones
but it is pretty cool toned. M: This one is pretty pigmented but again
we thought it was going to be more metallic. N: The last color we got is Zoe and this is probably our
favorite one. This shadow looks like a regular pale shimmer but when you look closely it has a mint undertone. N: And it looks really cool over a black base. So I am
just going to put some of this Nyx black base on
my hand and then put the Zoe color over it. N: Between this swatch and this one, it is the same
shadow but this one just has the black base under it. M: So overall we really liked the color selection
except the website makes them seem a lot more
metallic than they are. M: and the shadows are a little powdery. They are not
as smooth and creamy. M: They look really pigmented but you really have to
swirl your finger in the product to get enough pigment. M: and if you are using a brush you really have to
gather a lot on there to get it to show up nice
and opaque on your eye. M: I’m not sure if you can tell but it is not covering
my finger completely and I did a light swatch of
it. And then when you just take this and go like that- N: usually if a shadow has really good pigment,
the entire swatch will be full and opaque but
just this light swatch fades off and it gets kind of M & N: Powdery
N: towards the end. N: and that is what we mean when they don’t
swatch as well and they’re not as pigmented. M: I’m going to compare it to the Electric Palette.
Obviously these are going to be a lot more pigmented
because these are pressed pigments M: You’ll be able to see what I mean. I’m just going to
take the same pressure. You can see how much
more pigmented this is. M: See how much more pigmented the Urban Decay
shadow is than the Nabla Cosmetics one. M: And you can see the satin finish is showing
up a lot better. M: These pigments, they work, they are fine if you
use primer or you wet your brush and use them.
They’ll show up fine. M: but on their own they are kind
of lack luster a little bit. N: It ended up being with these shadows that
it’s very hit or miss. N: We were under the impression that it was
going to be similar to buying from Makeup Geek. N: Where pretty much every single eyeshadow
is amazing without fail. If you are going to buy
these shadows I would suggest looking into more reviews. N: and being more careful in picking the colors that
you want. M: each shadow was 6.5 Euros for .09 ounces. So
with shipping and everything for us it ended up
being about $8 per shadow. M: Which for the amount of product you’re going to get
it is still less than Makeup Geek but Makeup Geek is
a lot better quality, at least in my opinion.
N: yeah. M: From the 9 colors we got, our favorites are, this one,
this one, this one, this one, and this one. M: I’ll have the names listed in
the description box below. N: We will put a description of every shadow and
what we thought of each one for a quick reference.
And we hope you enjoyed the review!

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  1. ahh it's such a bummer when the color is nice but they end up having poor pigmentation! the elf glitter primer is really good to help pull pigmentation to get some use out of them, I find that helps more than simply wetting them.

  2. thank you for the review! i was looking everywhere for reviews because i did consider buying eyeshadows from this brand. 🙂

  3. its really great to see desi people who share different type makeup tutorials. i was wondering if you guys could try doing a coloured brow tutorial for people with darker, thicker brows.

  4. Thank you for the really helpful video! I read a review online about how the formula was really comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows or the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadows but I wasn't really convinced.

  5. What about Fahrenheit? Cause I am crazy in love with the color but idk if I should buy it. Anyway, love the video!!

  6. This was super helpful, thank you! Was looking at getting some of their mattes- do you happen to know how the mattes perform?

  7. omg! i was gonna drop so much money on the "wet looking" eyeshadows like water dream, but then i saw this video! also yasss desi sisters, eyeshadow totally shows up differently on brown skin! tho im surprised you like make up geek, they dont generally show up that pigmented on me….check out sydney grace if you're interested in mattes! thank you for your honest review!!

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